Fairfax County: Window Safety for Children

Uploaded by fairfaxcountygov on 05.06.2008

just see the world's one day before the state's danger
often through a window
when bill Clinton to use sunlight reasons
but they also oppose the safety
every year the regional promised action many children often when that
and the number is escalating
don't leave children alone
injuries can happen in fact
children away from openly yes
especially when those close to the floor
and nobody has little as four inches can be large enough let's not let it fall for it
keep furniture to bed
what yes
the other items that children's interests
oh wait for windows
if you must open a window
open it from the top
we're screens are designed to keep insects out
I well know
actually killed and pressure of one count and that's because the screen the fallout
and the child with it
most wonderful occurred during the spring and I don't
three-quarters of the child in the fall apart
for years old or less
one-third are admitted directly to the pediatric intensive care unit
the fairfax county fire rescue plan want you to help us battle that dramatic increase in
the number of Thomas injured as a result of false when that
for more information regarding with that statement
please contact the public information life safety education said
at seventy right three
two four six three eight zero one
our visit fairfax county got got flash fire