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welcome SEC sports a round table this is your host Shane Bailey win
get with me today will be right into things that introductions andrea welcome
saying that they have
glad you're here beds two weeks in a row i'm trying to treat back very early on
would just like kentucky arthur after their lost in the s_e_c_ terminate your
it was a guy right there saying without forty seconds into those twenty seconds
and twenty-two moriarty introduced a talk about kentucky is gonna be a fun
bunch that's why i don't know
bayern blair's riley
due to be back glad graduate with my kids you know given the travel in men
i have
their world jacklyn yeah
thirty amendment but i i can't kentucky and the both of your introductions feel
runner-up sometimes we say kentucky today
but unlike twenty seven
they hit the under and again yesterday
idea and it was one thirty six
for the combined score and i would have i would have taken the over for had
money to put down
which i i don't because we have we don't have the sponsors
sponsors could could you know preeti gambling habit i think that's
that's a good way to get spots resident not say that we're going to use their
money to gamble with uh... you know how little i gamble so that the chances of
that occurring about as good as a skit a sponsor this week's cc
welcome to the s_e_c_ sport roundtable we're gonna get some housekeeping issues
out of the way i think i've been
a bad hosted and and not telling you guys some
some things and uh...
i'll start off by making a commercial for myself
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out will give kudos to blair smile and think he ran away with the basketball
when this year quite had lisa congratz to you on that
their weekly
who did the focal going back to gambling simpson this is the gambling podcast
football podcast we did talk about the over into reused act but basketball was
just too hard because you can't make a pick out
mhm and week out in advance and still be able to get the line so we we just did
wins and losses and
even then we
all did really well but blair you what you did an exceptionally great job that
some problem get way you want the whole strategy of pick the home team unless
it's a conduct your florida suzie
so that's the way you win
narrated by david where witness in the state of north five game losing three
condition wrote of all the way through that that whole thing so
but uh... that's the word that i'm missing where people could finance i
think i covered all the bases in
we have most of that i work twitter yeah where on twitter
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the uh... podcast radiated the the action uh... at the week and there's
been some news
her on the basketball front
are not related to the turn of the will talk about the terminal a bit later but
uh... on the coaching for it
head looks like
south carolina's found there ma'am
trying uh... frank martin from kansas state uh... which is a
some would say a surprising move but uh...
i liked the movie even though
i'm not a huge frank martin doubt there may be appeased
very good discipline wise but
also think there's some
there are some uh... possible skeletons in the closet uh...
pain in the past but i mean they came out with the what twelve million dollar
uh... deliver six years i think is where it came out to be roughly one point nine
which jumped him to the
laid forth in the s_e_c_
uh... highest paid coaches uh... they have a very bold move us arkarow like
the aggressiveness that they actually put there
sock airline has got a fantastic facility
uh... nearly got 'em
pretty much a nineteen twenty thousand
scenery know that they found that they build a couple years ago and are not
think it's just an aggressive move and i like it um...
enameled i don't know what i heard that bruce ellington winter with the football
practice next day omaha but she's fired up about
winnie allegedly led by a frank martin but uh... i think it's a good move uh...
and uh... to stop also
very strong
strong aggressive move from sucker on standpoint yeah i think that you
when you're hiring for uh... you know and and college sports you get at all
four five different ways you can go you get the home run where you're talking
about your heart the best the best come what kentucky do with mattel perry you
know that's getting guy that currently has a job and get them to go to your
school and say hey we want you here
uh... sucker along with the next level they didn't get that home run but i
gotta proven got that's been the sometime it's that on that is shown that
he can win add i a m not of not get major the setting ager conference cool
and just said hey the grass is greener you need to jump off that ship of the of
the big twelve mm come on over and so i would say this is about as good of a
hired you to make for for south carolina
and higher now dot that's you know if you're not a traditional you know
powerhouse basse-bolle school near and warned that the than the other than a
few years and what the the mid to late nineties i guess south carolina's
didn't save them almost irrelevant basketball such huge higher for them
uh... i think that you know who does a four cabinet
uh... if you're stuck for a lot of and i'm sure contra martin uh... you've
talked you know i'm sure he's part of our yeah topics that i think there will
be a thing
there today about it is is that if you could if you go back to the daring horn
you know we actually of we've kind of covered this pretty extensively
throughout the basketball season but you had a record was in a situation where he
was almost because how borderline
possibly give me a part of western kentucky makes a run for the tournament
of the neck should take that the sock carolina but
you know if you remember that starr
became down the darrin horn in great marshalling greg marshals at winthrop
update at the time which is south carolina based in
and they went with the down warned that you know the younger you know kind of
six year period and it didn't work out a great marshall lecturing or was he was
switched allstate
cells in it's pretty inching to find out the you know
he was even really is
pretty much satellite he was going to be kinda first personally when after
and uh... and actually read that he made one point five million at wichita state
uh... and he said that that's pretty that's a shocker he had a close-knit got
out of the government vishay
but the other use just
by his aggressive movement is kinda interesting halley's basketball searches
were you're going
for the mississippi state and we're going for is that it's all part of party
you know me
fight markets at their own c_b_s_'s say as a pulsar carolina but it was pasted
a done deal the board of directors for board of trustees header
but the you kind of get together accepting and then they could truly
from a school standpoint be able to
offer in the contract so it's kinda neat how those things those things work out
but uh... i think it's a very good mood sock yarn stamp on
forty six but i a m coming forward
and good to go on to the time is a statement that shane iraq talked about
this last week but uh... neither of us have a ton of insight yeah i guess that
you know finally reports have come out of here national locally you know a big
interest in uh... one of the um... assistance at vanderbilt for them to
city-state of what we hear in well thingy businessmen kind of interesting
you know
uh... following your previous just got hurt when maybe at st
was uh... great burn these errors on the now
and when he made the high road and won't took two weeks and really nobody could
get a date on it
um... in such trickling searches really his first
higher he's made some in the olympic sports girls
softball and
so many other stuff but uh...
