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Gifts With Meaning Green Glass Recycled Tumblers
we create beautiful unique glassware products through a
patented process. We use wine bottles, beer bottles and soda bottles
to create a glassware line that includes
tumblers, goblets, vases, and many other items
the idea was really born from seeing a beautiful wine bottle and not wanting to throw that
bottle into the trash can and wanting to keep it because the color and the shape
were just gorgeous. We make really cool glassware products out of reclaimed
wine bottles beer bottles and soda bottles
we partner with the wineries for instance our hosts here with Kluge winery and beautiful
charlottesville Virginia
we also partner with recycling organizations
which is where we get
the majority of our glassware
In our process we collect wine bottles
we will then clean the bottles we'll de-label the bottles
and start off with a bottle something like this
and we'll cut that bottle in half
we'll fire polish both the rims we'll heat the neck
twist it closed and clear out the mouths of the bottles so we actually get two glasses out of a
single bottle
It retains all of the
beauty of the original bottle so the colors of our glassware all came from the bottles themselves
the indentation or the punt in the bottom of the wine bottle is still present in the tumbler
all of our beautiful an unique
glassware is made in the united states in our studio in central Wisconsin
I think being green is important to everybody and it's becoming increasingly so
you have all of this beautiful glass that you see in these bottles and instead of just
chucking them in the recycling bin and chucking them in the
trash can we can turn them into beautiful glassware products we don't use the energy
to crush the class and melt it down and then turn it into something
we're actually using the bottles themselves to make our glassware products
the green glass company is very excited to be partnering
with pottery barn we're working closely with them to bring more and more environmentally
products into their product line
we focused on the
environmental aspects of the
products themselves
but we've also focused on the environmental aspects in everything from the packaging to the
all of our glassware products are made from
something that most people would normally just throw into the garbage can.
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