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Jeju Island?
There are many children's theme parks in Jeju Island
So let's do some research there.
And Jeon Jin-ho sshi,
He will be participating in our MS Group's seminar.
So help me out here.
The dinner previously.
Your acting skills was bad to say the least.
It was a very awkward situation.
So be more natural this time.
Am i asking too much from one-way love teacher.?
But you see,.President,
Jin-ho sshi..he..
Time to head to the airport.
Im headed to Japan first.
I'll catch up with you in JEju.
See you there.
Yes, Goodbye.
What should I do?
That's not it.
It cannot be.
Hmm.but if you think of it this way.
Of course!!!
If you were to be Prof. Park's Son in Law..
The TAM project,
Will obviously be your's.
It is a given, isn't it?
He will tell you SAng-Go-Jae's secret too.
You!! I'm impressed with you.
Of course.
Compared of Director Choi, Prof. Park is ahead of him.
Don't put words in my mouth.
Of course.
I know this isn't the reason for you.
But I feel mighty relieved.
If you continue being like this,
I'll give up the TAm project.
All right!! I'll shut the mouth..
You, really.'
Get out..
Shut your mouth Arghh. He's driving me crazy.
The President is here.
Hey, you rascal.
You don't want to live anymore?
You deserve death.!
Hey you crazy guy.
You drank, and didn't go to work.
This is a critical period now.
And yet you still have time to sleep.?
I'm getting on in years.
But I'm still working like poop.
But you.
You don't even care about the company anymore.
You rascal, If you continue like this..Don't bother anymore.
Head back to China immediately.
I don't want to see you.
I'll go..
Wha.Wha.What did you say?
This punk.
I don't have the confidence to stay here any longer.
I'll be headed.
to China.
Both of you have come clear with your feelings.
You were brave.
If you were thinking like this.
Thank You.
What is so good about KAe-in?
Director Choi will be very disappointed if you continue like this.
Is Kae-in so self sacrificial?
I'll be off to meet Director Choi.
Jin-ho sshi.. its because of you.
You are planning on coming clean with Director Choi.
But he is abroad in Japan.
I'll meet him another day then.
This is a seminar invitation card in Jeju island.
Judges from the TAM project will also be there.
Director Choi hopes that,
You will participate in the seminar too.
Jeju Island.
Director Choi is very fond of the Place.
But because of you..
It will turn to a very hurtful place.
Why is it Kae-in?
As your companion.
I am better choice isn't it.??
Consoling the disappointed Director Choi,
Affecting the results of the TAM project.
I am better than her in those areas.
I am not looking for a business partner,
I'm looking for a partner for life
And you think Kae-in has the right to be that person?
Why are you wasting your lifeblood away?
You saw us together yesterday,
And yet you are saying this nonsense.
Aren't you wasting your time?
It might be me hating to loose,
Isn't it?
You really have a loose way of living your life.
Looks good.
If you have the time.
Let's go on a date.
Umm. although I'm real busy..
Since you begged that way..
When have I ever begged?
I'm finishing up..Wait a few!
Ahh.. while we are on a date..
Let's continue where we left off last night about Eun-Soo..
I suddenly remembered I have some unfinished business..
hehehe...I must use this method frequently..!!
"pricking " you is pretty fun!
I have to go.!
Go where!!?
Yes, Janh-Mi sshi..(mother)
Don't worry.
My mother won't be a hateful person.
But I'm so nervous..
If your mother doesn't approve of us.
What do we do?
Actually I know my looks are not to be taken seriously..
And I'm a bit dumb too..
You know it too..
My mother..
If I like someone, she will like her too..
Is that so.??
She will treat you like her own daughter.
So don't worry.
Did you wait for me too long?
No, Not at all.
PArk Kae-in sshi isn't it?
I was too messy the other day..
We never had a good discussion too.
No, I apologize.
I should be the one visiting you instead.
I have trust in Jin-ho.
I am sure he has picked a perfect woman.
I am lacking alot..
Didn't I say it would be alright?
She is so honest!
Looks like my Jin-ho is really head over hills with you..
This is the first time I've seen him speak up for someone in front of me.
If I don't help her say anything,
She won't
Im not petty like that.
Although Im not petty.
There is still something..
The project that both of you are involved in together..
Although there's no choice but to work together..
That's the project we are involved in now..
I'm incharge of the planning,
Kae-in sshi you must help me out!
That's why we need to pool our opinions together..Under the same roof.
I see,..
As I said since because of that, you stay together I tried to be considerate as much as I could.
You must promise..
One thing,..
No pregnancy before marriage, if that doesn't happen it would be good!!
Ah, mother..
You gave me a fright!
Pack your Bags and move out immediately!
Why must you lie to your mother to stay here?
Pregnancy before marriage.
Why do I have to consider myself being in this situation?
There is no need to..
I wont lay my hands on you anywhere...
Don't exaggerate things will you?
Jin ho sshi, what use do you have then?
Your mother will be very worried..
Then I'll really be going!!
Sigh.. This woman..
So cold towards me..
Really, Shall I go.??
Let me help you.
That's fine.
You are packing real slow!
My character is being slow!
Don't want to go is that it?
Why wouldn't I want to leave?
I'm happy I don't ave to clean up for you in the future.
Then, let's date only once a week shall we?
I'm real busy designing the furniture for bthe Children's Playroom.
Don't know if even have the time to date once a week..
Ahh.. really?
That's great!
I'll be busy planning for the TAM project too.
In that case,
We might as well meet up once a month..
Ah. yeah, sure. I like it.
Finish packing up and leave then.
I still have some work to do.
Argh.. Not supposed to be like this.