Gardening Tips : Potting Soil Recipe

Uploaded by eHow on 24.11.2008

I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to build your own, or how to make your own potting
soil. What we will do is, we will start with some good, old-fashioned, right out of the
ground, plain old ordinary top soil. We're going to mix some nice compost, in this case
dairy cattle, it can be beef cattle, it can be turkey, it can be poultry, it can be different
composts, but a good compost, and we're going to mix some decomposed granite. What we will
do is, take the soil first, then we're going to add the compost. And then we'll add some
decomposed granite. Obviously you want to mix 'em up. And blend them together.
And now you have a pretty good potting soil. You use the decomposed granite to help keep
the soil particles separated so it will not pack up on you and tighten up. You need to
keep it loose. That is what the decomposed granite is for. More so that than anything.
There's not much, if any, nutrient value that comes from decomposed granite. The nutrient
values are going to be coming from your compost, and then your soil qualities come from your
topsoil. So when you mix the three of 'em together, you have a pretty good soil that
you can use for your container plants.