Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Bagi, it's dangerous...
...their enemy's that thing...
...they'll be eaten for sure, right?
...they say the devil's possessed it...
Chico, hurry and hop on.
In my pocket!
That'll show ya!
You sure it's here?
That's right. This is where that monster shows up, sir.
Every day at 11:40, it comes here, right?
The water gradually fills up, becoming full at 11:40.
It shows up once every day to drink that.
It's now 10:10. So it's another hour and a half, eh?
Sir, what is Bagi's identity? Is it a demon?
That's right. No, it's not right.
An animal. No... It's also a human.
Bagi was born in Japan. Five years ago, I was a go-ganger.
That was the evening of my fifteenth birthday.
Hey, it's no fun cruisin' on this strip!
Yeah! Let's get off!
All right! We're gettin' off the next ramp!
Ryosuke... Don't jump ahead of yer senior!
Kids ride in the back!
I gotcha, boss!
Hey! Look!
It's a chick!
Hey, whatcha doin'?!
Wanna hang out?!
We'll give you a ride! Come down here!
Oh! She's runnin' away!
This'll be fun! Let's get her!
Hey, wait up! We gotta talk, girl!
Got a problem hangin' out with us?! Don't freak out, dang!
Do me, baby!
You sayin' you got a problem with me?!
Don't split on us, dang!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry, step on it!
L-Let go of me!
That hurts! Stop!
That was Bagi.
For some reason, Bagi spared me alone.
I found out why later.
Everyone in that gang got killed?
No, badly wounded.
Only I was left, and ran home.
I called it home, but it was only a place to sleep, see.
Being a delinquent, I didn't go to school, either.
My dad was a crime reporter, always on the move.
My mother, being a scientist, was always shut up in her lab.
Why can't you come home?
Today is Ryosuke's fifteenth birthday!
As you are, you're still his mother, right?
Just when— We can't celebrate his birthday!
Ryosuke! Where were you?!
Riding around with those guys again, weren't you?!
If you cause an accident and make the news,
as a crime reporter, where would your father stand?
I'd be a laughing stock!
You're fifteen now,
so can't you stop worrying your father?
Aren't you the one to worry about?
What was that— Oww!
...So, we also have responsibilities!
Mom comes home barely once every three months.
My job forces me to often spend days away from home.
Even so, that doesn't mean...
Without parents, a kid still grows.
You're still a student, understand?
Skipping school and goofing off...
You think you can become a decent adult?
Lay off, for cryin' out loud!
Once my job becomes a little easier,
let's have a nice, long talk about your future.
When will it end? One year? Three years? Ten years?
Well, take yer time.
Don't tease me! Your father!
Why? At least, to celebrate your birthday,
I came home from work early.
Really! I'm sorry I bothered you when you were so busy!
You can go back to the press.
To heck with this!
Over there. In front of that empty house,
I found that chick's coat.
Which means, that house is that chick's hideout.
Way ta go, boss!
All right! Let's go in!
Hey, Ryo! What's wrong? What're you 'fraid of?
Watch out, guys. It could jump at us any time.
Takeshi! Go 'round back.
No sign of her. Maybe ain't here.
Hey! Look! Are these dog's paw prints?
Dang big for a dog.
Maybe a bear's?
I get it now.
That chick... She used some kinda beast to scare us.
Takeshi! What's wrong?!
Bones! There are bones here!
What bones?!
I don't know, but they look like a bird's or dog's bones!
Don't freak out over it!
But, they look all bloody n' stuff!
Ya think a dog ate 'em?
Stop yer tremblin'! Anyway, we're gonna wait for 'em.
How 'bout if we call the cops?
Get real! This is our problem.
I don't care if it's a girl or a monster...
We pay 'em back by ourselves.
Hey... How long are we gonna wait?
What... Are you scared?
You sayin' you don't want to give some payback...
to some fool who gave us trouble, eh?!
But, if it doesn't come tonight?
In that case, we wait 'til tomorrow.
I don't know what, but... something touched my face!
I-I-I'm outta here!
I'm not lettin' anybody quit now!
Just sit there, you dang coward. Hey, Ryo!
Look around outside.
Me... By myself?
Dang it, of course! Obviously! It's the boss' order!
B-But, if it comes after me... I ain't that tough.
But you ain't as chicken as this pussy, eh?
Right? You're a tough guy! Go on.
He's the bait. In our chance when he's jumped...
It's here!
Help me!
