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They are searching for my corpse... Sunita's corpse.
Sunita, who was the only child of a renowned mill owner of Bombay.
Everybody is grieved about my death.
But the one who is most grieved is this man...
...who is standing away from others.
And why not? After all, he is my husband.
I was married to him just yesterday.
How the world has changed between yesterday and today!
This story about murder and deceit...
...had begun with a theft of Rs.300,000.
I keep one key of this safe with me. The other is with you.
I had kept Rs. One million yesterday in front of you.
Out of which Rs.300,000 is missing. Where is it?
I have erred.
Implying, you spent the company's money without asking me?
- I have lent it to someone. - To whom?
I cannot answer that. But I regret...
I should regret, that I took so long to recognise you!
I raised you as a son for the sake of my dead friend.
I sent you to America to study.
And then made you the General Manager of such a big company.
Do you see this photograph? Karamchand...
...who was my friend as well as the General Manager of the mill.
He worked here for 30 years with great integrity.
I got misled by you and dismissed him.
- But I promise, I... - Quiet!
You have a reputation in this company and outside.
It is said, that only fortunate ones...
...get a hardworking and honest manager like you.
Your honesty is known only to the confines of this room yet.
If you do not return the amount by tomorrow morning...
...then the secret will be known to the police too!
You may leave now.
My dear friend, Karamchand... spoke the truth about Rajan.
He has robbed Rs.300,000 from my safe.
If he does not return my money by tomorrow morning...
...then I shall hand him over to the police.
If you can forgive me, then come back to your old job.
Your friend, Mohandas.
Yesterday would have been disastrous.
She wanted to kill herself by jumping from the third floor.
If not for Rajan, then I doubt, Miss Sunita would be saved.
I can't bear to see her this way. There must be some medicine...
Mr. Rajan, only time, and not medicine will cure this.
Perhaps, time will lessen the grief. But she isn't in her senses now.
All the symptoms show that she has become mentally ill.
I'll leave.
I have instructed the nurse not to leave Sunita alone for a minute.
Mr. Karamchand, please do not be offended by what I say.
But it's the doctor's orders that Sunita shouldn't meet anyone.
She gets excited on seeing a new person and she...
Mr. Rajan, I am not somebody new for Sunita.
I have worked in the late Mr. Mohandas' company for 30 years.
And Sunita used to play with me.
Fine. But you don't know her state of mind. I request you...
If you think, that I will meet Sunita...
...and ask her to employ me again in the company, then you're wrong.
I've been made the General Manager of National Oil Mills in Bangalore.
I am leaving for Europe today on business.
I have not come here to snatch your job but to fulfil my duty.
To fulfil your duty, or to prove, you don't care about father's mill?
You have a good job in Bangalore and you're going to Europe!
- My child Sunita! - You have no children here! Leave!
My dear, if I have hurt you by coming here, then I apologise.
I shall never come here again.
But my dear, if you ever need me, then remember...
Karamchand is indebted to you.
He will even shed his blood to prove his gratitude!
Come here.
- What is this? - My testament.
After I die, all this wealth and property will be yours.
Sunita, you are really crazy.
Everybody I know, thinks I am absolutely crazy.
- But I wouldn't do this then. - Why are you doing this?
Because life is over for me.
Who can be the more rightful inheritor of my wealth than you?
I have no desire for wealth.
All I am worried about is the promise I made to your father.
- Promise? - Yes.
Do you know, what father had told me in the office the day he died?
He wanted you and me to get married.
- Married? - Yes.
But how can this happen?
I... I don't want to marry anyone.
Before refusing, remember, that this was father's last wish.
The same father whom you love...
...and whose death has put you in this state.
You cannot disobey his last wish. It'll be very unjust... a big sin!
No... I cannot...
What a fool Rajan is! He's ruining his life with a mad girl!
Rajan says, that she will be okay after marriage.
I doubt it.
Neither do I love Rajan, nor did I have desire to get married.
I have done this only for your happiness.
It is our wedding night today.
I have decided that we will not start tonight and our new lives... this house.
I have hired a cottage in Khandala.
We will reach there in two hours. Get dressed quickly.
I'll switch on the lights.
Congratulations on your marriage, Rajan!
Didn't you recognise me? I am Monica.
The famous cabaret dancer of Regent Club.
And your lover since 3 years.
What nonsense! Who are you? Why have you come here?
I'm not the one to stay quiet after being deceived...
...and to let you enjoy the best things in life.
I've come to tell you something.
But remember, I hold no grudge or ill-feelings against you.
For you are innocent and you are trapped by a fraud, who...
Sunita, do not heed her! I have never seen her before.
She is a fraud... a liar!
Yes! It is a lie that you've spent every night with me since 3 years.
It's also a lie that you've exploited my body...
...and never made commitments about love or marriage.
If all these are lies, then perhaps, these pictures are lies too.
It is not you in my arms, but someone else.
Perhaps, you had played with someone else's youth before me.
And there will be many other girls in your life after Sunita.
Because you have married Sunita only for her wealth.
The day you get tired of Sunita... will get rid of her in the same way you killed her father!
That's a lie! The whole world knows, he fell from the fourth floor.
