Ditching - Ep: 10

Uploaded by TheLydiaBennet on 19.10.2012

Lydia: Hey, everybody's favorite nerd! Sorry, Lizzie, still love you.
Mary: Hey, what are you doing here?
Lydia: Aren't you happy to see me?
Mary: Don't you have class right now?
Lydia: I always have class.
Mary: Lydia...
Lydia: I was thinking we could go to an amusement park, it's such a nice day out!
Ooh - or the mall, I haven't done that in forever. Or maybe just lunch - are you hungry? I'm kind of hungry!
Mary: Ok, first of all, breathe...
Second of all, what's the point of us doing all this studying if you're just gonna ditch?
Lydia: Well, too late now, am I right? Let's hang out, it'll be fun!
Mary: You're recording this so I'd look like a tool if I didn't hang out with you, huh?
There have to be ethical concerns about this.
Ughhh yeah, ok, fine
Lydia: Yay!
Mary: But I have veto-power on roller-coasters
Lydia: Deal.
Mary: and you're promising never to do this again.
Lydia: Fine. Yay, cousin hangout time! We're gonna have so much fun!
Mary: I'm gonna go call Eddie and tell him I'm not gonna be around today, ok?
Lydia: It's not that I'm blowing off school again, I'm actually totally doing all my homework, it's just -
going to class all the time is just overrated, everybody knows that.
Mary: And I get to choose the music!
[End music] Da-na-na-na na na, na-na-na-na na na, yeah!