I'm... Bagi.
Bagi, it said?
It said it was Bagi... No way!
Yes... It's me.
Ryo, it's been a while, no?
It's a lie!
Bagi's not a monster like you!
Ryo, look closely at my face.
It's been nine years since that time.
N-Nine years... Nine years?!
I don't know you! I swear I don't know you!
Smell my fur.
See? Don't you remember? My scent.
You used to always hold me.
I'm sure you remember my scent.
It's Bagi.
Yes! You understand after all!
I'm glad!
I owned Bagi when I was a little kid!
Yes, when I wasn't mature yet either.
Those days were fun!
Look, Ryo! A present!
I went to see your mom... And I found it near the lab.
What? It's a cat!
I like dogs better, Daddy.
Don't be picky!
Cats are fine because they need less care.
Hold her; she's cute.
This is a cat?
That's right.
It's pretty big! It has a different color, too.
Its eyes aren't like a cat's, either.
I think I'll call it Bagi.
Why Bagi?
This guy copied me! It's really smart!
It'll eat anything! See? It's eating natto!
The little—! It wants sauce on the fish!
Bagi's reading a picture book!
Ryo, that cat's no good anymore.
It's dying.
It won't die! I'll make it better!
Don't— take your sweater off and sleep.
No! You can't die! You're getting better!
My Bagi!
Stand. I said stand.
Okay. Here's a treat.
Bagi! Here you go!
Father! Father!
Bagi stood on her back feet! Hurry, come and look!
Stop joking around.
Bagi's dancing!
You wrote that? You did? Your name?
This isn't a cat!
Its expression is intelligent and its eyes are human!
And it's also huge!
Maybe it's a lion! Or a cat monster!
It'll bite someone someday!
Let's throw that cat away!
Bagi! Where'd you go?!
Bagi! Come on home!
She's gone?!
I thought I would cause trouble for you, so I left home.
Bagi was a lot cuter.
You're not Bagi!
I really am Bagi. Appearance changes after nine years, too.
I've... turned into an adult.
Oh man, are you a cat? Are you human?
I don't know, either.
But, I know one thing.
That you were my only friend!
I've come back. I'm so glad to see you!
Please, don't be frightened.
Do you have a girlfriend or something?
H-heck, I don't!
I'm a lone wolf! Why should you care?
I'm all alone, too. Not a lone wolf, but a lone cat.
I've looked for my kind everywhere, these nine years.
But there wasn't even one!
Why am I the only one of my kind?
I really want to know!
If you're really Bagi... Dad found you a long time ago.
Ryo... Do you know where I was found?
I really want to know.
My dad was gathering news at some university's research lab,
and probably found you nearby.
You know the place?
Sure I do.
It's the lab my mother works at.
Is it far?
You wanna go there?
I want to.
My kind... Maybe my family; I might see them there!
Ouch! Don't claw me!
Research lab?
You mean the SuperLife Center?
It's ten kilometers down the road.
I'm askin' you somethin' weird, but...
Ya know, is there any place with cats that can...
stand on two feet like humans, or write or something?
What the heck?
What I'm saying is, nine years ago,
I wanna know if you heard anything about
weird cats by chance or something.
Boy, I remember what happened nine years ago.
I moved here nine years ago, see.
I remember the incident that occurred very clearly.
Incident? What happened?
They escaped from the lab!
What did?!
Why, cats and dogs, and all kinds of other things...
There were days of commotion!
Why? Well, the people in the lab came out and
killed all the escaped cats and dogs and such!
Killed them?
Sure, it was awful!
They took guns and found and shot every one of them!
Why'd they kill them?!
Well, that was a rumor at the time,
but they said they weren't normal animals!
They were all MONSTERS according to the rumors!
Electric fence... Dang!
I can jump over that and carry you.
Hang on tight! Here I go!
Stop! It's dangerous!
Lasers! Infrared cameras are following us!
Stop! We'll be shot!
Look. Those lights are infrared beams.
They've set up a net of infrared lights.
Once you set it off, the lasers shoot you up.
No good. It won't even budge.
How about a window?
Get on my back.
Will you be all right?
I'll try it.
Hurry, to the window!
Dang... It's sealed, too!
Wow! This is hardened glass!
Now, inside!
What time is it?
So in about another hour, Bagi will come to drink this water.
There's no mistake?
No mistake! I've seen it many times.
But sir, can you really beat that monster?
All the villagers say so.