it's been a lot of things were a lot of stuff is kinda leaking out and getting
out brought you can tell it never really
has a sense of what's gonna happen so
uh... khana latest thing is
um... but the mueller
dad and me or with the biggest funny with ben ball and then new orders for
the head coaches will be a shame but
amar amaryllis anything there but
um... that way they only have two white out the last half of the naman change it
exactly but uh...
you know which one of those things where
message that he's making the first higher outside of the program in men's
basketball and thirty one years
um... because richard williams we proceeded rakes and very
was the uh... assist head assistant for and i'm going to go on a blank with the
guy was there
andric stands very followed richard williams of thirty one years of actually
had some i within the program
so i think it's going to be for the first time some either going outside of
the program um... and uh... i don't think there's a timetable on it and
and i'm interested to see what actually happens um... and what really comes
through under the latest thing with the final fours can you paint
they had a system for kentucky
who is a mississippi native
um... which is kind of interesting 'cause
i grew up
in nineteen eighty five when he won
mississippi's from player the year
he was in northeast jones which is the moral mississippi which my dad was a
principal walk-ins high school and laurel mississippi it's okay
i actually grew up watching you know
bob miles down the road and he was like one of my favorite players he went to
low ball
look nervous ellison
dozen eighty six and and all those
fellow runs of eighteen uncertain
please uh... he's got a big background the problem with him is that he got he's
got a lot worse
ties with cal prairie at he was
playing overseas there's not going to be done in the coaching for nike and
and uh... while wallace the an organ and was that organism top assistant there
in the last six years of
part of the coach was there a cancerous lymph lego set
uh... certainly interesting i mean i think it could be
restocked scott strickland has hired nothing but assistants
um... in his ten years ago to pit
i'm really introducing exactly what we do it
i don't think
you i heard a local news this week talk about
um... though the basketball programs in the s_e_c_ and they base willis didn't
both miss city schools is
basically the bottom of threshold but i don't believe that all of the city state
uh... must open if the pop up around
with what stands very detailed program in the s_e_c_
because metadata hypothesize as i got my next question was for you to convince me
uh... that missus that's a good but if you take a look at the last fifteen
years arm hits theaters there fourteen years the last fifteen years
three remarkable outside a kentucky in florida have most went to the s_e_c_
and they center actually had a winning
record his every school in cc accepted sake
nominal you know forty-year period so uh... and you can't go another a lot of
people carry on this
bandwagon of the east being served on at the last but i mean if you take a
fifteen year period
there's a time there were these was not as dominant as they could be kentucky
welder stretch with
tubby in and uh... billy
the kid
uh... where they clearly want is dominant tennessee and other ups and
downs and libris parle
um... and florida was kind of hit or miss until they were in that
couple national championship yet alabama nell issue
now even already included some describes there for a little bit so um... i think
it's pretty good uh... unit had twelve million dollar practice facility that
they just
kind of built so i think if somebody actually takes a serious look at it
they're gonna pay
yeah i think they're gonna pay you'd be some amount of money i think they'll pay
anywhere from one point two to one point five depending on who it is and what
their experience while with a second
uh... summit comment alex i did see what's going to be but i i i think
patience is something that
you have to kind of take
take hold a menu is moultrie
who's going to the n_b_a_ you lose
sydney is already hired an agent he's gone and you all city boston uh...
eighty also the bills smith who is lol
uh... freshman point guard that was
c_n_n_ out this year with the health issues and
he's left and left out of school so
do you really have run into it and you have uh...
the shooter from mark for the j wants to and that's really a rebuilding and
there's a total rebuilt
uh... bill so
i think that's what's got some people
weicker bryce through prison delighted about the next year
samael you know i might need to hold off a little bit
in after just being here one year so dongguan i'm curious i heard some of the
local talk radio guys talking about the mississippi state job
as a kentucky families the local radio shes so misguided about anybody anything
that's not related to uti
and if anybody glistening in the naturally they know what station we're
talking about here
ba and it surprised me for them to come across so strongly against the
mississippi state job how on attractive it really was because
uh... been their deficit bodies are pretty good i mean it's not like you've
got bad facilities in the s_e_c_ usually don't wear
but you've got really good facilities there for the basketball you're going to
ask about him or they are called best
practice facility
in the s_e_c_
even kentucky
practice facility watching you and we could talk you can build one tomorrow
for a fifty million iraqi kentucky practices and a lot of time to memorial
out out of the uh...
you know historic nature of that place and that's that's one reason why they do
you know that back kinda surprised me i was curious is gonna wait a few what
your thoughts were on that
because u
others that the other thing in the only thing that i agree with them was that
it so far away you know missus mississippi state
and we've been the start of there's no real easy way to get there for most
schools in the s_e_c_ and i'd rather menon interstate and then this problem
ole miss or mister v_ state i mean the you have to
you have to be going mayor yet that was the only
that was the only thing that
that date they came up with me there was a valid reason why i suck at coach who
wouldn't want to go to mississippi state but
there's a lot of places a lot of college is that you have to get out the
initiative go to talk to me that wasn't an issue
and i think are playing
from the i mean worse
blabbing six
teen days into her seventeen days into which is now a longer time when you're
talking to slow over two weeks think it could be because they don't wait for the
u_k_ assistant i think uh... well i think it's because they're waiting for
this week in to be able to talk to everybody that you can have access to
the newer ones with the coaching
turned them in this kind of always been
the the place to do things
um... and uh... i don't think that
i think that they can still go back to their murray st options before
um... the sellers options there were earlier candidates i'm i think they
i think he's going in interviewing
you know seven-day people that he
based again on possibly be therein
uh... and make the
you know what you have met uh... decision from our standpoint i think my
hands i think with the social media that ordered everything
it's kind of all these reports that come out that they've interviewed and so
people were thinkin
their warning that joon their warning that immediate
you know timetable nothing
stricken even came out twitter this week to calendar by another shot at probably
we're going to have the right person so
uh... i think
anybody that's actually reporting you think those are truly know yet
jordan yourself
i don't know i mean i i i
category with a lot of that i until it's did start because i
i think is organ in the worst times urgency scotia surgeons helped to see is
destination job
and how at
i think we build up a little more in our head more if i a m yeah i do think in
the city state it's hard because when i look at it
yes an s_e_c_ west and i think it's a a very desirable job not i don't know
though i mean it
i think location doesn't matter with these kids
i do think with the right hired he brought john calvary over that'd be the
best job emory you notice it really has a lot to do your higher
bloodless a basic lexington aside from basketball not a lot to do or what going
on in lexington kentucky trillion wise alabama
birmingham alabama government totally alabama
why are they the the in all the offer football now is because of who they have
in there
and the perception that they've built right now yet do i think you can get
that in the city say absolutely i think you can
i think it's a i don't think that connects me very talking to the right
coaching at a place like this city state and apply them to say yes i got to be
easy anyway search imagination because i think
even with texas a and a m unnecessary coming improv basketball standpoint
basic and even bigger um... here that the thing that mississippi state has had
is the dominant in-state overall mention basketball
and uh... the actual
bolden of a volunteer axa mississippi i mean that is worried stands very made
his money
uh... is still where they can actually produce enough talent um... you know dot
that seems very into in really the problem in the perception that is made
you miss city-state kind of
alb beta person at this i mean stay integrated eighteen transfers since two
thousand and seven
for two thousand and a
uh... so there's been a team player to transfer those system i think it's a
product that they use this poem
uh... embedded
if i don't get enough plant honestly even there are not you know um...
