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Hey Steamed Bread!!
What's wrong?
My father...
What's wrong with your father?
My father
He is all better now!
He recognizes us and all our friends!
For sure?
That's really good!
Now you must feel much better!!
I really wanna to do great in this competition.
I will try my best!!
This might be the first competition he will remember,
I really want to win!
Let's both do our best!!
Your father...
He will still remember me as the old mop head, right?
That's not fair...
I did a lot of good things when he was sick.
You didn't do THAT much.
I didn't do much?
What are you doing?
How can you...
What... What are you doing?
How can you say that to me??
Urgg, you steamed bread!!
I heard that
iIt hasn't been much since you have come back from abroad.
Don't you have to say something back if I said something??
What is that you want to say?
In this dark side golf fraud field, history wise and network wise
I think I will be much more experienced than you.
But then why are you underestimating my resources?
I'm not
In that case, let's open our minds
and let's take a look at this data.
These people are from small and middle, but it's just SMALL and MIDDLE in words,
their companies are bigger than you think.
The cash they have in their possession,
it's incredible.
Do you understand me?
You seem to be quite smart.
I will take care of this list myself
Why don't you do that in the next competition.
From now on
this game
is really important.
We want to play with only
small number of exclusive members.
That's what he means.
But, I mean,
do we advertise this kind of games to the world? No!
Than isn't that (that only exclusive members will be participating) obvious?
Those people
How much can they bet?
I wouldn't recommend these people if they had such a small wallet.
For them, 100 billion won isn't even money!
In case of this game...
We have no ceilings to the amount of money you can bet
but there is the least about that you should bet.
I don't think he was very well informed.
You two are both going too fast.
This was a place to just to get to know each other.
Stop discussing business as if this is the last day.
Let's have a drink.
Did you lose money?
Something's strange.
What is it?
It's none of your business.
If you can't solve it with your IQ why don't you ask for some help??
You are no smarter than I am.
Then let's add up our thoughts!
It will just make more mess.
Hey, that Min Hae Ryung
didn't she go under J Park?
J Park is not some kind of a mafia that you can go UNDER.
She just changed her sponsor.
J Park, Min Hae Ryung, Mr. Kim.
I just can't finish the puzzle yet...
You also think it's weird, right?
Why would J Park take Min Hae Ryung with him?
What's so weird about that?
Taking care of new stars, that's what agencies do.
Min Hae Ryung is a...
is Min Hae Ryung also participating for the Chung Woon Bank Opening?
Yes, the article is up already.
J...J Park
Where are you going?
You pay for me, okay?
Is Jessica getting ready for the game?
She is going out for round every day.
Except for those times, she is staying in her hotel room.
How is your condition?
She seems to be great.
Did you make the borrowed name bank account?
We have made a new company in the name of Park Yong Shik.
All the cash will be moving
in the name of Park Yong Shik who will be known as the president of the company.
If something happens
cut him off immediately.
It has finally started.
Tell me honestly.
What do you mean?
This game,
It's not just a simple game is it?
I told you before already!
That's why I have especially asked you to participate.
What I want to know is
Who is it that started this game?
All we need to do is just do what we have to do
It's J Park, isn't it?
I'm Park Yong Shik, Mr. Kim! You hidding it won't stop me from finding it out.
We need to do well in this one
in order to have another game.
Now I feel like eating.
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Should I be surprised or
be mad or, feel uncomfortable?
I was just saying that you might get bothered.
You worried that I might cry if I see Sung Mi Soo and John Lee?
It's a good choice that they have made
to make the Chung Woon Bank Open as her pro debute.
It has nothing to do with me, so don't worry.
Hae Ryung,
I'll tell you once more...
I wish you wouldn't participate in this game.
You didn't have enough time to rest.
Physically or mentally.
Tthere is no reason for you to over work yourself.
You want to know how I really feel?
I did think about taking a break,
but now since I know that they are coming as well
I feel like I really HAVE to participate in this one.
Hae Ryung,
be cautious about which competition you participate in.
This life didn't start out cautiously.
Isn't that right?
Go to the States with me.
This is not the right time.
And you know that as well.