Bagi's a monster, so humans can never kill it.
Even if you say you're Bagi's friend...
If you fought with it, you'd soon be eaten!
Be quiet.
She's here.
No way, it's too early! Because—
Ah! You're right!
What is it? What's wrong? It fell!
It's not Bagi! She's a human—a woman!
Please help... Everyone's been killed!
The village... last night... attacked! By Bagi...
Where's the village?
West... Twenty kilometers.
Chico! To the village, hurry!
Bagi ate my dad.
I can handle killing.
But, still... That Bagi would attack women and children...
Well, it's a demon.
That's not true! Bagi's not a demon.
She's a poor... victim of science.
Now, inside!
W-What is this place?
J-Just what kind of experiment is this?!
They're alive!
A head just like Bagi's!
It's me!
Dang it, don't freak me out!
Most likely, they're lab animals for keeping heads alive.
It's cruel.
The head's a goat and... the body's a robot!
I think I read once in a sci-fi book...
That would be a cyborg.
Humans leave only the head, and replace the body with machine.
Looks like they're doing experiments on that, I guess.
Look, these mice.
Cyborg mice.
A bird cyborg.
Me, too... maybe...
You think you're also a cyborg, too?
Is this machine?
Then, just what am I?
Most likely... I was also born in this laboratory.
Well, that stuff we can find out if we ask my mother.
My mother's on the staff in this lab.
Let's find her.
Man...! This'll be a heck of a search.
Don't make those footsteps! The guards will hear you!
It's not me!
It's me!
Now we're fine!
Stupid, stupid! Dang it, be quiet!
Just wait for me there!
Now! Jump in!
This is a greenhouse.
Man, it's damp in here!
The plants are moving.
Eh? Yeah, right.
Really, they're rustling. I can feel it.
These are tropical plants. Cactuses and stuff.
Oh, yeah! Cactuses are different from other plants...
It's said they have supernatural powers or something.
I heard that once from my mother.
So they're growing them...
And maybe making new kinds.
Look! These are cool, they can grab stuff—
Let go, you—that hurts! Quit it! I'll stomp you flat—
Ryo! Above!
Oh, crap!
Hang on tight!
We did it!
Hold it!
Oops! Run for it!
Stop or we'll shoot!
Hold it!
Hey, stop right there!
Dang! They shot the brake! Where are the...
Ryo! I can see. C'mon!
Something whizzed by me!
Watch it! Don't shoot!
It's some mistake.
No, presently people were at the cactus grounds,
and two guards were given serious injuries.
But, all the entrances are closed.
The locker room's been broken into!
The whitesuits are stolen!
Whitesuits, you said?
Yes. Perhaps, it's possible they put them on
and are roaming the Center.
Whatever happens, don't let them reach the P-4 level.
Sir, do you think the creature
has something to do with the P-4 level?
There's no way that could happen.
The animals of the P-4 level are all checked.
W-Who are you?
What are you doing at the Center?
You the President here?
Eh? T-T-T-That's right.
We're here to see Professor Ishigami.
Professor Ishigami isn't here.
Not here? Liar! She's a researcher here!
The Professor left for South America yesterday.
South America? Where?!
She went to the Cucaracha Research Lab
in the Republic of Monica, by invitation.
Something wrong with that? Introduce yourself, already!
Professor Ishigami is my mother!
So you're the son...
And who might you be?
Stop it!
You're able to talk?
I wanted to meet my mother and ask her...
what happened at this research center nine years ago.
Let's have you explain, Mr. President.
Nine years ago?
That's right. Nine years.
That time Bagi here was picked up by my father nearby.
All right, I'll talk. Please let go of me.
Now talk, Mr. President.
This SuperLife Center is conducting
important research of national secrecy.
Stop the bullcrap!
I-It's a gene transfer experiment!
What is that?
Your mother, Professor Ishigami,
is a scholar of superior genetic engineering!
In other words, gene transfer is...
cross-arranging a life form's genes with other genes...
and making new life forms.
Nine years ago, a frightening incident occurred.
Professor! In the earthquake,
the quarantine doors to the P-4 level fell apart,
and a group of lab animals have escaped!
How many escaped?
Fifteen animals.
Kill them all. Don't leave even one alive!
Hunt them all down and kill every one of them!
If genetically engineered life escapes outside,
terrible things will happen!
Please deal with them immediately!
This makes fourteen animals!
What happened to the last one?!