bandito place like kentucky or don fehr calvary can get the top
you know five out of the top forty five ur top fifty players
where they would do and we have a shock to hear the n_b_a_
after one year he gets a minute and emotionally can get them to play defense
to get them back slowly performance um... worked as a team which he does a
better than anybody but
um... but they think it's going to be very difficult snot an easy place
vanessa living virtually every today to recruit
uh... matically all know that i think it's what sustained his ability when
james um... but it's not going to be an easy thing and i don't think we're gonna
go out and get a frank martin or but i think it's going to be a you know i
think they're going to be looking more toward the young and i would not be
surprised if it's going to be a top assistant or
uh... up
young doubt it's been a little bit of matching also sent you basa sat on this
podcast a number of times he can recruit but the one thing stand her couldn't do
with coach expecially when it came to a big game what really is actually happen
the problem that he
yet he could actually coach enough
but the problem is deeply seated next to get
kids too
uh... yep had a heart problem with the gnashing of
uh... of kids i mean it was just a horror
yeah thinks it may be in the there at the last three years is cooperative what
down turned his
his this whole thing but
uh... it's just all those things where
sometimes when you start getting that that perception um... uh... and i've
even seen it with regards to all r_e_m_ altering them talking about once he gets
the message that uniform off of him and he goes to the n_b_a_
team it actually works out his stock is partner rise
uh... because it was just part of that
at a meeting you were all that was
cannot bear the last couple years
well it looks
change subjects a little bit and talk about another thing that's going on this
spring and that's spring football and and
everything's been quiet on the football front for the most part i mean except
for i can only think of to team that you're really hearing any news coming
from their camps
and will start off with the georgia camp
uh... where or some other
players had a a little too much fun
and spring break and didn't realize that the uh... brown is that they were eating
more for laced with marijuana yes i'm sure that's exactly what i was developed
a rear paws at this
yes sir
w_k_n_o_ back so that
later i'm sure your little little deposits as head and again we're gonna
talk about how much talked for a second about the local national radio they got
on this big cake about who would bring brownies to spring break
i'm gonna tell you the guy who likes to party a little bit and we've been duffy
parties agers had some partisan when brownies are set on the table
they're not pot brownies but they're just brownies
i am a happy man that their brownies they're going to be reminded so uh...
i can understand where they were coming from that they would be extremely
excited that brown is to be certain that their table animal a spring break so i
where they're coming from that that wouldn't be
normal uh... is dumbfounded i i would be kiss in the girl the bra brownies to my
party at spring break that's all i'm saying
i think you focus on and i think we focus on the road the wrong thing so
much it's so
cannot open our eyes on an odd whether you like you're not
there's a incredible percentage of players in
and college sports never lets but three and no we go with this there's an
incredible percentage of
dude insurers sure
patriots day it's not just lopez smoking pot and localized might just get so up
in a uproar about who it they did it this way that that that way
i think we're best it just kind of eli kao surges in act like this doesn't
happen and when people get suspended be a little bit surprised but
if they were really
tested the right way in the it was completely random and they did all the
time here in the coaches were trying to just make sure that they
had their players for certain games and they didn't get caught
mean to have two things one would have to the mean to be a whore product and
all of the players are all smoking
we determine that just all the rest of it so
republic smoking weed with their boosters
exactly how much of the contract with the players
it's it's ridiculous uh... them in a bad thing is is that george had influx of
these uh... the situation in a couple korea rivers
one of the top offenders in the s_e_c_ alkyl tree one of their best defenders s
uh... linebacker
are suspended for four games uh...