Sung Mi Soo,
Why are you letting her be by your side?
Min Hae Ryung and Sung Mi Soo,
they are both good players to me.
Not good,
I also want to learn the Master's great swing! When will I be able to go back?
I guess this is your way of saying that you miss the master^^
I guess he isn't too dull after all.
Now you have to teach me your swing.
There is no special swing.
If you invent one yourself, that IS your swing.
No, that's not true.
What's the reason for you to not teach me when you have taught that to John Lee?
You think you do that because someone taught you to?
So what is that John Lee-- no,
Fabian shot?
Just get ready for your competition.
This is not the time for you to come up here.
For me this is the best practicing field for me.
Now I'm not afraid of mountain animals
and I'm also not afraid of birds in the night.
Human, that's what you should be scared of.
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did something happen?
Jung Woo,
Take Mi Soo and go down the mountain.
Why so sudden?
Just go.
I am pleading you.
You have a very smart student,
Sung Mi Soo.
I thought she was different,
She was your student.
I will cheer for you.
Let's not hate him too much.
I think something happened to him
I don't think he wants to tell us.
I don't really mind.
I'm just worried.
It's the first time I've seen teacher like that.
He said he had 2 regrets.
Once 20 years ago and once when you hurt your wrist.
He said he never wanted to regret again.
I wonder what that means.
It probably means don't be greedy.
At that time I wasn't skilled enough to perfect the Fabian shot.
But I got greedy.
Other people were taking 3 shots.
But I felt like I could turn the ball at a 90 degree angle.
Then I could get to my destination with one hit.
So did you send it in one hit?
It was the Fabian Shot.
My first and last time.
That was my last match.
My last match as a pro.
This is a part 4 hole. There aren't many chances for a birdie.
The obstacles are closer than other layouts.
The bunkers are deep too.
If it's burdensome for us it'll be the same for other teams as well.
The Dream Tour was inspirational.
I'm nervous today because of you.
Oh no need to be. It's just the beginning for me.
It's been a long time.
How are you feeling?
I was really worried when I heard you were participating in this tournament.
Thinking you should rest a little.
That's something we will take care of.
How about you just concentrate on your player?
I can't wait to see a great game.
It's been so long since you last saw each other. She could at least smile.
Welcome everyone.
we will begin the 6th annual Chung Woo Bank Open!
Today we have sportscaster ,Han Sul Hee joining us.
This tournament is receiving even more attention because Min Hae Ryung will be participating.
Yes, it hasn't been long since Min Hae Ryung finished her international tours.
Yes but Min Hae Ryung has a strong psyche.
I believe she'll show us a good match in this tournament.
Yes, today's weather is quite chilly so It's going to give the players a hard time.
The direction looks good.
Yes, it's landing in the 230 yard zone.
Yes but.
her long distance is shorter than normal.
What kind of player is Sung Mi Soo who's debuting as a pro in this tournament?
Yes, her strong hits are her specialty.
She also became a pro when she won all 5 games in the recent Dream Tour.
It may be her first official tournament but she's a player people should definitely keep an eye on.
It looks like it dropped around the 300 yard mark.
Her long distance sure is strong.
This is Jessica's first tournament in Korea right?
Who is she? This is the first time I'm seeing her.
Who knows?
It's about time we brought in some viewers in our country too.
I don't know what they're thinking bringing in a bunch of new players.
If she finished 1st in qualifying school then we should definitely keep an eye on her.
Jessica is sending the ball exactly onto the fairway.
Min Hae Ryung's distance may be short but her exact distance control.
has resulted in a 1 under par.
It's a birdie for Min Hae Ryung.
Wow she's really amazing.
Jessica is playing better than we expected.
She's currently tied for 1st with Min Hae Ryung with a 1 under par.
It was going to be an eagle but unfortunately it hopped over the cup.
Sung Mi Soo's debut as a pro.
She's not nervous and is doing well.
It's a birdie chance for Sung Mi Soo.
This distance seems far but if she makes it in she'll take 2nd with 2 under par.
Oh it looks good.
Yes it's going in! Sung Mi Soo is smiling.
