Socializing a Puppy 3: Meeting People | Teacher's Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Uploaded by eHowPets on 02.08.2012

Allowing your puppy to greet lots of different kinds of people allows your puppy to be confident
and adapt to meeting people into adulthood. It also shows that when they meet people good
things happen to them, building up a positive association. Introduce your puppy to people
of all different races, ages and the different sexes. Puppies and dogs can get freaked out
by the simplest things that we people take for granted, such as people in hats, people
with beards, wearing sunglasses, back packs on their backs, carrying umbrellas -- all
kinds of things. So, during the socialization process, have people wear different kinds
of clothing, so the puppy adapts well to them. If you don't socialize your puppy with people
or other dogs or even other animals before 16 weeks of age, they can build up a fear.
So you really need to expose them in a pleasurable way, so as not to overwhelm them, but to give
them good experiences, as much as you can before that socialization window is cut off.
Because if your puppy has experience, a good experience, meeting these kind of people that
means they'll be able to adapt very well as they grow into adults. And that's how you
socialize your puppy, positively. I'm Victoria Stilwell for eHow Pets.