How to Light a Film Scene - Cinematography & Filmmaking Tutorial 4

Uploaded by polcan99 on 03.11.2009

Hi. Welcome to Tutorial #4
This is actually a quick continuation of the previous tutorial.
Just want to show you more examples from the same film that I worked on.
How I did lighting using only two lights.
It’s mainly about how I designed the shot...
about how I placed the camera in the right place...
how I placed the actors in the right place.
So, here you can see one of the PAs marking the floor. It’s for the actor to know
what marks he has to hit. And also for the focus puller...
since the actor has to walk towards the camera, the focus will change drastically.
This is how it looks with the normal lighting in that location.
It’s very flat, washed-out.
So, I turned off all the lights except the stove light there
and I added, just to the right side of the camera, a big soft box.
The same soft box I used in Tutorial #3.
So, I put that 500W soft box and pointed it at the actor.
Then, I added another 65W fluorescent light just behind the actor.
It’s just off screen, to the left side of the camera.
And that’s pretty much it. Just two lights and here is how it works.
And for the reverse, when we see the girl welcoming him,
I did the same thing. What I did do, though... I faked it around...
and that’s something I do very often...
because you don’t really get a sense of where she was exactly...
basically, I didn’t like that she was against those ugly-looking curtains there,
and I also wanted to show a bit more of the kitchen cabinets...
So, I had the actress and the actor... and the camera... and everybody else
move a lot more into the kitchen...
so, if you think about it, now we are in a completely different spot
than in the previous angle
but of course you don’t get to see it, especially since the shots here
as so close, so tight on the actors, it doesn’t really matter.
I also added these little LED lights.
I taped them underneath the kitchen cabinets up here.
They are these $6 lights that you can buy at WalMart.
They run off two AA batteries.
And they’re great, because they’re so light you can tape them anywhere.
This just adds something interesting to the scene.
Otherwise, it feels kind of flat.
Then, you see me turn on that big 500W soft box.
I adjust the exposure here on the camera, bring it all down a little bit.
And then you see me turn on that 65W fluorescent light as a hair light.
And that’s it. Here’s the final thing.
I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the next tutorial.