RCmileC UHF tests and Alulah CRASH [TRANSLATED] !

Uploaded by Galilee1986 on 19.12.2011

Steph: Hi everyone like we promised
we will fly two Alulah at the same time
with the UHF systems
So... let's go ! Alulah !
Vincent: Steph !
Steph: why it did this?
Vincent: You made a roll a 3 feet from the ground...
Steph: Well I went up... ARRRGG
Stephane: It's burning ! Vincent : Cath film this !
and it didn't worked I was too low or...
The plane is really great. It's not a aerobatic plane.
the plane crashed. I've saved the electronics
It's probally because I don't fly anought and I'm too exited.
doesn't matter, wrong pilot move and the LiPO burned
Vincent: Don't run, zoom Cath: I don't know how !
Vincent: Tell me what happend Steph Steph: I've try to make a roll
It's more a basic plane. To fly between the trees, no problems.
but now to make rolls at 3 feet from the floor.
Vincent: It's that what you've done ? Steph: It's exactly what I've done !