Only the offspring of this
artificially inseminated American lion is left.
It was a fertilized egg with human genes inserted,
so if its intelligence evolves, it is a particularly dangerous one!
Search thoroughly! Find it without fail!
I'm a lab animal that should've been killed, aren't I?!
In this case... You were better off not knowing, right, Bagi?
Now, President, sir... I've come back now.
If you're to kill me, why not try now?!
I'm not going to die! I'll live through no matter what!
I have a right to live, too!
A living thing's body is made of small pieces called cells.
In the eyes, hair, tongue... Even the insides are groups of cells.
In the middle of a cell is a core called nucleus.
If one looks in the nucleus carefully,
things called chromosomes are bunched inside.
In any living thing
is a respective number of chromosomes.
And just what are they really?!
Let's look at one a million times larger.
What a nasty shape.
The middle of it is made into a double spiral.
And oh my—
in it are thousands of important things called genes.
These genes—passed from parent to kid,
and from kid to grandkid—
are copies of the body.
Because of these genes, kids are born just like their parents.
What genes are copies of what traits is still unknown.
What genes are copies of what traits is still unknown.
Normal Rice "Newtype rice (Rice ball)"
But, if we take out one gene...
and plant it in another living thing's chromosome...
A new life form with a new body will be born.
Recently, we mixed rice, pumpkin and some unknown genes,
and made rice ten times bigger than normal.
"Normal Rice" "Newtype rice (Rice ball)"
We plant human genes in animals, breed animals with human traits,
and are studying the purpose of those genes.
I've had enough!
That's enough explanations...
In short, I'm an animal mixed with human genes, right?
That's the case.
That's unforgivable.
She's right! Whatever's with this gene stuff,
stop this experiment!
Where did my mother go?!
She went to the Cucaracha Research Lab
in the Republic of Monica, by invitation.
Let's go see her.
I wonder about that.
I do understand how you feel, but as the president of this center...
I'll have to kill you.
Then we'll dissect you,
and after we study your innards and brain, we'll save your body.
That's my duty. It's the natural way to deal with a lab animal!
Stop! Don't shoot!
No use butting in, boy.
What is this?
Pick up the pen.
Write this down.
Republic of Monica, care of Cucaracha Research Lab,
Professor Yohko Ishigami.
I had hidden the remaining living animal escaped from nine years ago,
and am sending it to you now.
Your son, Ryosuke, will accompany it.
Please follow the Republican government's procedures.
SuperLife Center President.
Now, order your people! Prepare to send us to that country!
Bagi, you're...
I had no choice.
If I didn't, I would've been shot.
Was that hypnotism?
It's my power.
You're a scary thing, aren't you.
Ryo, don't be scared of me.
You see, cat-kind have all sorts of powers.
Are you going to hypnotize me, too?
Do you really think so?
You're my only friend in the whole world.
I'll tell your mother, who made me,
to stop her horrible research and cruel experiments.
If she doesn't listen...
If she doesn't, what will you do?
You don't mean to kill my mother with your super power, do you?
I won't.
You swear?
I swear.
She's my mother.
She left me to become a lab ogre, but she's my mom!
I'll decide what to do with her.
Of course, I won't ever allow that research.
I'll take her back home, and have her act like a mother.
Um, I'd like a peek in the cargo hold below...
We don't use this passage normally.
It's okay!
What a bother, indeed.
Why'd you let the kid inside? Without informing us!
Danged cactus!
Why, you!
Take that! And that!
Bagi... Hang in there!
R-Ryo... It's dangerous...
It's okay now. I stopped the cactuses.
Someone packed the lab's cactuses on purpose,
to make them attack you.
I was requested by the President to finish off the creature.
If you didn't come, the cacti were to have strangled it in that time.
Man, did you screw things up.
See you later, boy!
We're done for!
Don't give up!
Idiot! Look, it's a kilometer to the ground!
It's 800 meters!
600 meters!
Give me that cloth! Hurry!
It's 500 meters now!
Grab another two cacti! Hurry!
Grab my tail! Squeeze hard and hang on tight!
Where's the ground?
What's below us?
Lots of rocks!
If we hit those, we'll die!
There's a valley ahead!
We're jumping! Hang on!
Ryo! You're awake!
I'm glad!
What was that?
The wound hasn't closed yet! You shouldn't move for a while.
If I lick it, it will get better.
Cut it out. How long will you lick it?
Another three days.
Three whole days?