No! He did not fall; he was pushed. This letter is the evidence...
...which he had written that night to his friend, Mr. Karamchand.
After his death, you had removed it from his pocket.
But the one who robs, can be robbed too.
Take this. You can recognise your father's writing, can't you?
You spoke the truth about Rajan.
He has robbed Rs.300,000 from my safe.
If he does not return my money by tomorrow morning...
...then I shall hand him over to the police.
If you still don't believe me, even after reading the letter...
...then spend your wedding night with your father's killer.
But remember, this evil man's hand will someday reach your neck too.
If you come to your senses before that, then come to me.
Monica will consider you her sister and help you.
- Listen to me. I'll explain. - No!
- Listen to me. I'll explain. - No!
Open the door.
Your father was killed yesterday. It is your turn today.
For you have written in your will...
...that all the wealth will be Rajan's after your death.
Death hovers around you, Sunita!
Oh God! He has tampered with the car brakes! He wants to kill me!
If we have not found her corpse, then she can be alive too.
The car has fallen from a thousand feet high hill into the sea.
Perhaps, she jumped out before that.
My men have scanned the whole area. There's no proof of her being alive.
But you have not found her body.
It can float in the sea; it can be buried under a cliff.
We've been searching in the sea since 2 hours but of no avail.
Therefore, my heart says that she can be alive.
It is useless deceiving yourself. I am sure.
That does not matter! I am sure, she is alive!
You may forget her. But I'll search for her till death!
What are you thinking of, Sunita?
Go and tell the police that Rajan is a murderer.
But who will listen to you?
Everybody thinks, Rajan is an angel and you, a crazy woman.
The police will hand you over to him again.
And he will try to kill you again.
There is only one way for you.
Go to Monica. She has your father's letter.
The evidence of your father's death.
Rajan's men must be searching for you everywhere now.
If you want to reach Bombay, then you'll have to disguise yourself.
I'll go down and apply the brakes.
Brother, what is the matter?
Look, a girl...
A girl...
A girl? Where is the girl?
Where is the girl, brother?
Both are drunk.
Hey! That's amazing. He said, I was drunk too.
Your father must be drunk, scoundrel!
- Where is the girl? - Not now. There is no time.
Where is the girl?
25... 26... 27. Damn!
It's difficult to last a month this time too.
He has barely studied, and he talks in broken English and Hindi.
I am not illiterate like you. I've passed the middle class in English.
It was bad luck that father died. Or I'd have been B.A. Passed.
But I shall give complete education to my younger brother Monto.
- What's that? - Goodness! Don't you know that much?
Education means... It is an English word.
It means gaining knowledge.
I thought, it was a part of a car.
But where is your brother Monto?
He studies in a school at Bombay and lives in a hostel there.
I send Rs.100 to him every month, 50 to mother.
The remaining 100 is shared between us.
Then ask the owner of our troupe to hike our wages.
Indeed! I should be grateful, that he has hired my lorry.
Or else, nobody would have bothered about it in the city.
But why do we have to go to Bombay now?
Monto has two months vacation.
Our caravan is going to Bangalore from Khandala. My mother lives there.
I thought, I'll take him too.
He can see the village as well as meet mother.
- I'm famished. Let's eat. - I don't want to.
- Eat! I won't ask later. - I know that.
What food!
What delicious vegetables!
Look! What a lovely sandwich I've made!
What scrumptious vegetables! Wow!
That was good!
- You stole a potato? - What?
- Go ahead. Eat. - Eat?
- Thief! - What?
- Remove the potato quickly! - What?
- Yes. - Which potato?
- Thief! - Where?
- Go ahead. Eat. - Eat?
I am drinking, and he has got drunk!
Thief! Aren't you ashamed of stealing my food?
Why are you staring? Is this your father's food? Answer!
I was very hungry.
Indeed! - The poor thing was hungry.
Oh yes? Is this for free?
Johnny, she is crying.
Obviously, she will cry. Mohan, are you human or not?
You shout for a little food!
Aren't you ashamed of scolding a girl?
- I tell you, you are very... - Enough!
Madam, I am very sorry for yelling.
Speak in Hindi. The poor village girl can't understand you.
All right. Eat.
- No. I am full. - Really?
Johnny, she understands English.
- What is your name? - Name?
I think, you have run away from home.
I have no parents.
My uncle... wanted to get me engaged... an old man.
Johnny... with an old man!
It's good you escaped. But where will you go now?
- I want to go to Bombay. - What will you do there?
I have a relative there. He will get me a job.
I'll reach you there. Start the lorry. We've to reach her to Bombay.
Madam, this is Bombay.
Let's go to the school to fetch Monto.
Then we'll eat and leave for Khandala.
- And, after Khandala? - We'll go to Bangalore and...
But why are you asking? - Sir, I do not have a penny.
If you give me your Bangalore address, I'll repay you.
- Repay? - Yes. I want a credit of Rs.5.
Hear, hear! Hold her finger and reach her!
I'll give Rs.2. You give Rs.3.
All right!
Here's Rs.5... but don't ever show your face again.
Let's go and eat.
The programme that you were waiting for begins now.
Hold on to your heart.
We present India's renowned cabaret dancer...
I told you, to do all this after marriage.
