Vegetarian Burrito Recipe - Healthy Vegetarian Recipes On Video

Uploaded by healthyvegan on 05.02.2010

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
we are making black eyed peas burritos. And no thatís not the band itís the pea.
So what weíre gonna do is start by heating a large pan, needs to be pretty big here and
Iíve got some red onion that I have sliced and then just quartered the onion. Oh! I should
add some oil first; onions donít really like a dry pan.
Onions looking beautiful just starting to brown around the edges so time to get that
garlic in there and the garlic only needs a minute or two. It will brown very quickly
at this heat so just give it a stir in the oil and a minute to soften and get your zucchini
chopped up.
Now Iíve found, I went to go get green zucchini and they had this beautiful yellow sunburst
zucchini so Iíve used that today. But green is - this is nice! Because weíre putting
this on burrito you wanna dice or make you know small kind of, not julienne but kind
of a long, skinny type of cut so that they roll up very nicely into the burritos.
So give that garlic another stir and it should be good and then weíll add the zucchini because
the zucchini will take the longest. So give it a stir around in the onions. This is why
we needed a big pan, mine is deep. If you have one thatís wider but shallower that
will probably work just as well.
But itís definitely nice to have a big pan for this because at the end weíre gonna add
the beans in here as well then we donít need to use anymore dishes than we have to.
Ok! So once that get stirred around just let it sit on the heat and you wanna wait until
the zucchini is fairly soft. It doesnít need to get fully cook here because the burritos
are gonna go in the oven at the end but you want them to be pretty soft.
So give them a few minutes, weíll come back and check on them. You can start chopping
up your pepper right now, green or red is fine. Red for some bizarre reason today was
actually cheaper than green so Iím using red but use whatever you got, green is just
as nice.
So you can see that the zucchini is beginning to soft in there so time to add the peppers
because Iím using red Iíve done this kind of a half slice for a cut. If I was using
green peppers I would probably dice them because theyíre a bit, theyíve got a bit more bite
to their flavor whereas the red peppers are nice and soft and sweet so I done a bigger
cuts for them.
So just give them a stir around, theyíll just need a minute or two while you cut up
your tomatoes and your peas should be cooked and drained by now. If you are using dried
peas then easiest thing is to cook them in the morning or sometime during the day and
then theyíll be all ready for dinner.
You need to cook them for about an hour, theyíre fairly fast cooking. They donít need to be
soak overnight but you can soak them or you can use canned. I am actually using canned
peas today if youíre using canned make sure you look for one that does not use salt and
the one that I use is actually cooked with combo as well.
Combo is a seaweed, if you cook your beans or peas with a little bit of combo in it.
It will help break down the protein in the beans and make them more easily digestible
so you donít get those typical bean side effects which we wonít discuss at the moment.
Alright! Give these peppers another stir. They should be good and weíll add the tomato
which I already chopped up. If you lose one to the stove just pop them back in there.
Now they wonít need much time at all, I really just put them in here to heat them up slightly
and get the mix in with the other vegetables.
Ok! What weíre gonna do next is put the beans in here with the vegetables before we season.
So thereís my black eyed peas and you can see theyíre beautiful white. Sorry down here,
a little white kind of bean with a black eye. I hope you can see that. But theyíre really
quite pretty; you can see them in here. There just a little bit of black to them.
And I donít know if the band actually named themselves after this pea but maybe they should
make one of them their mascot one of them should dress up like a big pea. Might not
be quite as attractive but I think it will be funny.
Alright! First thing Iím going to do is add the seasoning which Iím going to use some
cumin. Iím using some Mexican seasoning on this because it is a burrito which typically
comes from Mexico so get the cumin in there and as much as you like. I listed - I think
I put a teaspoon or something.
I usually just go by feel, how I feel on the day. If Iím in a cumin mood I might put more.
Cayenne gets that a few times. Iím not huge on spiciness; my body doesnít do very well
with it so I donít go to heavy on the cayenne but if you like it go with those.
Then Iíve got some oregano which indeed is a nice looking spice. Now they have a different
type of oregano in Mexico that I donít have but thatís enough.
Alright! Oregano and lots of them, not least! Some black pepper. Iím gonna stir this through
being very gentle because the beans are now in here and I donít really want to mush them
up itís not a huge deal but it will be nice in our burrito if we have some individual
beans instead of just a big mush kinda helps with the visual appeal, if you know what I
Alright! Last thing weíre gonna add here before we go into actually making the burrito
and putting them into the oven is salt. Sea salt and weíre adding enough here for the
flavor to come from the vegetables into the black eyed peas.
Because on their own they donít have much flavor, the vegetables having a lot of nice
flavour and we also have these lovely Mexican seasonings in here so salt remember is not
to make this taste salty, itís to bring the flavors together and helps them to enter the
So give that a stir and normally we would let this sit on the heat for 10 minutes for
that flavor to enter the bean but because weíre making these into burritos and weíre
gonna then put these burritos in the oven its gonna have time in the oven for that flavor
to enter the bean so we donít need to wait here.
We can just get going right into making the actual burritos so get your tortilla and I
use this, I have some nice sprouted wheat tortillas that I like to use but use whatever
you like. These are of course whole wheat, no white grains here people.
Alright! Fill your burrito with as much stuff as you like and if you get a bit of moisture
from the bottom of the pot thatís good because as they bake you want them to - the moisture
to go through the shell.
Ok! So see how I fold in the ends and Iím gonna fold it over, pull it together and then
keep rolling. Some of the moisture is oozing out on me here and thatís good, I like that
Burritos in a line get your oven heated up. 350F is fine anywhere in that range. They
only need about 15 minutes and all youíre looking to do is get the tortillas really
nice and soft from the juices inside.