Min Hae Ryung's former coach,
seems to be Sung Mi Soo's caddy today.
Yes Min Hae Ryung has hired her father
Woo Joon Mo as her caddy while switching agencies.
It seems they are airing Hae Ryung's tournament.
It seems Min Hae Ryung has been bothered by her wrist this whole game.
It's a hard tournament so even the slighest injury can make a big difference.
It's hard to read the line for the 14th hole.
Yes, It seems like caddy Woo Joon Mo is giving her advice.
The undulation is no joke.
It seems it has to be hit much more to the right than it looks.
Looks good..
Yes It went in!
Nice birdie! with this Min Hae Ryung will tie for first with Sung Mi Soo!
It's very nice to see her working with her father.
I think Min Hae Ryung hurt her wrist due to the training you introduced.
And.. will it be alright?
I don't think she'll be easy.
About Sung Mi Soo?
She's tied with Min Hae Ryung in first place.
Is that important? What's more important
is that Jessica is going to start moving up during tomorrow's 2nd round.
Le's not be greedy with this tournament.
If you overdo it you'll just get injured.
You might as well be upfront.
Just tell me not to worry about John Lee and Sung Mi Soo.
Oh it's nice!
Are you happy to have a nice warm bowl of rice?
Rice is the best for koreans.
Yeah, show that strength today as well.
Her start is just as good as yesterdays.
Yes, Sung Mi Soo may be the dark horse of this tournament.
It seems she's covering longer distances than yesterday right?
Yes, yesterday she showed total control. I think we need to watch and see how it goes today.
Jessica sure is something.
She started off 5th today but she's moving up amazingly.
She's already 7 under par. It's birdie after birdie.
If she continues she may be looking at first too.
Oh that's unfortunate.
The ball almost went in but barely missed.
There's confidence in her swing. I think Jessica is going to show something amazing today.
Sung Mi Soo has been steady too..
but the speed Jessica is catching up at it has to be burdensome.
It's a par 4 short of 330 yards. It's a hole that takes about 3.75 hits for a birdie.
With Sung Mi Soo's strength I think it should almost make the green.
Sung Mi Soo has started.
It's somewhat near the hazard.
Oh it fell in the hazard.
The ball bounced off a rock and entered the water hazard.
If she had taken notice of the hazard area around the green she probably wouldn't have chosen the driver.
She should have thought about her strength and chose the 3 wood.
It looks like her first miss.
This is really unfortunate.
Was she burdened by Jessica's chase?
The ball is currently in the water hazard.
This will be the biggest obstacle for her to still qualify for 1st.
Let's take a penalty and hit it again.
It doesn't look that deep. Let's just hit it.
It's better than the mountain stream.
I'm going to continue.
She's taking off her socks right now.
Is she actually going to try to hit it out of the water?
Even if she attempts a shot, the ball will still be stuck under the water.
It's going to be hard to hit.
This reminds of Park Sae Ri's situation in 1998.
But at that time the ball wasn't completely covered in water.
She hit it out!
This is an unbelievable situation!
She really hit it out.
She really did this. I really can't believe this.
I never even imagined that a shot like that was even possible.
Despite the crisis she made a birdie.
She really is scary.
That's right.
This was a shot that was definitely impossible
without proper training.
Isn't that going to cause a big problem? That Jessica girl and Sung Mi Soo are tied for 1st. Min Hae Ryung is 3rd.
Man If I had sent one of my kids it would have been a disaster.
Who do you think will win between Sung Mi Soo and Jessica?
That's not important right now.
Min Hae Ryung is stuck in 3rd.
Young Min,
I need to set up a meeting right away.
This is the end of us if we lose like this.
I'm going to have to bring her down.
If it doesn't fit your taste we can order something else.
No it's just I had a little something after the game.
You're always full of energy. It's very nice to see.
We're in the middle of a tournament.
As a coach you should know a meeting like this is senseless.
We showed up because we couldn't avoid it. We would appreciate if you just spoke about business.
How refreshing of you.
I'm offering 1 Million dollars.
Which is worth much more than the tournament winnings.
Sung Mi Soo
Please go down from 1st place position.