This is the fourth day.
I've kept licking it while you were unconscious.
The whole time?
At first it was incredible—the blood.
I wonder where we are. Maybe the Republic of Monica.
No, but we seem to be close to it.
In that case—let's go, right now.
We can't.
The Republic has armed guards—you'd soon be shot.
Then what do we do?!
You're saying we hide in this jungle forever?
Hey, c-cut it out!
I'll get something to eat. Wait there, okay?
B-Ba-Ba-B-Ba-Ba-Bagi-Bagi— Bagi!
You fish thief!
Eat up. You'll recover your strength.
I've become a snake!
If you can joke, you're fine now, I guess.
Yeah, with us as a pair, we can make it somehow.
We go to the lab, persuade my mother and take her back to Japan.
Like when I was little, we'll start over happy, as a family.
I have a feeling it'll work.
What'll happen to me?
Leave me behind? In this country?
Of course not! You'll live with us! Like back then.
You'll care for me, like a pet?
No way! As family!
I'm glad!
But there's a condition. Trim your claws, OK?
Last time you clung to me, you clawed me, remember?
I'll do anything! I'll trim my whiskers if you want!
I'll show you something!
I made it with feathers while you slept.
Does it look good on me?

Y-Yeah, it does. You look like a fashion model.
Thanks! I'll dance for you, OK?
Ah! That's the aerobics you learned from TV back then, right?
Yes! I'm dancing for you, Ryo!
Whoa, squall!
Hey, you're soaked!
I don't care! I want to dance!
Hey, cut it out! That's my shirt!
I'm washing it!
It'll tear, for heaven's sake!
This method also works.
Wait a sec—I hear something.
It's a car, I think.
Aw, heck.
It worked.
Bagi's hypnosis, eh?
Don't hate me, she said, but...
She scares me a lot now and then!
You in the truck, stop!
Stop right there!
Get out.
Everyone, out.
Over there, now.
It seems there are rebel guerrillas hiding around here.
We have reason to believe you are a part of those rebels.
So, we'll investigate. Show me proof you're with the circus!
This American lion performs tricks.
Bagi, help.
Tricks, you say? Fine, let's see it.
Do it this way!
A flaming coil.
Pass through it, and I'll let you go.
What? That's impossible, come on!
There are thirty meters of it!
Jump in, and she'll be crispy critters!
She's doing it!
If she doesn't, I'll have you executed as guerrillas!
Bagi, you'll die.
I'll try it.
She did it! She made it!
What are you doing?!
It really is you.
You're awake, I'm glad!
So this is the Cucaracha Research Lab?
That's right.
Dang, we made it. Our goal at last!
It's like a dream. You were shipped here,
and when I heard that "Ishigami" was written on your shirt,
I jumped with surprise.
Mom, where's Bagi— Ow!
You mustn't move yet. Lie down.
Where did Bagi go? Where is she?
Bagi? Oh, the lab animal, right?
Thank you for delivering it. We'll soon kill it as a specimen.
What did you say?!
Ahg, ow...
How could you do that?! She's my friend!
Try killing her! I'll get you!
It's a research life form born from biotechnology.
Its escape was my mistake.
We must dispose of it.
If something happens to Bagi,
even if you're my mother, I won't stand for it!
Why—how rude of you! You've changed, haven't you.
Whose fault is that?!
Okay, Mom...
Stop this stupid research right now, and return to Japan!
And like before, let's live together! Dad will be glad, too!
That's impossible. I was called by this country's government to work here.
Besides, our current research will be an important breakthrough
in helping those in need. I'm not able to leave.
Shut up!
Can't you think of anything else besides research?!
We shall follow the procedure.
Once you're healed, go back to Japan and study hard.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
Reveal your cats to me, and all.
Have you woken from the tranquilizer dart, Bagi?
To make sure you don't exert yourself, we've glued you down.
Nor will your gaze reach here through the TV screen.
You can never escape. You'd better give up.
In one hour, you'll be dissected,
and will be stored in this laboratory
as a precious sample of genetic engineering.
I'll have your heart frozen and take it back to Japan with me.
If you can still speak, do so. If you have any last words.
You are already turning back into an ordinary animal.
Your talking ability and intelligence will fade away.
Don't... do this... research...
any... more.
My! Who do you think you're saying that to!
Fool! I am a creator!
I bring new life forms into this world!
You are merely a test of it!
So, begone!
Stop my research, it said?! How dare it!
