Melbourne High School (Australia) - Tattam Band (Ceremonial Band)

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before we go to the way that david brown has the latest in his series on life in
Victorian state schools this time he joined the ranks of Melbourne High
school's matching band "SNAKEY SNAKE QUICK.....
you can't beat the stirring sounds of a big band 0:00:20.960,0:00:23.390 right is on the store, a rock classic 0:00:23.390,0:00:30.390 played with military precision
this is Melbourne High School's
ceremonial marching band 0:00:36.540,0:00:38.410 we're student run 0:00:38.410,0:00:43.000 so essentially we run ourselves. The band has a wide involvement in the community
involving the Melbourne Grand Prix and ANZAC Day
seeing all the people that turned out for ANZAC Day and them clapping you along
it's really good
and it's a great honour too
thirty six students from years nine to twelve make up the corps 0:00:55.920,0:00:57.060 style unit 0:00:57.060,0:00:58.219 "Is there a lot of tradition 0:00:58.219,0:00:59.680 in what yoru doing?" 0:00:59.680,0:01:02.950 "Yes, the band's now fifty nine years old 0:01:02.950,0:01:07.410 Restarted quite some time ago by one of our old principals that definately wanted the marching band"
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