This is what I wanted to speak to you about.
What's your reason?
The reason your doing this to us?
That's my problem.
An interference has risen on the street I'm building,
so I have no choice but to remove it.
I don't care where that street is headed.
But if there's an interference then you should avoid it.
You must be a powerful person, Mister.
You can just have what you want
and do whatever you want.
Not at all. Do you think I could pick stars from the sky?
This is my first tournament since I went pro.
If I can of course I would want to win.
There are over 100 reasons why I need to do that.
Say a miracle happened and you could pull stars from the sky.
Even if that happened there's no way I would give up a game for you.
There's no more reason for us to talk.
Let's go.
If you don't want to see Yoon Gwang Baek crashing to the ground,
You'll have to think about what I said.
I wonder what his relationship is with Teacher..
Something was strange ever since we went up last time.
Jung Woo. Take Mi Soo down.
Why all of a sudden?
Leave Jung Woo.
I'm pleading.
Let's not make guesses.
I'm sure Teacher will tell us if we ask him.
What if he really bothers teacher?
I guess that means you're confident you can win?
No..what I mean
Is that I don't think we should ignore him.
Mi Soo,
You're a player. A Sports player.
You play fair and square and accept the outcome.
But it still bothers me.
Are you ready?
It's not going to change your mind even if I said to ignore everything and give up, right?
Let's go.
An interference has risen
on the street I'm building
so I have no choice but to remove it.
Does he mean that I've become an interference to Min Hae Ryung?
I've come all this way. I can't give it up for Min Hae Ryung,
Sung Mi Soo seems more confident than she did yesterday.
Yes it reached the fairway.
Min Hae Ryung isn't showing any of the sharpness she showed in her last tournament.
Seeing she's been constantly touching her wrist since round 1, it seems she's been injured.
But she still holds onto 3rd place. She really has an amazing psyche.
If we look at it right now
it seems the game is a battle between Jessica and Sung Mi Soo.
Both players have played a strong 12 under par.
17th hole, Par 3.
Sung Mi Soo must beat this hole.
Yes she started.
It looks a little short.
Yes it's a hole in one! This is really amazing.
Hole in one.
What an amazing shot that's fitting of the champion group!
She really is something. A hole in one in a 183 yard par 3 hole!
This is truly unbelievable.
This means even if Jessica makes a birdie
Sung Mi Soo will stand at 14 under par.
Jessica just hit a birdie on the 18th hole
keeping her tied for 1st with a score of 14 under.
She won't give up so easily. I really want to send a round of appause for her tenacity.
Sung Mi Soo needs to make this putt to win with a 1 point lead.
If she fails, it may go into overtime.
This putt will determine whether Sung Mi Soo wins
or ties with Jessica and goes into overtime.
I hope Sung Mi Soo can show us more magic on the green.
Sung Mi Soo, please come down from the 1st place position.
If you don't want to see Yoon Gwang Baek crashing to the ground.
You'll have to think about what I said.
It looks like Sung Mi Soo is very nervous.
Of course she must feel burdened seeing this is her pro debut.
He threatened me so Min Hae Ryung could win, anyways.
Even if it wasn't me, Min Hae Ryung is still 3rd.
No need to worry. Let's just think about winning.
Alright, Alright.
It's gone in! She wins!
Amazing! She wins!
We'll have to see her score but..
It's very rare to win during a pro debut. She truly is amazing.
A win is a win but isn't her score truly something?
Her fantastic water hazard shot in round 2.
And the hole in one during the final round. Sung Mi Soo has shown some greate moments in a single tournament.
She might even be able to take home the Newcomer VIP Award!
All the work we've done came crashing down in seconds.
I'm not mad about the money.
It's because it's him once again. Yoon Gwang Baek.
What do you plan on doing with Min Hae Ryung?
Leave her alone for the time being. Don't schedule and games.
Yoon Gwang Baek..
I'll get back at you.
You too will soon find out the torment
of losing someone you love.
Mom I'll eat on my own.
My daughter did a big thing so you need to eat and energize yourself.
It's good isn't it?
This is how our family acts.
Sung Tae Gab doesn't exist.