Your Excellency, we are honored to have you come
all this way to visit this Cucaracha Research Lab.
Professor Ishigami, arrived from Japan with a noble cause, I see.
The new kinds of large servings you developed...
to the starving people of our country...
shall be a great salvation!
This way, please.
These are the new servings we just gathered.
This is rice?
Seems almost like bread.
We still haven't tested them yet.
Just in case, please allow us to feed them to animals before you try them.
You mean they're not safe?
Excellency, everything made by gene transfer is a new species.
Therefore, we must find out exactly what it is.
But, I heard in Japan it was safe.
Yes... But since then,
we have improved the gene arrangement a little.
The government has been fighting rebel guerrillas for ten years now.
If we feed these servings to the starving public,
our reputation will improve!
Emergency! The animals that ate the rice—
What's the meaning of this?
What happened?
The rice we just made contained a very strong poison.
A poison?! No... There's no way...
All right, back to your room, kid.
I'm Semmen Bond. Your babysitter.
Just sit still for an hour,
and you won't be shot up like that.
Why an hour?
One hour's when this critter Bagi's dealt with.
Sit tight 'til then.
Bagi... is going to be killed, in an hour?!
Now, back in your room, kid.
Don't throw a fit.
I'm saving Bagi no matter what!
Stop me if you can! Shoot if you want!
I'll save Bagi even if I'm dead!
Don't show off.
Put away that speech.
Say, kid, wanna test your luck?
Bet on this coin.
Win and I'll let you go.
Lose and, it's a pity, but I'll shoot you.
Heads or tails.
It's heads. Kid, you lucked out.
Go on, it's a promise.
Hey, that's the toilet!
You're helpless. This way.
Follow me.
Below here.
Professor Ishigami, it's nothing to mourn about!
Everyone makes mistakes.
In trying to make God's blessing, I've made food for the devil!
I can't continue... this research anymore.
I'll have this horrible food disposed of.
No, no, you don't need to throw them away.
Indeed, it's useful as it is.
Excellency, it is rice that contains a strong poison.
Anyone who eats it will die.
Anyone will die? Precisely.
If we feed this rice to the guerrilla rebels who oppose our government...
They'll be wiped out where they stand!
What on Earth?
That's not all!
We feed it to the writers who voice discontent with the government and clean them out!
There's still more!
Let's feed it to the scum in neighboring countries that support the guerrillas!
I'll sweep them all away! Let's wipe them out!
Oooh, what a good idea!
Our nation is secured... We can be of a world power!
Your Excellency intends to use it to kill...?
Yes, it's a weapon!
It'll be a splendid weapon!
Now, Professor Ishigami, please start mass-producing this rice at once!
I must refuse to that.
I have researched to create new foods
to help those suffering with hunger.
I cannot create poisonous life for murder!
You mean to oppose me? You mean to defy my orders?
Oh— This is the first time I ever heard such a reply!
To defy me is unforgivable!
Make the rice like I told you to!
I am a scientist. I cannot assist in murder.
I'm returning to Japan.
Returning, you say!
I suggest you try setting foot outside this lab.
Those attack dogs will tear your body to pieces!
Bagi, it's me!
I'll save you now.
Hang on... Dang it...
You're glued down! The bastards...
Dang it... It's no good. If I pull you off, your fur will tear.
Mr. Bond, tell me how to free her.
Stop acting spoiled. Give it up and go to your room.
Please! I'm a good boy, so tell me!
It's no trouble for you!
You're not going to tell me?! Then let's fight! C'mon!
Don't piss me off for real.
Fine, let's bet with this.
Win and I'll tell you. Lose and go to your room. Which is it?
What a pain. You won.
Hey, this is the glue. This is the glue remover.
Bagi, we have no time.
R-R-Ryo... thank you.
O-Okay, okay. Bagi, stand up.
W-What's wrong?
R-Ryo... I c-can't stand, so...
Can't talk w...
Okay, you don't need to stand. We'll still run away.
That's not happening.
Who told you to run away? Playtime's over now.
Go to your room.
You've gotta be kidding!
Only an idiot would come this far and not run away!
I just humored you. Was it fun for you, kid?
Dang... You were making fun of us?!
You're a sucker to catch on now.
You be careful I don't use this. Go to your room.
You bastard, now you've done it!
Way to go, Bagi! Let's go!
I'll find us some wheels! You look for my mother!
What is this place?
An elevator!