- Marriage isn't very distant now. - Who knows?
We had made a foolproof plan to trap her.
But she jumped out of the car and got saved.
- But where will she go? - To people she knows...
- To the police. - No. Everyone knows, she's crazy.
Perhaps, somebody will believe her and...
- I fear only one man. - Who?
Mr. Mohandas' friend, Karamchand. He'll even stake his life for Sunita.
But he has gone to Europe. He'll reach Bangalore on 25th December.
Where will Sunita hide for two months?
My men are looking out for her everywhere.
Perhaps, she will come to meet me.
Perhaps. Therefore, my men await her at your house.
- House? But she can come here. - She'll be easily caught then.
Sunita is not so foolish.
Here, take this. Tighten it firmly.
- Coming, brother! - Hurry! What are you doing?
- Did you fall asleep? - No.
I'll sit with you for the journey. It will be fun.
- Greetings, brother. - Did you see a girl...
Girl? Where is the girl?
Where's the girl?
- Hey! Don't act tough! - Never mind, Johnny!
Sit in the lorry. I'll turn the handle and start it.
If you ever need me, then remember, Karamchand is indebted to you.
He will even shed his blood to prove his gratitude.
If anyone can seek vengeance for your father's death...
...then it is Karamchand. You'll have to go to Bangalore, Sunita.
There is only one way to reach Bangalore.
Mohan had said, that his lorry would be going...
...with some troupe to Bangalore.
If Mohan agrees, then you can easily reach Karamchand.
What are you doing?
Don't tell anyone, I'm hiding here.
- Who are you? - I... I am in trouble.
I've to reach Khandala. Your brother will kick me out if he comes to know.
- You are from my native place? - Yes.
You will not tell anyone, will you?
- What were you doing? - Finding the tiffin-box.
What's this? I'd bought 12 'rotis '.
- But these are 8...? - Why didn't you count it earlier?
- Afterall this is Bombay! - Right.
C'mon. What's up?
Brother, why do you roam aound with these people?
There's a group of gypsies. Their head is Meetalal Tota.
This troupe performs in villages.
Its chief has hired my 'Toofan Mail'.
Wherever the caravan of the gypsies go, I follow suit.
And nowadays, they are at Khandala?
Drive faster, or we will not reach Khandala by night.
- Mr. Meetalal Tota. - Yes?
Who is this girl?
The special dancer of our troupe.
She dances like lighting.
She is very beautiful.
- Yes, father? - Red bottle.
Mohan is here!
Welcome, Mohan dear.
Hey! Monto looks just like you.
Monto, this is Uncle Tota, the chief of the gypsies.
I'll introduce Monto to everyone.
I have brought this for you from Bombay, my love...
- What is it? - Powder, brother.
- Brother? - I mean, lover.
- One applies it on the cheeks. - On the cheeks?
Yes. Smooth cheeks... just like butter.
- Rubbish! - I speak the truth.
I'll apply it for you.
- Was it fun? - Yes.
I'll apply some more.
Scoundrel! What were you doing?
Making the cheeks look lovely. The powder is very good. Apply some.
Scoundrel! Vagrant! Amoral! Drunkard!
You woo my daughter?
Why are you getting angry? I want to marry Tara.
Marry? I'll bury you alive!
- Do you know my name? - I do!
But you aren't 'Meeta' (sweet); you are bitter!
You aren't 'Lal' (Red); you are yellow!
And you aren't a 'Tota'(parrot); you are a hen!
What did you say?
Explain to your friend.
If he covets my daughter again...
...then I shall make mincemeat of him! Loafer!
Amazing! He calls a lover, a loafer!
Shut up! Bring us food. Monto must be hungry.
Move away! What are you doing? Have you gone razy?
Yes. I have gone crazy.
You were away for 2 days.
And now you come and don't even meet me.
Why, my red hot chilly powder?
Monto, she is Nisha, a first class dancer.
Nisha, he is Monto, my brother.
Answer my question, my red hot chilly powder!
She thinks, my name is red hot chilly powder!
Talk in our dialect, or I'll slice you with this knife!
Let go! Nisha, you are a very nice girl and...
- I am a nice girl? - Yes. You are.
Goodness me! I'll be dead!
You called me nice! I'll be dead! Finished!
Wait! Don't die yet. Listen to me, Nisha.
Look at Bhola there.
- What happened to him? - Nothing.
He is a very nice boy and he loves you a lot.
Listen, red hot chilly powder!
If you ever say that again, I'll slice you with my knife!
You are literate. Then why don't you understand how I feel?
Red hot chilly powder!
Monto, let's eat.
Poor Nisha! What a crazy man she fell in love with!
Fool! I will fall for my equal.
With an educated girl, not with a wild one.
Give me water.
Bhola, come here.
I'll kill him! He catches my hand!
- Do you love Nisha? - Yes.
- Can you die for her? - Yes.
- Can you sacrifice everything? - Yes.
Can you go to the jail and to the gallows?
Yes, I can!
Nisha, I cannot do all this for you.
Therefore, I am not worthy of you. Bhola is.
Never let go of this hand.
Leave my hand!
- You won't leave? - I won't.
You won't?
