I am Mohammad Reza Jalaipour and I confess! (please make your own)

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I confess
I am Mohammad Reza Jalaeipour
my father's side of the family is not some unknown family
it is a family who opposes the despotic Pahlavi regime and faithful to the Islamic revolution
three of my young uncles were martyrs
two of them in the war with Saddam and the other was assassinated by Mahmoud Rajaii's terrorist group
my father Hamid Reza Jalaeipour is also not some unknown person
his file is full of actions in defense of Islamic Republic
right from the beginning, after the revolution...
he was one of the first defenders fighting in the western parts of Iran against the invaders
till now that he is teaching Sociology in the university of Tehran
I confess
I confess that with God's grace I had a good education
I could have used the offered scholarships...
and get involved with scientific studies, discussions and work in the field of western studies
but I didn't do it
I could have set my priority to finishing my PHD...
but I put it aside temporarily and returned to Iran
I confess that I knew country's condition is very volatile and fragile
but I had high hopes in the capacity of the society, the roots of Islamic Republic, capacity of the constitution and the choice of the people
I confess that by seeing the energy and motivation in the youths made me think and start something together...
and we started
we paved the way for the third wave with the support of Khatami and then Mousavi
we built a website and started writing blogs and articles for the people
we passed information and advertised
we also had some magnificent gatherings and people came
the elders came
the middle-aged came
the young came
the women
the men
the religious
and those who seemed less religious
they also came
in the middle of thousands of new faces
there were well known faces
the martyrs' families
the geniuses of the universities and the religious schools came
the artists
the athletes
and whoever that loves Iran and is discontent with the situation and wants to rebuild Iran with Iranian hands
they came
I confess that all of a sudden a wave moved through the nation that...
even astonished us
all of a sudden every place became green
even the Iranians outside of the borders became green
God knows that what despairs we turned to hope...
what forsakens that we returned to the path...
the separateds that we connected...
the lost faiths that we returned...
what broken prides that we rebuilt...
and what threats that we turned to opportunities
I confess that we expected to see the hopes of the people be defended in a transparent environment
even if the candidate of the reformers didn't become the winner
I confess that we can't face those who trusted us...
and ashamed that what was supposed to be the pride of the nation and the Islamic Republic...
has become the excuse of a political posture that has no care for people's participation and vote
I confess that putting pressure, obstacles and the arrests of...
well known figures of the Islamic Republic that have a long and colorful history of fighting despotism...
and are some of the architects and builders of this system...
is very questionable and worries us
I confess that because of the political situation of the recent years...
I didn't expect to see the activists of the reformist camps for making the elections more lively...
given the medallion of honor
but never expected to receive profanity, insults, accusations...
pressure and incarceration specially in front of the eyes of those...
who had experienced the prison, torture and exile of the Pahlavi regime
it wasn't our expectation
I confess
we believe that a movement in the position of power is taking aim at the republican aspect of the system
and has faced the Islamic and independence aspects of the country with a serious danger
I confess
that we just like Imam Khomeini
consider the vote of the people as the basis of the system
I confess
we feel fear more than any other time
because we believe that suspicious and dangerous movement that...
has inherited the Islamic Revolution...
with the mask of followers and defenders of the system
is after toppling the Islamic Republic and...
destruction of the foundations of Iran
I confess
again, I confess
that I am worried
very worried
very very worried
Subtitle by Hamed Hemmati