Houston skills event - behind the scenes

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 22.07.2012


It is a busy day, it starts off early in
the morning, Saturday morning, we started at 7am.
Morning guys, about another 10 minutes we are all set to go?
Excellent, thanks.
And just walking around introducing ourselves to the exhibitors.
We are seeing if they have any questions about the schedule for the day.
Getting all of our gear set up and ready so we present the best image possible.
It's a lot of work bringing it together, it's a challenge but it is extremely rewarding.
We got to meet wonderful people from all over the US that traveled a long way to hear
about how they can come to Australia.
At this event we have 23 exhibitors with over 650 jobs ready to be filled.
If people came to the event with the right skills there was a good chance that they would
find an opportunity for work in Australia.
Well the reason we run events like this is in order to be able to give the employers the
opportunity to meet with prospective immigrants and people who are interested in working
in Australia directly.
So they have a chance to talk to them one on one , they get a chance to talk about their
experience, talk about their backgrounds, and look at their CVs and really work out if
those people are the ones that they need for their companies in Australia.
We've run similar sorts of promotional events all over the world.
The UK has predominately been the place we have targeted over the years but in recent
times we've expanded our outlook.
We are looking for skilled workers from wherever we can find them.
We are looking at Greece, we are looking at the Middle-East, we're looking in Northern
Europe, it was high time that we had a look at the United States.
Excellent, and it went well yesterday?
Terrific day, yep.
The feedback from the exhibitors has been fantastic, they've enjoyed the event, they've
liked seeing the whole breadth of experience of the people that have been coming through.
They have been happy with how the sessions have been run, which is very important for us,
and how people flowed through and they got to speak to people that had the skills that
they were looking for.
So for us, I think in the US, this is the first time we have had the opportunity to be
able to participate in something like that and I think we're pleased with the success
rate that we've got so for the staff they've been really excited about the possibilities
and the chance to talk to people one on one about their possible future in Australia.