mean unlucky for georgia once again they have
somehow make it easier schedule every year
photos four-day insurgency buffalo missouri florida atlantic and made a
built-in only real game they've got
is missouri
uh... i'm sorry vanderbilt i still think that uh... i still think that george is
a much better team even without these guys but
you know any
be a blip point this out
back right in time for the tennessee games of good to see can catch a break
again uh... but yeah i mean that they're losing those two players are probably
best to deepen the players throw into more returning starters anish spend it
uh... moral stand for the first two games and it's time for the first game
and and
that's a lot of that some negativity going on and uh... mister rector
you know
mr on the same come to my program
you know
i mean he has same problem i else does and
george is a
for a team that really needs to start off good
'cause they didn't last year for them and they were going to do with the near
an awful it
terror or something like that
now their schedules a little bit different this year but you know for
team that they had a little trouble starting last year it's not going to be
it's not a good some of the world's players i think the missouri game was
gonna be tough anyway 'cause that's missouri's home opener
s_e_c_ game opener kids at home against georgina georgia historically for last
fifty years hasn't cross the mississippi and
nine conference more confortable and so now
uh... back yet again to go on a road and those are two big as um... so i mean i
think it is
when you got a james franklin
gruver bhagya
emissaries going to be probably pretty decent next year so
left hand that like a plan to travel there
but i used to that side
but i don't know what else we can say about it i agree with your career
uh... in right or wrong i don't know what the answer is but this is something
that's going to legalize it
powell's biblical they would make some states are bordering tennessee a lot of
money if they would legalize it
uh... and get rid of a lot of math because of the most sane people that are
grown math in there
crack houses of the same one that can grow the pot and pay the tax code of
as good that's that's another story because of the
the legalize drugs are just brought to you
where our brownies are delicious a cookbook
but the you know it's something that's not going to go away and collegiate
i mean for her
even olympic sport for a look at phelps
i mean
somebody that's supposed to be clean clothes michael phelps when all the
goals and
two months later three months later
hangouts are carolina here's this here's the big thing on top
i've got a dot i work with who is the
well manager for alabama's football team for the last well
four years prior to this last year he wasn't sure office of international
trade ships
but i mean
hit one thing he told me that i thought was kind of telling ones
the stuff that we make a big deal about on these podcast in his fans and talk
radio it's just not not nearly as big of a deal
for the coaches in the team
not to say that drug test on a big deal that like
we talk about the secondary violations and all the stuff in
they just i mean it's it's just not nearly a big of a deal they're like oh
that stuff happens
sparta game you travel with the best you can but
you don't get in the biggest uproar a because if you think is much as we run
out of our heads cut off when you have augusta for four games think about all
that stuff viewer coach i mean they're focused on practice in when football
game yes and stuff happens it's that you know it's a casually of
you know eighteen to twenty year-old kids and then they look at it as a
strain ankle or something like that word you know
he's out for four weeks rectum it but
you know it's it's it's the same mindset eco test i haven't whether they're
it a drug related or injury related
there still would have to fill that hole there still would have to play football
that saturday
regardless of use whose jerseys on the field of position
so you make a good point that
to those teams it's not a big and really to us on this podcast this particular
issue is not a big deal i think that
we thought we were thinking people are making a bigger deal out of this that it
really is because it is so prevalent
uh... in in society all together mean
uh... you know if it's the same people that are
chastising these these players for doing it
might have been doing it themselves last week a nervous band so you know it's its
bite your nose to see your face or whatever that
cut off and those spots right there we go
despite your nose to the let's see if you have to say if it was a golan
dot but you know
which is it's silly to me that that these guys are
facing these these penalties for something that
yes they shouldn't be doing that we all agree to that but it's we're not gonna
stop 'em it's just like
when we were in college and we were under the age of twenty one www did
did we're did we not have a drink you know we we knew we were doing something
we weren't supposed to do it we were still going to go do it anyways
and i think that's kind of though the mindset that we all have here at this
and this is the you know this is funny i was just gonna reno or something here
and for mcardle rambo
his incident was he got caught speeding they're making twelve last yr got caught
speeding they're making
macon georgia
uh... m marijuana joint was found in the parsley girl he was run in the car with
so you get into office exact same thing before so
because i know it's prevalent
you're getting slap interest for the exact same thing here in your apt
but it when he is roses girls exactly
just like just like the
the the pennies that the that that blood pressure had a couple years ago in his
lap he was just holding him preferably secret that's the best story except ever
in the history of
of s_e_c_'s forces window affluent what they want it yes or terrified habitat
was driving with the woman that was not his wife that he got caught with with
her panties in a man who owns edited yet drug drugs they
an officer said you know we do without it is obvious holding four
the ice company wasn't exactly
you know our georgia read those data from the stories that he knew what you
really need to be doing she might not updated those panties so he could have a
dinner huge favorite that this is a nice couple talk about porch in your career
was evacuated and all the displayed when he was uh... he was probably one of the
under forty
and one of the
athletic directors and board under forty right there elmore
well what's going on ten change subjects who it was i think drew then
give us on the parts of the current
to top it uh... keep us away from u t where there's some other news in the
football front
what's going on with derek graduation uh... dietetic alachua don't really know
exactly here's the deal is this is a
uh... nineteen twenty roll kid
that does not have the right answer that needs to have
he's not doing agrees is things he's not getting caught with marijuana he's
he just does not have the right hand to dispose that he's getting a lot of
andy's goodness changes because these were the best players
you know in the s_e_c_ much less or rebuilding tennessee tame
people get frustrated or discovered what just doesn't work when you're
we on the hot seat for your job and you've got a kid that is
once again not
cornell robin people like to see sam he's not going out for
the to the best of our knowledge in
and income you know doing drugs
like a lot of tozi blair's avenues not going out and getting truck driver given
fights like a lot of tennessee players have you're gonna get a lot of
slackening that's all the rest of it
he had a few things that he had to do on programmers that
he was actually suspended this last week
four not completing like extra conditioning
yeah i think a part of the problems he's butted heads with uh... who has learned
that the strength courage
grant there's rumors he threatened thing
as well probably only one on these
nineteen-year-old kid and once again
he's doing he he's
he has in the first attitude and that is not what you need a last year you have
to look at all the injuries
and all the hostels in tennessee had
give the easy to see halleck it could go in there and say
on the picket line
you know raise it the right attitude have
absolutely not none of us will agree if that's what you're supposed to do that
once again he's you know you're dealing with with
adolescence here that are going to make the wrong choices and
hopefully i mean the reports are that tower brain just somehow never got to
get here is that the things you got a kid like justin i just had on so yeah
and he has a uh... and then driven this kid
he can pick and choose what he wants to do and if he wants to play in the n_f_l_
shireen broadway nfl
you wanna win olympic gold medal
doing this them incredible long jumper and heart her killer i mean this is a an
that has adversely for aladdin
and he's got the right attitude and you got this guy who doesn't have that
adversity and
and he's got the the wrong attitude in and maybe that's what it is
it's one of sings where
you know experience is something that
when you need it you don't have it but what you have it you won't need it again
one of those type
was assigned about much of that what you did yours what her the man
but it's one of those things where
maybe didn't you know getting suspended or something they'll teach him a lesson
because the whole thing he was is essentially suspended from the day a
practice but it really wasn't suspension according to their goalie
radio sky drishti
how the the media
was asking the questions and in and then of course film doing all the tortoise
state stuff on the twitter archives stuff
vicious is really immature
is that bill in doing anything like you're talking about where he's going
out and robin
places and all i kind of jazz but
debaters today i did hear that
last year you know when harder was a healthy and he was the store
better play here
derek was bird a record of retirees say at the colors
there was actually travel model citizen because he was he kinda had that go with
the flow and they went he was hurt
uh... over the course of that rest of the year when the on cannot be in the
guy and having a baby they gathered
made everything he carry out the
that you're selfish in ego and and a cowboy hat to the team in you know and i
think tyler berated handle his entry very well i think he was
obviously you know we know from last spring he was at work in the way that
a pain many works are there's not really a those that do that but found that's
going to be interesting things to come to see
johan ur
at him coming back in the admin an attitude that he actually has an
and how i kinda message
meshes on sorry um...