Why do gypsies spit for everything, brother?
Stop talking gibberish. I am going to get the tyre puncture done.
The shop is very far away. So I'll spend the night there.
- Put Monto to sleep in my bed. - Don't worry about Monto.
Let's go and sleep, Monto.
- Monto, can you sleep alone? - Yes.
Good! The tent ahead is your brother's.
I have some work to do. You go and sleep.
Here's some food for you. Come out.
You are very nice, Monto.
You are also very nice, Sonie.
I am sorry, my hand got jammed. It's cold.
- Your brother won't come at night? - No. He'll come in the morning.
Let's go to sleep.
Hey! You aren't yet asleep?
No problem. I'll tell you a story. Move that side.
It is very cold.
What are you doing? Let me also use it.
What are you doing? It is very cold.
You are harassing me a lot today.
Which story should I say? Some fighting...
How can two of us have six feet?
Not six, but four. Two yours and two mine.
Do you think, I am blind. There are six feet.
No, uncle. There are four.
Wait. I shall count.
One... two... three... four.
Goodness me! There are indeed four! I think, I drank too much.
I'll go and sleep.
Go and sleep in your bed. I am feeling sleepy.
I am feeling sleepy.
Fool! You kick?
All right. Sleep! I'll sleep in your bed.
We are caught. He will see Johnny in his bed.
- Tell him everything. - No. Tomorrow morning.
I'll sleep somewhere out. You go to sleep.
- Nisha, let go of her! - Leave me!
I'll kill her... I'll drink her blood!
- She isn't a thief! - She is! She snatched you from me!
What nonsense! She is... She is...
She is my friend Sonie.
If anyone touches her, I'll pluck his eyes off!
Mohan, what is all this? Who is this girl?
She is a villager. Her uncle wants her to marry an old man.
She has escaped from home. She wanted to go to Bombay. I...
I had left you in Bombay. How did you land here?
The relatives in Bombay are very bad.
My maternal uncle is in Bangalore. Take me there.
Hear, hear! Our caravan will take 2 months to reach Bangalore.
Who will feed you for two months?
Keep me as your servant. I'll attend to every chore of yours.
Yes, brother. She will cook for us... Won't you, Sonie?
Yes, certainly. I can cook very well.
Very deliciously.
I have hunted a fresh partridge for you.
Clean it and make a spicy dish from it.
Sp... sp... Spicy?
Yes. There will be lunch for Monto today.
Prepare first class 'Khichdi', vegetables and spicy partridge.
- Mohan, come here soon. - Yes.
Now what?
The ground is packed with people come to see the troupe today.
If you sing some old song with Nisha, then we'll make lots of money.
- Will you give me Rs.5? - Yes. Go and change.
What will you be cooking today, Your Majesty?
- Spicy, hot vegetables! - Wow!
- Fish 'Khichdi'! - Fantastic!
- Spicy partridge! - Absolutely superb!
- Is food being cooked, brother? - No.
- Why? - She doesn't know to cook. Do you?
I was a cook in the Taj Mahal hotel at Bombay.
- Then you cook, uncle. - In a moment.
The show will begin. Both of you go and see it.
I'll cook in a jiffy.
Let's go... It will be fun... Come on!
Oh my God!
- Johnny has burnt all the food. - Now what?
I will bring some more items for cooking.
If your brother comes, then tell him, that lunch is not yet ready.
Here's five more. That makes it 20. Are you happy now?
- What about us? - I'll give everyone.
But I want to eat first.
Is lunch ready?
I have made it so well that you will lick your fingers!
Wow, my wonderful wife! Bring the food to the tent immediately.
- Monto, where is our cook? - She'll be here soon.
Let me see how it is.
Eat, Monto.
- Is that so? - Yes.
What have you cooked? You have burnt the whole vessel!
How can this be?
Blind woman! Look, you have burnt this vessel too.
And a third one too! It's absolutely black!
What have you done?
- Oh God! How did this happen? - I shall show you!
Here's your vessel!
Come out!
Where had you gone? Tell me!
- What are you doing? - Move inside!
- Listen to me! - I will kill her today!
She burnt my food.
People make mistakes. Eat my food.
Sonie has cooked very well. There's partridge, vegetables, 'Khichdi'...
I do not want to eat anything. I want to teach her a lesson!
Wait! Pick me up!
Thief! Wicked woman!
You brought my vessels here.
And kept your burnt vessels there! Answer, you disgraceful one!
What nonsense are you talking? - I am not talking nonsense.
Look. This is our vessel.
- Yes! - And you hit me.
That witch had me abused in order to keep her fault in the dark.
She had me hit! May God punish her!
Sonie, is this the truth?
It's not Sonie's fault. I sat to cook instead of her.
I slept as I was drunk, and the food got burnt.
I interchanged the vessels.
I see! So you stole the food, Johnny?
No, brother. Uncle Johnny did not do anything.
I swear, I interchanged the vessels.
- You? - Yes, me.
You will be duly punished!
Monto is innocent! Both of them are only saying this to save me.
It is all my fault.
Alright. I can understand.
Since the time you have come, my friend has started lying.
My own brother is lying!
Sorceresses like you have no place here! I say, get out!
Will you go or not?
