Ferrari charity auction in Tokyo - interviews / Asta benefica Ferrari a Tokyo - interviste

Uploaded by ferrariworld on 07.07.2011

- I am grateful to hear that, thanks to the Ferrari auction,
a large sum will be donated to charity.
The Italians are like the Japanese
they have a generous heart.
- I would like to send my profound thanks to Ferrari
for the help it is providing to the city of Ishinomaki.
I would never have imagined that Ferrari Japan
could give such a huge amount of support
and it almost like a dream for me.
- We are deeply moved and our hearts are warmed.
- Everything Ferrari does is surprising.
This time, over and above the presentation of the FF,
the idea of organising a party
with an auction for charity is a fantastic one.
- Having seen the first preparations for this event,
I realised how extraordinary Ferrari is.
I am particularly honoured to have been invited
because it is a charitable event.
- This is a fantastic party, not just because of the unique collaboration
with the Italian Embassy,
but also because Mr Luca di Montezemolo is here.
From all the people gathered here this evening,
it seems the clear message is,
"Let’s unite our efforts for Japan.”
So I would also like to contribute to the fund-raising,
as far as I am able to.