with their money because i think it could be they could mess with them to
hear think about it is that it could be could lead
a problem where you
t_b_ began to notice kids the minute
doing something bad so to speak they're just
they're just handle it in a chair and at some point you have anything else on
something about you get that's it
i can't keep doing this and on all of them suspend fours one practice and then
i apologize and come back if he can get away with stuff
i get that here's a tough thing known as a tennessee fan and is there duly
you look at what you think deceased race or next year and i would say that
they're is is their depth and there
you know experience now you've got gaza played for two years ago comeback for
thirty years
and there probably are strongest lawyers are receiving corps
okay let's is supposed to see has uh... rogers and their you've got a you've got
derek rogers who had a great year last year were thousand are savon p_o_w_
touchdowns and i did not attend on those close though
uh... has done it for a couple years
solid you know you've got a solid number one receiver
we've got just monarchy comes back
you've got deep threat and that makes rogers at much better what do you have
now is a third person you've got uh... cordero patterson to is a junior college
player to all tell the world
then at that point you've got three good receivers now thrown as ac rogers that
has played a few years and uh... michael rivera ana can clear your tight ends
that are talented
you got one of the best racine course in the s_e_c_ and probably the nation your
you take rogers off that
now your go to god
is guy come off in a c l_ injury
you you're hoping i mean if he is good in great and then you've got a unproven
if he's the guy looks even korte runs a c zero wants not either injured or
unproven yes can't really if you would see on the straight ahead
do you take a strengthen turned into a question mark and that's what's horton
that's what doing those
and uh...
they will say i mean i
you know i'm
i'm followed imminent chances
i'm not a one-room the teens chemistry but
the you know the players events aimed you know they sell the right things up a
man this is just it's growing pains as part of the pro process um...
both the suppose weather reports came out that
the players went to doing
basically asking him to
they take off the team is doing
send it back to the leadership council
and of course they were like
well this is not our decision
femina should be education decision so there's all kinds of
chatter about that you know that
how do you throw back on kids and make them make the decision and
as kind of interesting
i sorta that's what i was wounded
beckwith i remember the titans when i want to take it off i gather gay burt
erica come off so that that's the right now
i mean
i don't see word that's an issue me that the coaches say than i'm going to
respect your decision if you his teammates don't want him on your team
then make that decision tomorrow honor that that's the way i read that
and apparently nobody else feels that way i
to me that's delay sayin are you guys if you guys want me to support you out
we'll if you want a mock the team it's coming from you yeah and the rank should
rank-and-file that's it within the
the the team is the one is going to make that decision not me as a coach i will
see anything wrong with that is that there's a a purse on the outside looking
they say that you estimates don't trust him and don't want him on your team
and fine with that and that's the way i see it now and i don't know but i i
don't see that that's come across that way
but that's the way i see that anant i don't have an issue with that from from
duly standpoint
legacy actually but was
well in a brain
you can read it the way you want to read it if you're not a delay fanned you know
you're gonna read it the other way that he has no control the team
and you're also remit you gotta
or altered slime
that you got to get back up you know how to run for fall you gotta yellow the guy
come off in a cylinder yet at the top of the stanton eight of them
that's that campus the same camp that
spent all friday talking about
spending five million dollars a lottery winnings to buy the lease contract out
for gaza easily
blinds and do this
quick to react on things in
you know if they were in dewey's position and i can't wait on stand up
for yuki folks but
if you think they were in billy's position yeah they would've probably
done the same thing and
yet they're certain they're bashing left and right and then
you know talkin' themselves up because of that and it's just you know as a as a
kentucky fan great more permalink than it is good for us we can get you in a
row in when's the last time that's happened buckley it's funny that
they were all
trying to say that billy didn't know anything about the twitter stuff miles
like you know i actually believe that billy
didn't know anything about the twitter stuff
disease actually settled multiple occasions that
when he goes home to spend on this family he puts a cell phone
basically just turns at all
so i mean
it's funny because a cage
like you're talking about like your buddy though ed alabama living
these are painted tension building
those types of things when he's hanging out with his family that he doesn't see
found them you know what didn't you got a compartment allows that stuff and
you know i i don't think it's is all yours is
ever by thinks it is but
it'll be interesting mix going for him
it just goes back to you know all that argument goes back to where
you see players after a game
and his fans if your earlier cryin and your stomach hurts and you just don't
wanna talk to my for the rest of your life
they look at the players and their mother father and you know how five each
i really think that the players care more about it you know get so distraught
over losing as opposed to the players at
but know that it's bureau innum
tell us what you had that you could have that kinda
attitude about it but
continue minimal
yeah i mean that's what does the attitude should have the area of over
there on the guy that they're in the
sociology gained two years ago when
to see you had thirteen players on the filled
was on my back you know screaming why do you know
after decades of so it's uh... yeah i mean whichever practice and practice
which creatures
anything else we wanna talk about what we talked about it we got file for talk
you mean that went on this week and bailey
really what what's happened so far world uh... you know kentucky playdate on
father ken
uh... the little full now understand that i have a kentucky played a good day
with his little at a much more talented team
its weird i think that this team
i think this kentucky tamed if they can really get if i could play together for
killing her shot at the city say with
if they could really get it together they have so much talent
that uh...