Ryo. Ryo!
What? Crap! It's going up!
What is that?
Stop it.
What is this thing?
Maybe it's Kikuchiyo.
Hey! This is that... That...
My mother—I mean, Professor Ishigami is on what floor?
What have I been doing all this time?
I believed I could make anything with the power of science.
But in the end, I made something this horrible.
I can't go back from here...
Professor Ishigami, it's the President's order.
We're taking the rice ball.
We'll take things over from here.
Please hand that over.
You're not getting it. Tell that to the President.
If you defy his orders, you'll regret it.
Leave this place!
It's here.
Bring out my mother, no matter what.
I'm telling you just in case, but...
Don't bite my mother, or claw her.
Let's meet at the main entrance.
W-What is it?
Ryo... please.
Just once... please stroke... my throat.
Eh? Like this?
Yes... Wonderful...
I'll be killed soon.
But before that, I must take this plastic-hardened
poisonous rice away from here.

If this rice is ever cultivated, it'll be too late.
There's no knowing how many billions will die.
They're here. The attack dogs, no doubt.
The garage.
It's gasoline!
It'll explode!
I'm in luck! There are bikes here. Two of them, even!
Planning to escape?
Prepare yourself, boy!
Now, fight!
I'll make you this blade's rust.
Running away?! You coward!
Cool it, you war freak!
Hold it!
I did it!
That's Bagi!
Bagi, over here! I'm over here!
Mom... Mom!
You've been bitten to shreds.
Bagi is...
Mom! Mom!
Don't die!
Did Bagi bite you?
Dang it... When she promised that much!
Shoot... Heck if I'll die!
Bagi, you bastard...
You bit Mom to death and ran off, didn't you?!
You really pulled a big one.
Kid... You show some promise.
Did you come after me?
Heck, no. I got fired.
Because I let you get away.
That's not my fault.
I already know that.
My, aren't we pissed off?
Bagi got my mother.
That dang cat... She hated my mother.
She bit her to death and ran off.
My, my. It's like being bitten by your pet dog.
Bagi's not a pet dog! She's my friend.
I trusted her, but she...
The dead ain't comin' back.
But anyway, what will you do?
I'll find Bagi and kill her.
I'll get her back for betraying me!
You're getting revenge?
Yeah. I'll beat her dead!
Can you do it, kid?
Bond, I'm asking you. Teach me how to use a gun.
Teach you how to use a gun?
Yeah... If I'm as good as you, I can kill Bagi, can't I?
For how much?
I don't have any money.
No chance in heck.
Please, I'm begging you!
Until I get Bagi, I'm not returning to Japan!
I don't mind a girl cryin' on my arm, but you...
What the heck... Lose, and give it up.
Heads or tails.
Aw, heck, I'm dang unlucky.
Come here.
We eat first. Don't worry, I'll pay.
Five years later
Pardon me.
Mind if I sit there?
There are other places to sit, aren't there?
I want to sit in front of you.
It's hot and stuffy. No thanks.
We are the government—
Ishigami, Ryo... We are from the government public safety department.
Have you come to arrest me?
Well, indeed, you have ruined a large laboratory of ours...
Doing great damage.
But, it's been five years since then. Situations have changed.
We have come to ask a favor from you.
We know you are a free-willed gunman.
We want you to take care of a certain creature.
That creature's name is—
That creature's name is Bagi.
It's this kinda critter.
It's a dangerous monster.
Lately... It's been attacking villages here and there,
and has bitten dozens of people to death.
Up to now, many hunters have gone after Bagi,
but all wound up half dead.
You're the only one who can beat that monster.
If you kill Bagi, we'll pay you ten thousand dollars.
How is it?
Furthermore, for you to be able to return to Japan...
we'll include a passport, visa, and all the other documents!
Or what would you say? Since Bagi was once your pet,
are you going to say you can't kill it?
Shut up!
Well, looks like the deal's off. Adios, señor.
Hold it. Do you know where this Bagi is?
There's a kid who knows. But...
To find out from him, we need to borrow your skill.
No way in heck!
I know where Bagi is. But I'm not telling anyone!
That's a problem, Chico.
No way, no way! I'm never telling!
Bagi killed my dad.
So I'm going to get Bagi.
Go home, now!
What are your conditions?
How about splitting the reward?
Just watch!
Wow! What a skill!
If you take me on and win, I'll show you where Bagi is.
Are you going to, sir?
