Club Med Children's Clubs

Uploaded by ClubMedNorthAmerica on 12.01.2012

You didn't put enough water.
Now it's arts and crafts time. Everyday we try to do different activities
After, we're going to the pool!
For him, it's great because he does a lot of things he won't do the rest of the year.
He does the trapeze, he plays golf, he plays tennis.
We see that the kids are always busy and that let's us parents relax.
It's great for the kids. They do plenty of activities and
it allows us to be peaceful and rest.
So now we are with the 6-10 year old group.
This morning they can do either archery or tennis. It's up to them.
After, we'll go to the flying trapeze.
I love the circus!
It's really cool because we don't always have to be with our parents.
We have freedom, so it's cool.
Thank you.
We do plenty of activities with kids.
We bake cakes and are rehearsing a little show with them.
We are all professionals. I'm a pediatric nurse.
We have people who are childcare specialists on the team, too.
For me, it's important that the G.O.'s are well trained and that
there are pediatric nurses here.
And I've never been disappointed. I always trust them.
Every time we are at Club Med, the kids enjoy the Petit Club and Mini Club.
Parents come and say, "this is great, we'll be back".
I still hear from parents we've met before. They send postcards, emails.
I see children growing up through pictures.
And the greatest gift you can have working here is when you meet a child in the resort.
and they jump into your arms.
I think it's great.
I love it here.