Lammbock German Stoner Comedy 4/9 English Subtitles

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What are you doing here?
Hi Stefan!
Sorry, I hope I didn't disturb...
No, no problem. What are you doing here? I thought you were in Berlin?
I'm visiting my parents, just for a few days.
Have a seat. You want a drink?
Water please.
- So what's up? - I'm fine
- And you? - Good, can't complain.
- Where is Kai? - Still sleeping.
But you're still doing this together, right?
Sure, you know Kai. He needs attention.
- Still so bad? - Yea.
He smokes pot even when he’s on the toilet. He said it's better for the digestion.
You study law? What's with your plans to open a beach café?
Ah forget that. It was nonsense.
But you got it all checked out, just had to get on the plane...
I'll finish my education first. Then I will see what will be next.
But it was always your thing. Going somewhere nice. Sea, beach, palms, building up your own existence.
Well, tell me a little about you. How are you?
Excellent, the studies are going great. And I will go to London for my masters.
London? Congratulations.
And that's why I'm here. I wanna throw a little party...
...with the people from way back...'re invited of course...
...and I wanted to order some drugs from you.
What do you want to order?
Drugs. You heard me.
Drugs? You? What for?
Excellent question.
Sure, what do you want?
Schoof, bio-skunk, Superwahnsinn. Mann, Mann, Mann, Mann!
Fitting for a good farewell party.
Aren't you afraid that you'll never leave this place?
Why? It's nice here.
Three Superwahnsinn...
...bioskunk, schoof.
She knew a lot about drugs suddenly.
I just want you to question this strange metamorphosis.
Shit, it's still full of aphids.
Cause then you'd see that it was nothing but show.
- Fucking aphids - Just show
She only came to show me how great she turned out.
It's a scandal
And why? Because she still loves me.
That's a fact. But she is without a chance.
Cheat on Gina because of her. That's totally crazy.
Oh come on, you've been nagging about that all day.
What? Sorry that I am talking about something personal for once.
That's not the point. I believe that you wouldn't cheat.
So what are we talking about?
The thing is that I could cheat.
I mean I am not, but I could be.
But I don't think that I am asking for too much...
...when I want you to show some interest in my situation.
So, why is there the possibility that you might cheat on her?
...Gina is pretty cool
But Jenny also has advantages.
- Sex! - Sex.
- For example. - Aha.
Jenny, she was terrific in bed.
...but with Gina... ...I didn't even get a boner in the beginning.
Why’s that?
That is exactly what I am trying to tell you.
Jenny I met at the night club, right? And she's always more of a fashionable girl.
But Gina...I knew her before already...
and she was a friend. That is the problem.
The transition between friend and sex object.
Imagine you go out and have fun and afterwards you're in bed and she is giving you a blow job.
Would you let a friend suck your dick?
If he is pretty.
You're killing me. Stop it.
But are you getting the problem?
You see why there is at least one reason to cheat?
- Yea alright but you're not going to. - Yes of course not.
Well then everything is alright, christ!
Asshole! Come on. Pussy!
Asshole, give it to me! Boner!
Achim my friend. I have to say your strange flies...
...are just sunbathing and nothing else.
Sun? I thought you're growing indoors with a sunray lamp?!?
Sunray lamp? These aren't just two plants in the bathroom...
...for our crops you don't need a sunray lamp, you need an entire galaxy.
- I see - Yes
Well outdoors these flies won't help. In that case we need a new strategy.
He's harmless.
Hey! How low can you go?!?!?!
Hey! How low can you go?!?!?!
So what now?
- For me? - You want one?
Thanks. Cheers.
Back in the days we never partied together like that
Back then you were different.
Are you alright?
No, nothing is alright.
I don't get it.
Kai, do I have...
No, you're a top class woman. That's not the reason.
You can't get a boner, and my ex-boyfriend gets a blowjob from his vacuum cleaner.
Great "top class woman"
Did you never get it, who was the reason why all my relationships didn't work out?.
I never wanted to tell you that. Sorry.
What are you afraid of, Kai?
I'm not afraid.
I just want things to stay the way they are.
Hey pussys!!! Limbo!!! Shit!!!
You can go.