- Do you get fever daily? - Yes.
In the morning or in the evening?
Has as bug bitten you again today?
They bite every part of my body every moment, red hot chilly powder!
- Really? - Yes.
- But you made me very happy today. - Really?
I have loved you a lot.
- Really? - Yes.
- I was very scared of her. - Of whom?
The one with black eyes, the swinging snake, Sonie!
...whom you got rid of today.
I am confident now, that you are mine.
- Really? - Yes.
I want to tell you something... something very sweet!
But not in front of everyone.
Go near the banks of the river. I will come there.
- You will? - Yes. I have 2 minutes work.
My red hot chilly powder!
Be sitting near the river bank. Jump into the river
Don't let her out of the cold water unless she says yes.
Go fast!
Take care of my rabbit.
- Sir. - What is it, Tara?
Pacify your brother. He has been incessantly crying.
- Is Monto yet crying? - Yes.
He says, that he will not eat until Sonie comes.
Don't touch me! I shall never talk to you after today!
Hey! Hey Johnny, what's wrong with him?
Nothing. But something is surely wrong with you!
I am telling you, that you are an extremely selfish person.
You are concerned about only your problems and sorrows.
Mohan, everybody lives for one's self.
But a man is, one who shares others' sorrows and helps them.
- Hey! What have I done? - You ask that!
What do you know about that poor girl's sorrow?
All she said, was to reach her till Bangalore.
And what did you do? Threw her away like a dog!
I did not know, you were stone-hearted.
You are not a man, but an animal!
Come and slap me!
Johnny is not afraid to speak the truth to even God!
Monto get up and eat.
I won't eat! I will never eat!
- Sir. - What's it?
Baaka saw Sonie a while back.
- Where? - She is sitting in the jungle.
You'll get relief if you put it on the stomach.
Monto, your Sonie is here.
Red hot chilly powder!
- Take this. - What's this?
Bhola's clothes.
He wanted to woo me! I pushed him into the river.
He must have turned to ice by now.
Go and fetch him soon.
You deceived me, didn't you?
You asked me to come near the river. Instead, you went to get her.
Why don't you admit, that you are crazy about her?
Yes! I am crazy about her! Do whatever you want to!
Take care of your toy!
And listen to me intently.
Sonie is my lover, my future wife!
If you dare touch her again, then I will pierce you with this knife!
Forgive me. Today, I hit a special dancer of your troupe.
But I was helpless.
Mohan, is that girl your lover?
No. I said that only to get rid of Nisha.
- Are you speaking the truth? - Yes.
The poor girl is from a village, and is illiterate.
And you know, I am uneducated.
Brother, not uneducated, but educated.
That... that's what I was saying. It was a slip of the tongue.
Uncle, I said it all outside of policy.
Brother, say out of policy.
That... that's what I was saying.
I mean, sometimes, a man has to become a politics in life.
Brother, not politics, but a politician.
Uncle, I'll... the rest in the morning. - Mohan, listen.
I have some fantastic news.
A rich theatre owner from Poona has come here this morning.
His name is Subodh Mukherji. But he is not a Bengali.
- He is from Jhansi! - Why is he here?
He is going to stage our show in a big theatre at Poona.
- In a theatre? - He has given Rs.200 in advance.
He will give Rs.800 after the show. So, our caravan is all set to leave.
Take this. You will go to Bangalore by road.
You will search for Sunita in every city, village and hotel on the way.
As soon as you catch her, telephone me immediately.
Hey! What have you done?
- Who were you? - Were? I am!
If this knife were to hit me, then I would have been history!
Your name?
Welcome, sir! I'm glad, you came. Did you get my message?
I came here as soon as I got your message.
Thank you... Hey Ratna, why are just standing here?
- Sir is here. Bring some drinks. - I will.
Mohan, hadn't I told you, that this time...
...our show would be staged in a theatre? He's Subodh Mukherji.
Take a look at this advertisement.
Hey! This is our Nisha's photograph.
Yes. The gypsy, Nisha's name is on every child's lips.
Do not worry, sir.
Today, Nisha will dance in such a way...
...that you will remember all your life! Am I right?
That is, only if Nisha dances!
Gentlemen, silence! Gentlemen, quiet!
I will give you some good news. Be quiet!
Goodness me! Is this a theatre or a godown?
Goodness me! They are rogues! How will Nisha dance?
Nisha will not dance!
People are creating a pandemonium there, and you aren't ready yet?
Get ready. - I said, I will not dance!
What! I will have all of you imprisoned. What joke is this?
Why are you disgracing me?
I shall dance on one condition.
This girl, Sonie, will have to leave the place right now.
And henceforth, she will never accompany us.
What does the poor girl have to do with your dance?
She has something to do with my life.
Nisha's dance should begin in 5 minutes. Or I'll have you arrested.
Do not worry. The show will go on.
- Sonie, come with me on stage. - M... me?
I know, you are a village belle and you don't know to dance.
But don't worry. I am with you.
Aunt Ratna, dress Sonie and send her to stage.
I'll dress you up in such a way that people will never forget.
Gentlemen, quiet! I...
Where did you come from? Send Nisha.
I want to tell you something. I...
