Marlene & Rebecca - Part 63-2

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Ladies and gentlemen, bids please.
You mean you want to be my wife? - Yes! Yes, I want to.
I'm sorry. I can't marry you.
That figures.
Hey! Visiting your little sister again?
Yeah, I thought I could distract her from work a bit.
I missed you.
Is everything alright?
I went to see Tristan before.
I thought we might find a way to somewhat deal with each other after all.
He brushed me off.
But I know my brother. It's just a facade - inside he's seething.
If only I hadn't waited that long!
Hey. We can't change what has already happened.
But we can keep being discreet so he doesn't get hurt further.
He's so calm...
I have a bad feeling about this.
4 million.
4 million €! Do I hear more?
4.5 million €.
5 million €. Anybody else?
5 million € going once...
...going twice...
5.5 million €.
6. 6 million €.
6.5 million.
The latest bid for "Zypressenweg unter dem Sternenhimmel" from the gentleman with No. 20 is at 7.5 million €.
Countess Anstetten?
8 million.
8.5 million?
10.5. - 10.5 million €.
Going once...
...going twice...
You're bidding 11 million?
I bid 12 million €.
12 million €. Does anyone overbid?
12 million € going once...
...going twice...
...going three times.
Sold to the bidder with No. 13. Congratulations.
Watch here.
"The Lahnstein auction house scores a sensational coup."
Good work, Helena.
You can't imagine how glad I am to have this off my back.
This went SO well!
Well, who'd have thought your little paintings rat-shop would score us a three-figure profit of millions!
How about if you just thank Helena? She just saved your ass after all.
And we can finally absorb the losses your airy speculations caused.
Well, in that case I say 'No risk, no fun'...
Although you should know better, you're married to Tanja after all.
Stop it, everyone, do we agree that this auction saved Lahnstein Enterprises from the crisis?
We do, so I get one wish, and I don't wish for quarrels, but for champagne!
Anything for you, my sister.
Hey! - Hey. Congratulations, you saved our family business.
Actually, where's Rebecca? Is she still working?
Most likely. I'll call her.
I hope you're not thirsty.
We're amongst ourselves again, so if you want to take a short break...
I didn't know you had such steady nerves!
I didn't either.
What is THAT supposed to be?
They've gone mad! The "Düsseldorfer Kurier" reports online: 'Fraud scandal at Van Gogh auction!'
Haha. (Very funny.)
They accuse us of price rigging!
That was almost funny, Sebastian!
Thanks, thanks, I'll take care of it.
Ah. How did I possibly know it was you?
You should apply for oracle of Delphi.
Thanks, I'll think about it, now that my plan worked like a charm.
Scarcely is more like it.
There it is again; the refreshingly positive lightness that makes every conversation with you pure pleasure.
How did the press get that idea?
I would never manipulate my own auction!
It doesn't matter how the suspicion was raised, the aution house's reputation is at stake.
Wait a second. Does that mean you believe them?
Of course not.
Helena... I understand that you're angry, but...
First of all, we should keep calm.
Noone is blaming you.
Still, Sebastian is right. Whether it's correct or not, this is a catastophe for the auction house
as well as the Van Gogh auction's success.
They've got to have it from somewhere!
At least you're the main victim here and we wouldn't want my family to know you're on the verge of ruin.
That means...
It's time for a little scandal!
I love scandals.
Well, we scored pretty high profits. - Yeah, but with these things that's not unusual.
I withdraw my bid. - I tried to stop her.
If the reputation of my enterprise wasn't close to my heart, I would sue you immediately.
Other bidders will anyway.
Settle down... - Don't touch me!
A sense of honor would do you some good.
I expect your written withdrawal - this very day.
Why am I thinking of you now?
What - am I responsible for this scandal, too?
I must say... this auction would have saved my bank!
I readily admit that I'd chase you wimps off the yard sooner rather than later...
But even I don't bite the hand that feeds me - although I'm always tempted to.
Maybe out little nerd here was eager to get her smiley.
Say, are you out of your mind?
I had nothing to do with this.
Of course. Forcing up prices, how amateurish.
Oh snap. I'll kill him!
Hey, keep calm!
Shut your mouth!
Maybe you should think about who else could have sent the front man!
Maybe I can even help you out, I'd like to join the bidding for the "Zypressenweg".
Helena! - Where are you going?
I have to disappoint you, it's only me.
But I brought you something, a little gift for Marlene!
What is this supposed to be? What are you doing here?
I thought I'd relieve Helena's colleagues of some work and Clarissa von Anstetten as well!
Nice of her by the way, to bid on a painting for you!
12 million!
You seem to really value Marlene.
I have no clue what you're talking about.
I don't get what you're doing -
But I want you to leave now.
Don't you want to know what it is?
This is... this is really beautiful.
Marlene's favorite painting.
Which means so much to her.
Did you buy this?
Have you completely lost your mind now?
Didn't you hear what Helena said?
Family members are strictly banned from bidding!
I know you bought the painting.
No, you're insane!
But unfortunately it was for nothing.
Marlene will never get the painting.