Mirror Mirror

Uploaded by Lelabear on 20.10.2008

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Mirror? Mirror?
how can a mirror
open doors through reality...?
"This is Fintan Dunne
and you're very welcome.
This is Truth Radio
on treeincarnation.com
and you are on the Next Level!"
how did I get here?
"...by simple recognizing... Terence McKenna
that the true mystery
lies within us.
The true mystery
is in the mind
and its' historical promise
is the transformation of our society
through the abandonment of reason
as it has been narrowly defined by
this extremely solar, masculine,
paternalistic, materialistic legacy
that we are the victims of."
you mean we're all mirrors?
"It should be no surprise
that the core issue comes down
to a mirror plane because
we have Alice enter Wonderland
through a mirror plane,
we have it coming up in the movie "The Matrix",
and stepping throught the mirror
has always been associated
with moving into a mystical zone
or moving into an alternate reality.
so mirrors don't reflect reality?
"The core understanding Neil Kramer
the core comprehension
that the three dimensional world
in front of us is not actually there, as such.
it a brain construct, it's a mind construct
and it's there for navigational purposes only
and in and of itself
it does not exist,
it is maya,
it is illusionary in its' very heart.
how did I break through?
"What is called for right now
in this Maya Calendar,
is the acceleration of Ian Lungold
of the evolution of consciousness.
into a place
where start to be able to actually
manifest our own reality.
I can create my own reality?
"There's no difference between Jake Kotze
what you are seeing
and experiencing
and what you are
in the internal,
I'm saying the inside
and the outside...
your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions,
your consciousness,
is exactly what you're embedded in...
It is what you are.
so everything is reflecting me?
it's just a reflection of
of above and below. Steve Wilner
The realm of, you know, below,
the realm of the now,
and the realm above.
So, we're just basically learning
from what we are most bombarded with.
What we're most bombarded with
is the media.
It's a reflection of
our consciousness and
the universe is a Muse
for directors and actors.
The is more or less a language system
or an emerging language system
that we're just starting to interpret
of the universe.
why can't everyone step through?
"We have to accept and admit
that certain plant products
such as these ancient hallucenogens
that shamans use
are entirely beneficial
in their interaction with the human race.
They don't want us to
explore the majestic and amazing depths
of ourselves because then we
just might start asking questions
that would be very uncomfortable
for the powers that be."
like why follow their rules?
"Thus proving there's only so far
mirrors can fool you before
you see through them.
Mirrors are everywhere.
Let's make the final leap now
and look at the surface of the mirror.
It's only the very surface skin
of the silver
that's doing the reflecting,
because all the action
is at the surface.
The planet's surface is oscillating
at C cubed back and forth,
across the mirror plane,
on the very surface
of this planet's sphere.
And you, being a part
of the Supermind within
are being projected
the surface, and what your doing
above the surface
and what you're doing is
you're effectively standing
on Earth's event horizon.
And that's what we've done,
using the mind,
the eyes, the body
we have uncovered,
become aware of,
a mirror plane
which is actually intrinsic
to that mind and body
and we've become aware of what
it does, and we've examined some of the
implications of that."
created by Lela Bear
from images on the world wide web
music from
Bodha Gaya Natema
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the spirit of Alice in us all!
In Lak'ech I am another yourself.