If my rock hits, it'll crush your nose.
Yah, bravo, bravo!
I lost, sir. It's a promise.
I'll show you the way.
You'll be useful. Prepare me a motorcycle, and a rifle.
My dad was walking down the street when Bagi bit him to death.
I should've thrown a rock and killed it.
What a sight. The village's wiped out.
It's horrible. Too horrible!
Bagi's a demon, after all.
Hold it.
Something's wrong. These prints don't seem to be of one creature.
It seems there are two or three, at least.
No way, there couldn't be two or three Bagis.
Even little babies are bitten to death.
Poor things.
Chico, careful!
You all right? Your wound?
This isn't Bagi.
This is... a normal American lion.
Besides, there were four of them.
The ones attacking the villages weren't Bagi.
Ah! This is...!
This is... This is the string of dad's bolas!
I learned it from my dad.
My dad fought this one and got bitten to death!
It's my dad's!
This is, maybe... It may be a big mistake.
The monster attacking people and villages, and Bagi...
are different!
Those are military helicopters.
They're chasing us.
No... I'd say they're following us.
Why? Why would they follow us?
I'm finally figuring out what's going on.
A dirty trick, you bastards.
Señor Ryo Ishigami, thank you for your help.
Your job is over. Could you let us take over from here?
You bastards...
You suckered me into thinking I'd fight the monster and used me as a guide,
so you could hunt it down with your army.
We'll pay you the reward, as promised.
You've no problems then, right?
We'll finish off Bagi on our own. Get out of here.
This was arranged from the beginning, wasn't it?
Exactly. That kid wouldn't show us where Bagi was.
So we used you and had the kid show you.
And so it happens we followed you.
Bagi didn't turn out to be a man-eater!
If that critter eats people or not, I have nothing to do with it.
Then what's with this overblown chase?
Bagi ran off with a rice ball that's a deadly poisonous weapon.
I have to retrieve the rice ball and report to the President.
Now, my soldier friends, go and attack.
All right! Draw out the creature!
What's wrong? Is it gone?
Hey, what's wrong? C'mon and answer me!
Is it there or not?!
The traitors!
A-An attack!
You dared to kill my mother.
I've been waiting for this day.
We'll settle this.
C'mon! C'mon and fight, Bagi!
If you won't, I'll make you come!
Sir! Something's shining on Bagi's chest! She's wearing something!
Look out!
Where are you hiding?
Coward! Come on out!
Dang it...
The bike! The bike! She's aiming for it!
Finally, the last blow?
The Indians encircle the cavalry and tighten the ring,
and attack at once.
It means you can kill me in any way you want now.
It's my end. But you're dying with me, Bagi!
Sir... You did it! You did it, didn't you!
I thought you were done for!
I thought so too, but Bagi hesitated...
...from killing me.
This is it. This was shining really bright.
Let me see. This is...
the pendant my mother wore.
My mother's last words.
I am having Bagi escape with a rice ball.
I have instructed her to bury the rice ball in a mountain, hiding it.
Most of her intelligence has vanished,
but she must have understood my request.
Should he know I betrayed him,
the President no doubt will have me killed by attack dogs.
Bagi will return to the wild.
Probably, she will end her life in the mountains.
Life forms like Bagi and the rice ball should not be made by humans.
I have been a bad scientist, and a bad mother.
Ryosuke, I'm sorry. Take care... Bagi too.
How horrible...
Bagi didn't kill my mother.
My mother let her go.
Why didn't you say so? Why did you keep it to yourself, Bagi?!
If you had said anything, I would've taken you back to Japan.
You'd have become family and we'd have lived together like I promised.
Bagi... Please come back!
Let's go to Japan together!
Please don't die, Bagi!
Sir! We're in trouble!
Bagi we brought here, and left out back,
disappeared this morning!
I'm sure we left her here, and covered her up, right?
See, she's gone.
Somebody took away the body.
Say... What are those?
Paw prints!
They're Bagi's paw prints!
No way! I mean, Bagi died for sure.
So, she came back!
The prints disappear past that thicket.
Bagi was alive... and she went to the mountains.
That's it. That's what happened, Chico!
I wonder why she went back.
That doesn't matter. Bagi, live through it.
Bagi, live all you can. I'm praying for it!
She won't show up in front of humans again, probably.
It's better that way.
Translation: Owen Henderson, Machiko Yanagawa
Trans. Materials: Noel Tominack & Machiko Yanagawa