We want Nisha. You get lost from here! Get lost!
For your entertainment...
- What have you worn? - Aunt Ratna made me wear it.
No problem. Now quickly go there.
No! I will not dance in front of them.
Go on stage once. Everything will be okay.
Go Sonie!
Quickly sing a song.
I... I don't know.
Surely, somebody would sing in your village.
- I know the 'Holi' song. - Will do.
- 'Holi' is here! - It won't do?
- What about a 'Diwali' song? - Will do.
- Every home celebrates 'Diwali'! - No!
- What else should I sing? - Sing something lively!
Look at this! ...Rs.100! Uncle Tota has given it to you.
You keep it. - Extend your hand.
- So, what were we talking about? - Nothing.
- We were talking about something. - Brother!
Uncle Johnny was saying that you are doing something wrong.
What wrong? I mean, go to sleep.
I'll leave.
What is wrong with brother?
Sonie, what is wrong with brother?
Something is wrong with her too now.
Hurry up!
Hey, Sonie! Where are you going? The caravan is going to leave.
- I'll go to the bazaar and come. - Be quick.
From which shop do you want to buy?
- From the shop in front. - That one?
I also want to buy something. We will meet there later.
A girl had come here to buy something...
- Nobody came here. - Nobody?
Then she must have gone to another shop.
You check there. I'll see this one.
- She's not to be seen anywhere. - Perhaps, she returned to the camp.
Let's go and see.
It has been so long and they have not yet returned.
There is Mr. Mohan.
Where were you? We are set to leave. Where is Sonie?
- What? Isn't she here? - No.
We were looking for her.
I went to buy something. When I returned, she was gone!
We have waited the whole day. Let's wait for the night too.
For Monto's sake.
If she doesn't return by morning, I promise, we will leave.
Mr. Rajan? I am Bihari speaking.
Prey is in our hands. - Have you caught her? B
Where are you? - In a house, 20 kms from Kolhapur.
The place is surrounded by jungles for miles.
Yes... the work can be easily done.
Alright. Complete your job and inform me immediately.
Sham, your job begins.
Don't worry. Our men are searching for her in the jungle.
We will definitely catch her by tomorrow morning.
Suppose you don't, then?
Even if she escapes from our clutches...
...she will die of hunger and thirst in the jungles.
The kites and the vultures will feast on her flesh!
Brother, look!
Take this and look at yourself.
If he were to see you now, then his mouth would have watered.
- Who? - Your husband, Mohan.
How much he loves you!
Do you know, when he brought you in an unconscious state...
...he cried before the doctor and said...
"Doctor, I'm a poor man I've saved penny and collected Rs.200."
"Take all my wealth, but save my Sonie."
Foolish girl! You dream of love, despite being married?
Have you forgotten that you are married...
...that your husband is alive?
No! He is not my husband.
He is my father's killer! He is after my blood!
Yet he is your husband... faith... by law... by societal norms!
There is still time. Return from this path of love.
Where is our camp?
There in the front.
Sonie, I used to be lost in my work before I met you.
What was love...
What was a heartbeat...
I did not know.
Do you know, when you went away from the troupe...
...I felt as though the world was plunged in darkness.
I roamed the jungles like a madman and shouted for you.
"My Sonie, come back."
"If you do not return, then my life will be incomplete."
But God heeded me... He united us.
What's this? My mother gave me this ring for my wife.
Open your mouth.
It is our tradition for the groom to give sweets... his bride and finalise the marriage. Open your mouth.
I cannot marry you! Never!
- Hasn't Mohan come? - No.
Everybody is surprised why he hasn't come when Sonie already has.
Your worried look shows that you are hiding something from me.
Worried look?
- Have you had a fight with Mohan? - No.
How can I fight with him? He has done so much for me that...
And when one does a lot for somebody...
...then a single refusal can hurt a lot.
- Tell me the truth. - Well.
Mohan is here.
Hey! He has a liquor bottle in his hand!
You drink? Aren't you ashamed?
Does anybody else have to say anything more?
Do you know... everybody thinks, I am crazy?
But I am not crazy... All of you are.
This bottle is better than every beautiful girl of the world.
- Ask why? - Why?
Because this never lets you down.
It does not kill.
You love me, don't you?
You want to marry me, don't you?
I shall marry you.
- Agreed? - Agreed.
Then give me a drink with your hand.
- Take this. - You first.
Hey! You drank liquor?
This is liquor.
If you give me poison, I'll have it too, red hot chilly powder!
That's it! This is called love.
Nisha, show the world what love is!
Fraud! Cheat!
Whom are you trying to cheat with your sweet-talk?
You pretended to be innocent and deceived me for so many days.
But your pretense is futile now. Nobody is going to deceived!
Why don't you say that your paramour is in Bangalore...
...for whom you have eloped from home, told so many lies...
And played with a simple man's life! Speak! Why don't you speak?
Mohan, what's wrong with you? Have you gone crazy?
- Leave my hand! - I won't!
I said, leave my hand!
No! You cannot do anything to Sonie.
- Move aside. - No.
Move aside!
Answer, you fraud! - Let go of her! Lay off!
I have endured enough, but will not do so now.
You have not had liquor, but taken the guise of a monster!