Oh hey here.
I'll take care of you.
The best. The best.
Go ahead and eat.
I have something to say.
Let's move.
The winnings is quite an amount.
I think we should be able to go to a small apartment.
Yeah Father, let's live in an apartment at least once in our lives.
In winter mom's hands are always cracked and her feet are cold.
Let's go huh?
I think Mi Soo has made up her mind.
You know how stubborn she can be.
If you're busy I can look for a place for you.
Mi Soo's father.
Let's move!
Don't think about anything and just drink this to get some sleep.
I think I'm going to think about things no matter how much I drink.
Your condition wasn't good enough for you to give 100%.
You played right after your international tour.
Let's not be so negative.
You still did well in this tournament.
Let it all out and cheers!
Let me see.
It's nothing.
It's not nothing when you can barely hold a light glass.
It's temporary.
I'm tired. I'm going to sleep.
Let's go to the hospital tomorrow.
I'm fine.
Hae Ryung!
Do you want to quit golf?
You know more than I do how important a golfer's wrist is to them.
Let's go to the hospital tomorrow.
Rest up.
Hey hey hey
be careful.
Anyone home? Yes?
Is this Sung Mi Soo's house?
Oh my what is this?
Lee Jung Woo sent this.
Oh goodness Mi Soo. Coach John Lee must have sent this as a gift to you.
Lucky Mi Soo.
Next. Park Eun Joo.
Park Eun Joo! Yes?
Don't you think you need to write a little more about Sung Mi Soo?
I already sent you the article about her win.
The long distance tourney,Dream Tour and the chung Woo Bank Open.. This is an amazing track record.
Write a special piece on her
by looking into her family background and getting all the details.
Answer it.
Hello this is Park Eun Joo.
Mr. Kim told me about you. You wanted an interview?
What are you so curious about from a nobody like me?
That makes me feel more pressured.
I'm curious about a lot of things.
Like how you came to only promote the big games overseas. The reason for returning and
what else... Oh! Signing Min Hae Ryung.
There are quite a lot.
Well I like golf.
Somehow I just ended up continuing to work overseas.
I came back after I was invited to the Rose Open.
I felt like your home country is the best.
I don't have a special reason for my return.
Is this too boring?
Then I guess I need to give you a fun story.
I guess my trip wasn't pointless then.
Thank you.
It feels awkward right?
The pictures came out very natural.
We need to go in somewhere for the interview.
Aren't you hungry?
The food here is all good. Especially the soy bean stew. It's the best!
You must come here often while you practice.
Try some.
How is it?
How is it? Fantastic right?
It really is good.
My mom made this.
That's my mom.
Wow the TV is really nice.
I said we needed a washer and he totally ignored me.
But ther he goes buying a TV.
I'll bring the washer.
So like my friend works at a appliance store.
So if you need one I can introduce you so you can buy it cheaper.
Oh then we should've gotten our TV like that.
Mi Soo's article printed.
How embarassing. Why is my picture so big?
It's fine. You look beautiful.
I should have at least put some make up on.
Sung Mi Soo gains fans all over Korea
as she sweeps up every tournament she's in.
Since she began golf,
Perseverance and hard training may have been her only friends.
Yet the person that protected her and stayed by her side
is her mother, Jo Kyung Sook.
A new coach?
He didn't realize your wrist was getting worse?
Does it make any sense?
I purposely didn't tell him.
It's not his fault.
He trains with you every single day.
I don't understand how he never realized it.
To add on.
I would like your caddy, Woo Joon Mo to leave as well.
What did you say?
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Sorry it's all my fault. I wanted to make you a good player so bad, and my greed brought you into all this.
I guess I was a cinderalla. I was really happy.
What do you mean he is up to something?
I think they are planning something using Hae Ryung.
What I can say for now is that both coach John and I have done nothing to be ashamed of as a golf player.
since you are back, be a player of Won Resort.
That will never happen.
Resort and a player who has reached the bottom becaause of the roumors...
Don't you think they go along together well?
What kind of relationship are you in with Yoon Gwang Baek?
He is my master.
Are you saying that you admit the previous article?
I will answer that question.