Revelações da Misericórdia de Deus

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Moment of Reflection
Revelations of Jesus of Mercy:
Our generation saw the rise of chosen souls,
that God called the veneration of the highest of His perfections:
At the same time, God has endowed them with a mission to make known His mercy to everyone.
One of these was chosen souls Benign Sister Consolata Ferrero (1885-1916),
the Congregation of the Visitation, Italy.
Shortly before the First World War, Jesus appeared to him
and appointed him his secretary,
asking him to make known to the world of His Mercy.
Our Lord said to him:
"Write, Benign, secretary of My Mercy,
My greatest desire is to make known that I am all love
and that those who doubt my goodness cause me the greatest pain "
(Cfr.Simone Navantia).
It was exactly three days in October 1915, one year before his death,
Jesus had clearly pointed out that his task in these words:
"The Blessed Margaret Mary (Alacoque) have been commissioned to reveal my heart to the world;
But you have a mission to make known the Mercy
the treasures of His goodness without limits. "
(Cf. Simone Navantia)
On another occasion said to him:
"I am the God of all mercy.
There's nothing more I seek to exercise my mercy continuously.
To do justice to me, is going against the grain, is that I violated.
The door of My Mercy is not locked, but slightly ajar.
To open, just a touch.
Even a child can open, even the elderly who have lost their strength.
Instead, the door of My justice is closed
and only opens the one who forces me to do it. For my will never open. "
(Cf. Simone Navantia)
A step forward in the way of the revelations of God's Mercy,
are the thoughts and feelings that our Saviour sent to Sister Josefa Menendez (1890-1923)
Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whom he made known in no uncertain terms:
"Over the centuries, have revealed, in various ways,
My love for men, I have shown them how am I consuming desire of his salvation.
I gave him to know my own heart.
This devotion has been to many souls, as a light shed upon the world.
Today is the means that serve it, to touch the hearts,
most of those who work for flood My Kingdom.
I now something else;
because if I ask in correspondence to love that consumes me, is not the only return I desire souls.
I believe that the souls in My mercy,
expect that all of my goodness, not ever doubt my forgiveness. "
(Cf. "Un Appel à l'Amour").
The message of the Sacred Heart
His Messenger, Sister Josefa Menendez is very clear:
"Come to Me and be not afraid, because I love you"
"Ah! If only souls knew how full of hope as the Mercy!
I am the love of loves! ...
I want to believe that the souls in My mercy,
expect all of my gentleness, not ever doubt My pardon.
I am God, but God of Love! I am a father who loves tenderly and not severely ."...
"Give me your love and never suspicious of Man,
and above all give me your trust and do not doubt my misaricórdia.
It's easy to expect everything from my heart! "
The exhortations and recommendations that the Lord spoke to all the world
through a humble nun, Sister Maria Faustina,
seem to give the final note to all appearances related to His mercy
Jesus himself announced this Santa:
The Image of Merciful Jesus
the Feast of Divine Mercy claimed by Jesus himself,
The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Time of Mercy, etc..
We do not know. One thing is certain: Jesus wants to save humanity with His Mercy!
Sister Faustina was born on August 25, 1905,
and died in the odor of sanctity on October 5, 1938.
In 2000, Pope John Paul II canonized him to declare it: Saint Faustina.
4 - Merciful Jesus remains a matter of chosen souls
which show the world his great mercy.
Perhaps you have heard speak of the Servant of God Father Elias Bellebono.
Born in 1912 to Cividade al Piano (Bg. - Italy) and died on September 2, 1996.
At 28, Jesus chose him as a very important mission:
Save souls!
He was a shoemaker e. .. only with the third grade.
Thus, no one could doubt that he is acting would not be the Elijah, but Jesus alone.
I-The First Appearance of Jesus to Elijah took place on 6/10/1940.
He writes:
"One afternoon, while I was in the chapel with the other ...
I see coming out of a tabernacle whitest cloud that rises slowly over the altar,
that opens up to a certain point it out and the divine figure of Jesus ...
He leaned toward us and began to speak. I thought I saw it all ...
He told me:
"Do you love me son?"
"Yes, Jesus, thou knowest that I love you."
"So you love your neighbor with the same love that you love me."
Yes, Jesus, I will do it! "
And he touched with his finger the wound of His Heart
sent me a ray of light so powerful that I penetrated the flesh,
across the robe, shirt and sweater.
The cloud closed, Jesus disappeared,
I ... felt a great warmth in my body, a joy and peace ...
Blood came out of my chest! "
In another appearance, he said to me:
1 - thou art My Priest
2 - it's you to acquit these souls that I'll send you the same look,
3 - I will give you proof that I am calling you to the priesthood and believe your bishop! "
Jesus gave you several missions designed for young adults and sinners.
In them we see how Jesus is merciful and cares for the salvation of sinners.
Father Elias writes:
"Jesus, this time, he showed me a room very great, deep,
with flames of fire. Ceiling precipitated numerous lost souls of young people.
Jesus continued:
"These kids lost go to hell
because they say it is lawful to have fun and do certain actions which violate my Commandments.
You see those footsteps and those empty seats?
The name of these is ...;
they received special thanks and numerous warnings, but still do not want to give up my love.
Your son goes to the edge of Hell, as long as these souls is not lost.
It also makes penance, exercise the virtue and example
and managed, with the word, to save these souls that I ask.
I, for one of these souls,
Would be ready to support or to renew the sufferings of My Passion and Death. "
Brothers, Jesus continues to be merciful!
Want to save all souls!
He asked Elijah to do build a great shrine to His Divine Merciful Heart.
And this is already built in the city of Urbino (Italy).
Jesus promised to make it rain in this place to His abundant mercy!
Father Elias died about 15 years, and the cause of his beatification is already started!
Thank you, Merciful Jesus!
Continues to pour out on this poor humanity in your infinite mercy!
The blessing of God Almighty and Merciful,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you, upon your family
poor world and stay on forever! - Amen.