You hit your friend, your younger brother...
...and even an innocent girl!
Girl? She is not a girl, but a snake, Uncle Tota.
Don't address me as uncle.
Your uncle died the moment you touched liquor.
Mohan, if you ever touch liquor again...
...then you will have nothing to do with us!
Then assume, the relations are severed!
Mohan is not a servant or a slave of anybody.
I will drink to my heart's content!
Remember, no one will be by your side on the path you've chosen.
The caravan will leave tomorrow, but you will not be with us!
My caravan is all alone now.
I will live and die for myself!
I do not need anybody! Whoever wants to leave, go!
- Bhola, where is Mohan? - In a bar, absolutely drunk.
I asked him to come along. But he pushed me.
He will not come, uncle.
We will also not wait any longer.
Everybody, sit in the carts!
Take Monto with you. We'll leave him with his mother in Bangalore.
Let's go, Monto.
Nisha, go and sit in the cart!
- Come on! - Leave my hand!
I will not leave without Mohan! Leave me!
I will not leave without Mohan!
Get going!
Go! Go away!
The caravan has left. What are you doing here?
Isn't it obvious?
I understand. Are you trying to repay my gratitude?
No. I am stopping you from destroying yourself.
I do not want your sympathy!
You may go!
You will not drink!
You want to prove, that you love me a lot...
...that you care for me a lot?
Yes, I do.
- And you can't see me ruined? - I cannot!
You are an absolute liar!
I am not a liar, Mohan. I can even stake my life for you.
Again a lie... a pretense.
What do I do to convince you? I am not pretending.
You will not be able to do it, Sonie.
I can do everything for you.
Can you drink liquor for me?
That's it? You lost your courage?
Problems and sorrows have to be encountered in life!
But that doesn't makes a man crazy. Am I wrong? Answer me!
I admit, I deceived you.
But that doesn't mean, you lose your senses, fight with friends...
...behave like an executioner with your younger brother!
Am I wrong? Answer me... Answer!
What are you stammering for? Whatever you've done since yesterday.
You are so naive. You thought, I was an illiterate village belle.
Hey mister! I am so educated...
...that I can teach you.
You have come to know what I am.
But you do not know, what esteem you hold in my eyes.
Nobody like you came in my life ...nobody ever will.
I love you with all my heart.
- No! - It is true, Mohan.
- Say it again. - I am yours.
You... You will marry me?
- Swear? - I swear by you.
But in our tradition, the groom gives sweets to his bride...
...and finalises the marriage.
The sweets are given.
Friends, separated ones eventually did meet, but...
But the greatest news is that...
...our daughter, Sonie's hand will be red with henna.
And strings of flowers will adorn Mohan's head.
If you wish, then I can have Mohan married to you.
The one bitten by it is sure dead.
Sonie will be dead and Mohan will be yours.
But after that, Mohan will not remain a sprightly person.
But a living dead!
The snake will bite Sonie only once.
But when Mohan will bang his head to the walls...
...and call out Sonie's name like a madman...
...then a thousand snakes will bite you every moment!
Nisha, it is the tradition of gypsies... even stake their lives for the one they love.
Can't you even sacrifice your love for Mohan's happiness?
And you yet say, you love him?!
I have written to mother about us.
Mother's joy will know no bounds.
What are you thinking about?
- When will we reach Bangalore? - In another 3-4 days.
You have to reach there by the morning flight tomorrow.
Two days later, Karamchand will reach Bangalore from Europe.
Either, Sunita is already there, or she will be there.
Mr. Rajan, sometimes a man is so blinded by a woman's love...
...that he can't even dream, she will deceive him.
The value of a woman means nothing more than this shirt to me.
Wear it today, change it tomorrow!
But Mr. Rajan, Monica has Mr. Mohandas' last letter... which she can blackmail us, or send us to prison.
But Monica says, that she has burnt the letter.
I apologise, but I don't believe it.
Neither do I. Infact, I am sure, she has the letter.
But my friend, there is a time for everything.
First, we have to go rid of Sunita. Later...
...Monica too will die.
And where is my future daughter-in-law?
S... she...
Bless you, dear.
Did you see Mohan's choice? Isn't she beautiful?
Why not? Our Mohan is also one in a million.
Since the time your mother received your letter...
...she has been restless every moment.
She went to the priest and fixed the date for your marriage.
Your bridal dress is here, dear.
Girls, dress the bride quickly and bring her down. The priest is here.
Come, Sonie.
I shall dress you up myself... beautifully, that Mohan will be spellbound.
Today is a joyous day. This day comes once in a lifetime.
Every girl becomes a bride only once in a lifetime.
All of you leave. I shall get dressed and come.
It's your wish.
This day comes once in a lifetime.
Every girl becomes a bride only once in a lifetime.
Yes. I am Karamchand speaking.
My name's Monica. I only want to tell you, that your friend...
...Mr. Mohandas' death was not on accident, it was murder.
The murderer's name is... Rajan.
- But how do you know... - I have evidence.
A letter of Mr. Mohandas, which he had written...
...a few minutes before dying.
- I can give you the letter. - You can hand it to the police too.
Perhaps, you are unaware that Sunita is alive.