that i just think that
i think that they they are so that they al talented medical yes also think
they've been looked at the last two years the difference on the same as
it's crazy as it sounds but having like a terrace jones annida ron lamb who have
a year of experience and eliminated dairy spellers are four years of
that's the difference i see in this team
uh... is they're able to rely on gaza
in there before i know that two years doesn't isn't compared like chain bad it
was a date for four years but
there did you know they they have something along a little bit the kicker
we bring in various miller
yet kit gilchrist
and you saw yesterday
there in the game and i think it'll watch all of it
it we can get gilchrist sitting on the bench
kentucky you can attack when he died out while those guys out but if you dare
similar you gave
kid gilchrist you got
parish jones and those three onto their almit mismatches
yukiko over all three of them and when they get those that's the thing about
him is that they could run before
or let it slow it down
and play defense and emperor half
you know half court uh... a set town but it's kind of weird because davis is just
davis just a guy's slight last night he's not gonna back email
views al physically cities a skill set but even if he if he's not as big of a
as when eating kid gilchrist needed
i mean who're you to put all
in the met that's where
you don't have a two three and four gaff
that all can match up eager to have one mismatch and that's where they just end
up killing people for their so called what mobile
in how world war two boys through the usual planned and i watch the game last
night you gotta give pitino everything
we may just
slugfest is good as they could do it
they can't shoot the basketball you know and they haven't been able to shoot the
basketball all year in the fact that they are in the file for
you know one game away from ashton ship is prolly wanna better coaching justin
is done because they literally can shoot a basketball but they shoot yesterday
global army
i remember seeing the stats about how kentucky got out rebounded but you have
to look at it because i can't miss in shots now
on the offense the rebound stay with they were so out numbered
uh... the global is so there has so many more offensive rebounds aka techie but
it was because they were missing so many shots
uh... and another stand i have no idea
how in the world
we would never be a little to figure this one out but i would love to see a
statistic on kentucky's team this year
on the personal shots they've made when there's less than five seconds left in
the shop clock
because they were on that half court off instead of affection i mean
they were in it down and eight not nine eight seven second start
and then they run that play
and more times than not i would bet they're close to seventy eighty percent
for that
for that um... half court offense when they do that when they need that for
shock lock
they're making it if not they've made the rebound and as re-set themselves up
and to me that
that's a statistic that i would love to see how it actually plays out my mind to
be plain complete tricks on their but it isn't and i saw them do that three or
four tommy in yesterday's game where
they used up the entire shot clock and then when they needed to take it into
the basket to score points a wing of the pain got that
got the two points
a little shop thirty five percent from the film
uh... compared to kentucky's fifty-eight percent yeah can't announce details are
also good at
driving to the basket just what a game start off with the throughout the basket
layout uh... lamb drive the basket
you know uh...
kid gilchrist catsup five footer
and then you drive a basket and he got a crash on the guy because he just made a
layout so i just throws up in front of ramen you've got ten shows you got uh...
you've got to the latest adulthood
that they are so much fun to watch on just ellie you sunday
though so many of the of so many to talk to me is right around the room
and um...
they just you know they are classed uh... global head of entertainment are
crazy about that
billboard you look at 'em in meowing sounds the more we deal with inquiry
yeah i mean they had to game time you know me what was a fifty-one all
and uh... fifty fifty charge black ultimate kentucky's well yeah but i
think but today there are many positions where they could actually dot that faint
you've got it internally take enough
four on father ryan to uh... seven or eight
if you do is to talkies all so much energy
with it and i mean
if you're a little boy anderson air at half time you like you know they shout
what six p
sixty six percent the first half a whatever was it was uh... huh
uh... you know it will will shot
bike thirty
p dot so it was
kinda crazy because a kentucky fan the one thing etc and i was never
comfortable with that being the entire time i mean that's i was the lead
i was not comfortable with the brady law so i thought we had a better chance of
winning the game that i did this game yesterday and i was expecting a little
uh... in you know when to start making shots because if you watch a lot of
their michelle at space had good look at they had great looks at the basket even
their rebounds when they'd go back up they were missense unjust
crazy stems in the midst dunks and will come in a mess two or three dogs in it
every time they were doing that is like all of sudden something's gonna start
clicking on them
yeah and they're gonna start
making those shots and kentucky's not going to be able to answer because if
can give kentucky
an informal would've made more shots
kentucky woulda lost a game they would have been coming is as good as kentucky
global lost the game themselves dota and
as a kentucky fan i'm glad that it
that we have the victory soundbite you know you look at that match in u_n_
you get a throw all the things that when it's kentucky local it's a just a
different game
but they were so many reasons that local could've won that game and kentucky
still squeaked by
that you know as i can tell you that i'm extremely grateful because that makes
the kansas match-up elena monday night
you know so much more to look forward to because i got that bad one out of the
way so the zero
an still wont
la so i don't think is a surly as much of a bad name arriving at home
has dealt a department definitely should fifty eight percent of the throughout
where i got planned bad but they were so they allow some runs
i'll tell you i mean we talk about this kentucky came in and they have beat
you know in front of i do think they're couple thing is that if they run into i
don't think it is matchups matches up with will
as on the other teams would pose more worried about ohio state and he has he
next deck and that it's hot you know shootings the result was consequently
better indiana
you know if they can just get a hot from our new york preventable forbid
embeddable really doesn't deny last is the thing of edible desert other thing
is if you get their big players and fell trouble nabretta building into gilchrist
fell out
had to run lemma four thousand some ourselves towards in the game but who
had had people would foul trouble the entire time and in the air at the
indiana game
annihilating davis set out most of that game and
and you know we have felt we have four thousand that game so i think that the
two things
and in indiana shot sixty percent from three-point range um... i think the big
things ours if you get
it's exactly what he said well if you get one of those big
davis um... jones kit gilchrist and felt rubble
uh... or you're getting a shot so that you have a chance i've just of all i
don't watch kansas enough to really
know that you know or not but there is good shooting team is on the other thing
i don't think so either but the pain of a guy
we got big guards so that
bad negates a little bit of what kentucky's always had
strings with they've got big door to
that won't be as easy as pinned and then they've got a
i think uh... player to your candidate and thomas robinson download yes um...
