How Swedbank Uses Tableau

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How Swedbank Uses Tableau
Business Intelligence Gets Intuitive and Interactive
Tableau is simple, it's fast, it's intuitive, and I totally love and appreciate the level
of interactivity that it brings to any conversation.
Save time delivering business intelligence.
I found that the major benefit is just the speed. The speed of delivery, the speed of
actually delivering a visualization. Most of us in the analyst community, we uh, we
don't have, we don't have the luxury of sitting around and free thinking all day. We actually
have to deliver presentations, we have to deliver reports.
Make presentations interactive
Another great benefit it brings is the interactivity it brings to the conversation. Sometimes up
to half of my time is standing in front of audiences with a big long stream of PowerPoint
slides rolling in the background where I'm delivering the same message, or relatively
the same message that I've delivered, you know, a dozen times before.
With Tableau, all of a sudden those presentations become interactive. The audience can participate.
You know especially in an informal work environment. If someone has a question from the audience,
if it's not in PowerPoint in the background, if it's Tableau, all of a sudden you can answer
that question. You can bring in the data from elsewhere, you can throw up a time series
that was not on the screen before, and what used to be one in a series of ten boring presentations
all of a sudden becomes ten conversations about the problems that the business really
Start conversations. Answer questions.
So I'll have Tableau running in the background, someone will come in with one question, all
of a sudden I can link and blend data from different Excel files, or even Access into
our database and what started off as a simple question generally ends up that myself and
the conversation partner will discover some new insight about an unrelated topic that
we had not even thought about before the conversation started.
Find out what Tableau Software can do for your business.
With Tableau, you can things so much faster than you can do in any conventional, using
any conventional software like PowerPoint, even Excel. As soon as someone bright, young,
energetic finds Tableau and as soon as they discover the power, they will never give it