Rajan wants to kill me after Sunita...
...because I know his secret.
I cannot talk much. I will call you later.
- Sonie is not in her room. - What!
- What are you saying? - Nobody's upstairs.
This letter was kept above the bridal dress.
I have reached Bangalore with great difficulties.
I have some very urgent work with you.
Don't worry, dear. Rajan cannot do you any harm now.
I just received a call from Bombay from Monica.
She's willing to give me the proof of the murder. Your dad's letter.
- She is Rajan's accomplice. - Maybe.
But she has realised, that Rajan will kill her after you... that his secret will never surface.
Come here soon. We'll go to Bombay tomorrow, and all will be well.
What are you doing? The police are nearby.
Bihari? Is the work done?
The work is done, but there's a slight hitch.
- Which is? - We were going to catch her.
But she escaped.
How did she escape? This the second time. You fools are useless!
But she was not alone. Her two friends came from somewhere...
...and saved her. But don't worry.
- She'll surely reach Bombay. - How do you know?
Because your Monica has joined hands with the enemies.
- What nonsense! - I am speaking the truth, boss.
Monica has lied to you, that she had burnt Mr. Mohandas' letter.
She wants to give the letter to the enemies.
You may return. I will handle the other things here.
Sonie, we will go back to Bombay.
We will give the letter that Monica wanted to give Karamchand... the police. Once the police gets the proof, you'll be free.
Rajan's men are searching for me everywhere. How will I reach Bombay?
The same way you reached Bangalore from Bombay.
Few of our friends will hide you in Mohan's vehicle...
...and take you back to Bombay.
In Mohan's vehicle? It will take us two months.
Johnny, I need to spend Rs.2000 on my vehicle.
After that, it will talk to the wind!
My name is Mohan, Miss Monica.
Perhaps, you've come to know that Mr. Karamchand was murdered.
I have come here to take the letter you were going to give him.
- Where are you? - I cannot tell you that.
You may come to collect the letter. But there is a condition.
- Sunita should be with you. - What!
- What's the matter? - Monica's ready to give the letter.
But her condition is, that Sunita should be with me.
Wait! Sunita will not come with me. She will remain here.
- Monto, stay here. - Alright.
I will signal from the window above if there is any problem.
Telephone Johnny... You come with me.
Only my servant is here, and he is sleeping.
Please sit.
Sunita, you may unveil your burqa.
- This is not Sunita. - Yes, she is not.
But she will come now. May I use the phone?
Who is it?
Everything is okay here. Get Sunita here immediately.
Yes. Everything is okay here.
Johnny, do not send Sunita here! Hide!
Everything is okay there. Let's go.
- Johnny, are you drunk? - No. I slipped.
Johnny, are you okay?
I am perfectly okay.
Hey! What happened?
Everything is okay upstairs. You go. I'll be there soon.
Where is Sunita?
He had come there with this girl and his brother instead of Sunita.
He knows where Sunita is.
We have met before.
What is your name?
You amoral dog! I'll drink your blood! Leave me!
Pandya, lock this cat in the godown.
She seems very useful.
I will tear apart your flesh! Dog!
Amoral man! Leave me!
This place is absolutely deserted.
A person may scream as loudly as he can, here.
Either the vultures and the crows will hear his voice.
Or the desolation around will.
Then the voice... will be silenced forever.
Life and death are not in man's hands, but God's.
I can answer you with this rifle.
But I want Sunita's whereabouts first.
That won't come to my lips till my last breath.
Amoral man! Dog! Leave me!
Look, you boy!
If you tell me where Sunita is, then I'll free both of you!
Don't listen to him. He'll die and have you killed too.
If I lose my life for my brother...
...then, what better death could there be?
Your brother could also die because of you!
This cannot be. This can never be!
I will show you in a minute. Tiger, put a rope around his neck.
You will know today, how a brother kills his brother.
You fall.
And your brother's neck will break like a dry stick.
Tell me. There is still time. Where is Sunita?
Monto, don't open your mouth...
even if I die.
You have fulfilled your duty.
Let go of me. Let me die.
Put her in a trench.
You know, where you have to take both of them to.
If you have been together in life, the same should be in death too.
Don't you dare move!
The van is here. It means, they are somewhere here. Give me the rifle.
- There are no bullets in it. - Go that way. I'll go this way.
There is just a little more time left.
I have to widen this a bit. Your lover will also be here with you.
Sunita, believe me, I find no pleasure in doing all this.
It is only a matter of needs and constraints.
The constraint, is that only one of us can live in this world.
Since the decision is in my hands, you will have to go.
Right now.
You thought, you won, didn't you?
It is not so easy, Mohan! It is not!!
I will certainly die, but not today.
I will bury both of you here today.
Be prepared.
You will also meet with the same fate.
Tell me, who wants to die first?
Tell me!
Do think... of me sometimes.
My red hot...
My dear, we have come to bid goodbye.
Be happy, dear.
Alright, Sunita. Now, allow me to leave too.
- Will you also go away? - Yes, Sunita.
I don't belong here.
I belong to the poor gypsies.
To the deprived caravan.
- Sunita, you? - Yes.
You may not belong to my home, but I belong to you.
That is, if you agree.