but i think
is kind of we're out that they have as much bill
but they got that big kid but bell with the
or whatever his name is the big white kid nalang i mean
he did it again so far state needed against the teen previous
uh... like you're good at point
um... but he was the guy i mean eat
the on the plane and uh...
you know the the thing i think in this one is bill self
who i think is probably the best coach out like him as part of the best
coaching basketball college basketball um...
it's an intriguing mago with him
bay mashable calvary again
uh... omaha that national geo one out of the last time
uh... but uh...
how long ago was at memphis gang
post seven a writer so clear
the year two before reading the yeah
so um...
ticket uh jackie's here you think you think if uh...
kentucky's up three
they'll file
as opposed to letting uh... it depends on their from their the files to give it
they have a fell together they're not gonna do the indiana thing again no i'm
talking about like they did in the next day when a
when yes and that this was up three with with light under
five or six seconds left in the been found they'll add on karaoke much homers
homer's odyssey that three on
a going over tom also game
uh... i'm not a single file goodnight burt that's interesting that
in tokyo house had
his first loss in the regular season this year is because of not fouling
and then you go back to the memphis game and it's not fallon the cost of it's a
lots of strategy that you have you don't know bill self if you watch the game
last night
they were up three make sure they fell there now an aircraft made the first one
basic thing from a mobile i'm going to have a whole
but for people to insist exile often
and now you're under there what was even better kellogg clark a little saying a
lot of success you know i've definitely
believe in it and uh... they there was over six seconds and they failed with
you know around seven or eight seconds left
banff allen grafton airworks it's just it's a good strategy but uh...
yep thing we have remembers kentucky's played kansas issue and they they won
but ten so
yeah i know a little bit i think it's all those things where braganza stamp or
you've got uh...
tire on thomas retire and taylor i saw in thailand right on target
there in a second but nearly the same year detail that's been the yeah i mean
but he's been the goddess kinda like the big the piggy make my for cans as you
know it's
do you see all these really good things and also if he does something stupid
cabin the capsule his whole career emmett kelly last night he makes the
steel you know under eight seconds for under ten seconds in the throes or only
a while
crazy pass on why you know just hold balint
it did
majors but they'll just typical he owned so if he has a great game i mean you
just never know what they could build the moment and i think the officiating
i like the officiating last night idea not like the officiating is sweet
sixteen three sixteen both friday and saturday night was much bigger say every
baby enum
kentucky game
well what they were doing i have no idea but they basically took indiana kentucky
completely out of first twenty minutes a game if you saw them and they were both
right and i went both ways but i like how do you make these calls
and how do you make indicated and our other games um... that whole week and it
was just
it was uh... it was as if they were
he had last night eleven just completely play um... you know i mean davis got the
wrong completely off the court uh... home at outbound
comment on that point therein
uh... what i like data like but what the kids
tight get a feel for the first five to ten minutes and um... topic when it
comes down about a media just got a
uh... he's got to do those things but
the chocolate delta traveled along with the
it was not when you looked at him the replay and in a lot of and a lot of shot
though while we are bought it was a i thought it was a hard though when they
showed the reply
pissed off that yellow c_b_s_ you know did not last
four seconds
totally mailstore i mean near one of our states not prepared to kelly a less play
make c_b_s_ citizen citizen showed me a reply to that uh...
of uh... of the travel coalition it wants to michelle whatsoever in little
italy like those kind of weird they kept the pace they gain go invade there was
not a lot of like a couple other by gets that man
you know in in craft on life
the hot big nerd i mean the guy actually what to do you guys at three call our
toll on not to cross the line
repeatedly warned of and they both crossed and craft brought before the
limelight what do you all bill when people and
it won't work to make up the rebounded just but when you leave uh...
secondarily you're gonna get a rebound must only what you're missing today you
should get a call
let us know thing
all right let's let's go around one last time a maker predictions animal open it
up your open mic segment here
where you want to pick it up
i think i have
coming up in kentucky and so when you uh... mopping kansas skin
ali it'll be a good name um... but i think
barry kentucky pulls away late winter compu have six two
somewhere in that range
task or north korea
although i think it's going to be
having read in the seventies upping your vps helping is going to be
the a runaway or anything but penalty is going to be a fifty-year sixty point
uh... though that kansas is about a seven point honor dog so
if you go with uh...
with uh... the line you you would think that what blair said is going to be
it's guy you know i've said this i i just i don't see kentucky losin'
i will say this though after watching the games last night
i would not be surprised
uh... if if it's more challenges i agree with blair bill self is is one hell of a
coach so i think that having him i think is better coaching calvary
the calvary is clearly a better um promoter and recruiter
but i
you just can't count on a team about talented i'm gonna say kentucky wins but
it's gonna be close i think it's a you know that uh... wanner the to possession
and hopefully it and that's what that's what i'm hoping for at least
i'm kind of course i would have to go with kentucky
why would you go against them
uh... but
uh... unlike drew i think it's gonna be live closer
uh... thinking and and i don't think it's gonna scores i mean if you look at
the way kansas played on state know they were both in the mid-sixties low in
kentucky both were
i think kentucky used other points in indiana
and uh... and so i and i think that um... amid the low sixties like a sixty
six sixty four game where
sixty five sixty
per worker so i would like that that is where i see it in enough i think it's a
topic oblique they'll have a better feel
tomorrow night and they did a lot nine
because i mean
and i hope i'm completely raleigh now some people we've put in the military
has got to be a tough thing to get adjustable gentleman of the good news
for that there was a very had another these played a game in that arena
they're familiar with the atmosphere
uh... it's going to be a sea of blue regardless good if you noticed there's a
lot of kansas and that
at the game they were predicting the largest crowd in louisiana
porsche racing today because there was like fifty thousand kentucky fans
somewhere in there never later than thursday police tml
uh... s
sweepstakes or something on my what's called
run the day's other estimate mortgage crowd miniature all right well let's go
around very will kick you off with our open mic segmenting thing you wanna
bunkers i'd owe you might have a movie review
absolutely essential movies a
solid we talk about twenty one jump street matters all that it was uh... a
funny movie and it's not great
guessing it's worth about
eight dollars i would say if you can't buy more that say it's a you're gonna be
at a little bit of people are getting red box innkeeper per week
that uh... ya no need to do
it is a guilty pleasure just go and you won't last long but it's a popcorn
uh... it was better than i thought i was in the end i think it's a big thing with
movies is when your expectations if it's a
it could be a crappy movie but if it beecher expectations then
your enjoys like gladiator one bloodier first and i was expecting so that they
will be so good that when i saw talk well that wasn't as good as
that's where i was
it was still it's depalma popped in movies and when you really wanted to let
things are going to new york i was expecting so much and now after you
watch it if you don't think it's a great movie so high i agree with your
gladiator slang
well you know and the expectation level was so high that afterthought as likable
see with the big deal with less because we saw braveheart when you had no
expectations and the movie like that
and nothing but is probably just go to the movie is braveheart but i mean i
always think of report is better because i was an expected thing going into
'cause mel gibson more skirt yeah cuz i love mel gibson and you know he's you
know he's a great
scottish uh...
