Na`Vi.DOTA2: road to Elmia (DreamHack Venue)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 18, 2012

- I am ready to win!
- This is real dubstep-chik!
- Ok, enough, I'm getting shy.
- Can you move left-right instead?
- Let's go: turn to right, one-two! One-two, one-two!
- These are getting high in such a way.
- Dendi is cool, real teamplay: they move to the right and he did to the left!
- He is solo-mid player so he doesnt care.
- Me and my son Sergey.
- Who?
- You are my son Sergey.
- Sergey? Why not Grisha? Dad, I want to be Grisha.
- Ok, this is Grisha. Sir Grisha.
- Can I ask why are we staying till 20th of June, while it usually ends on 18th?
- Because Dreamhack dates are 16th to 19th.
- Who has any games tomorrow?
- I don't know. They announced it to end on 19th so we bought tickets beforehand. They do exact schedule a week before the tournament.
- What the fuck.
- Yeah, I've never understood it too.
- That's stupid.
- What's going on?
- Do not film, do not film, please!
- I'm going to blink to that red car, I swear!
- Push them, push them, Zero, come on!
- Ok, here's a good place here near that red car.
- Ok, get out.