DIN Settings by Skis com

Uploaded by skisdotcom on 23.10.2012

Hi, I'm Kevin from
skis.com. This video is going to give you a quick breakdown of
what exactly DIN is and what it means to you. Your DIN setting or your binding
setting is personalized for you as a skier so what your buddy's DIN is,
what your mother's DIN is, what anybody else's DIN
means nothing because it's set specifically for you. This is based on your
weight, your height, your age, your skier type, and what your boot sole
length is. That's unique to you. Don't try and figure this out
on your own. Make sure you take your bindings to a certified technician that
is certified for your specific binding brand.
If you try to do this on your own it will void your binding and ski warranty.
Bindings do have a specific weight range so
make sure you find one that's appropriate for your weight and skill level.
For further information on bindings and DIN settings, please refer
to the buying guide below and thanks for checking us out on skis.com.