o'connor games
which was uh... which was a good mood arrows and would there be another guilty
pleasures in seven that's uh... an adolescent book uh... uh...
through the content of adolescent it's uh... seventh grade reading level oregon
yet so it is a disease out found is that now we are the most best-selling books
takpe i have no intention
most books i read her about so greatly relo maybe it's the news is written in a
seventh-grade renews is actually written is different and the fifth or sixth
grade reading level to talk about that and one more classes so
and that's over that have been built to more people exactly 'cause them in the
literacy rates and we can talk of the stuff with a
most most people can't read it possible levels are i would say most with a large
percentage so you have to
yesterday your content to
to the level of what most readers can return and we'll return tell that's why
i enjoy reading the newspaper yet you love the newspaper uh...
i would say i would say how far off on that i'd most looks alike are written
you know seventh-grade girls so i'm told that we look at it
i really enjoyed it and i thought it was well done to i would love to make that
our title but i don't think i can
certified if
if you you know if you
but once again if you're looking for the best picture what are the notes i can do
that but if you read the books are usually
you know movies looked like that but we don't know what you're getting role and
i was in joy or
the one thing i will say just kinda going off the movies
and been talking a lot about it and
the the radical middle tennessee which is
the day off of it that uh...
was created by me and my brother brett is on the spot has quite often has now
been on a loan
and they discuss these these little scared as another smack talk will be
come in
i know that most listeners just don't care but i'm on a podcast on minimum and
say that the drawer crew is going to look to win for the third time in four
do you read
you're building a loss for all you know we got killed we have the with we lost
twenty two eleven last year you are not to game winning streak yeah won the
first two years and
made some adjustments uh... to to the roster you know we had that we have the
kind of people yours
and um... and have some open trials and and we've got a teen or ready to go i
was not invited open tryouts for u there was a a deal both follow me on twitter
yes yes at the gel not between where i said police in me resume in
and why you would be a good pic i didn't know i mean
you get that and they want from you can have them
i didn't see that three
how that goes drink beer better than anybody else yes good beer drinkers will
tell you if it in
i will say that i'm with sooner the better better beer drinkers on those
difficult if we have a
you know one of those beerfest reading tains an old deftly the you know
one in one day or we appreciate that
word of uma
what before this weekend in ego
back to mississippi for easter and uh...
gotta go
run in the ten k in crescent city
classic down in new orleans so that means your dad for walkin still faxing
out that they are broken too
so it is uh... both uh... heather and page in myself from the only ones are
actually in a b
uh... venturing out so we're gonna have some jello shots along the way
uh... you know some
bhejne is mellow says nothing says easter light
ten days in jello shots
so uh... we reported that uh... soviet spend the day in new orleans and care
have new all mothers
full lunch there and
maybe get some
red beans and rice for the sata hammer something
something good sent but uh... i do have a new beer big l should try um...
with the soul
or in downtown franklin last night and they have done away with their day seki
i wasn't out of the mexican fame and they uh... their way with their
basically draft and so
i'm not a big bottle beer guy so uh...
they were placed it with the pools where that is mammals little yellow peels
it was really good mama's little yellow pills
he can only get that it's all done
i don't know where you can get it is the first time ever heard of it was good
so and then of course i have a sixteen ounce bb or they had to go with second
but that's a different story for another day
well i don't really have any major news it's been a
rough couple weeks for me with the with the job i've done
what works for hours and i was expecting to sell e bag not catching up on and
those jobs by eleven tell you i mean this in tweaks that uh... play golf in
uh... and i'm glad i'm not participating i will say this i'm glad i'm not i a m
not participating well maybe i a m
upset that i don't get a briskly and the ten k because i remember uh... turkey
trot where are thought i was running and
blare his father walk to the whole five miles and they still finished ahead of
time it
so is uh... is a metal pictures got out he's got a fastball yeah i will say that
i have added to train sets can be awful
i got a player franchise to sell
though to get stuff
went after enough tele shots it won't matter
well it will be good
the good thing is the beta actually sponsors a race at the very end
for purple haze just have a little bit
everything of the that's nice ice-cold but like that about nine thirty in the
dugan purple haze of the in yet again that's one of the uh... that's a really
good one for me
we'll get all kinds of their sponsor possibilities here brother restaurant at
work here
school yellow pill
models for your bills could be a big business cell southern arthur
based where
of leader complete aware
louisiana louisiana between baton rouge norms and got let those guys we've got
sweetwater mean
we've got some down there delays in magnolia removed
and we'll we'll take those guys from nothing like a little uh... pecan
met with that
mother because of the seven th a crime but there are some that my refrigerator
and gloria so we're taking this to the beer podcast select hill mississippi
dirty water
they figured
so with that guys are gonna call this podcast on