The Mountain Incident - Part 1 of 6 (Japanese with English Captions)

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Chichibu City, located in the western area of Saitama Prefecture.
Very close to the Tokyo area.
It is an area famous for its river fishing and autumn foliage.
But did you know that in reality, there is another side to Chichibu?
It is a place crowded with haunted locations.
There are many ghostly places; more than are seen in other places.
Today we will show you the horrific experience that the staff of a certain film production company had in Chichibu.
We hope that none of you go there as a way to have fun.
Tonight... Chichibu will face a demon.
Please understand we are not responsible for any objectionable practices you may see in this video presentation.
I'm sorry. We are actually looking for famous ghost locations around Chichibu, so we thought maybe you could tell us about it.
What is that?
Well, there are various places around here where ghosts are rumored to appear often.
We are looking for those kinds of places.
I can't say I know... are there such places here?
Just a while ago we heard about Shomaru Tunnel. It's a long tunnel where ghosts appear a lot.
Well, I don't know but... what is that? Is that true?
Maybe not, but they say a woman appears running as fast as your car.
That's ridiculous!
Well... that would be bad for Chichibu...
"The Chichibu Demon"
May 5th, 2010 (Mikami – Cameraman)
Wow, look at this!
This footage is from a location hunt during the making of a DVD about ghosts by a certain film production company.
Take pictures of water stains like those.
In the contents of this DVD there was a search for ghost spots in the Chichibu area of Saitama Prefecture.
There are talks of a woman who appears here and runs next to you at the same speed of your car.
This isn't scary at all.
There is more activity here than I expected.
Isn't this a regular tunnel?
It wasn't supposed to have so much movement.
That's right.
I can't use this place.
Let's go back to the entrance.
The tunnel is well-kept.
You can't feel anything scary about it.
I thought it was going to be a rather deserted place. What with the rumors...
(Assistant Director: Mitsuo Kawamoto) -It sucks. We can't use any of this.
Since we came all the way here...
...let's go back to the train station, gather what we can and search other locations. (Director: Mamoru Nishimura)
This is no good.
Let's go and ask around...
...then change locations. I think that's best.
It's useless here. Forget about it.
Let's do that.
Let's go towards he station and ask around. I'm sorry... let's go.
I'm sorry. Have you heard any rumors about any famous haunted locations around Chichibu?
Uh... no, not really...
Are there any haunted locations in the Chichibu area...?
I don't know.
-Which...? -I don't know.
Well, it's not a haunted place per se, but there's a place called Imaharu...
They say that a dog with a human face supposedly appears there.
You haven't heard anything else?
No, just that thing about about the dog with the human face.
The gathering of information did not go as they expected.
There is a suspension bridge by Chichibu Lake.
What happens there is...
Every year people commit suicides there by jumping from the bridge. It has become a famous place because of the suicides.
If you go there at night...
...they say you see the ghost of a woman...
There's something else, too... and this is something that the locals have said...
When a suicide occurs... the mountains you can see will-o'-the-wisps...
When you say will-o'-the-wisps, you mean something like fireballs?
That's right.
Chichibu Lake was made by the construction of a dam. It was made when I was a kid.
I think these rumors have been going around since those days.
But... if you look at the will-o'-the-wisps something bad will happen... some misfortune will certainly befall you.
That is what they say.
So you mean that the people that look at them are injured or become involved in accidents?
That's probably what happens.
I don't know exactly what it is but they say that something bad happens.
Will-o'-the-wisps are mysterious balls of fire that are mentioned in folklore all around Japan.
Generally speaking, the legends say these are spirits left by a dead person or animal...
...or they might be the appearance of someone's grudge that has turned into fire.
Well, the fact is, we are making a horror DVD, you see...
...and we have been talking to people and gathering some data, but...
...I'm very interested in this talk about the will-o'-the-wisps.
The man's name is Sakuma-san. He has been living in the Chichibu area for many years.
They got his consent to contact him in the future for another interview.
That story about the will-o'-the-wisps was really interesting.
So, shall we go to the bridge tonight? Is that ok with you?
It's alright.
They decided to go to Chichibu Lake at night.
It's very narrow.
It is! Where does this goes to?
Are we really gonna go through here?
Where does this goes to?
Are you serious?
They arrived at the Chichibu Lake suspension bridge.
Ah, there it is...
-Which one? -That one.
Mikami, are you taping it? It's over there.
Are... are we going?
Yes, let's go.
Mikami, are you ok?
Just watch your step in there.
That place over there is where the will-o'-the-wisps are said to appear.
They say you can see them from here.
This bridge is long, isn't it?
This is high.
You fall from here and you will get killed for sure.
Oh, man, that's scary, scary, scary...!
Holy shit, that was crazy!
Why don't we go back?
Are we even halfway?
We're not.
-How far do you intend to go? -Just a little bit further.
Let's go back.
Let's go just a little bit.
Excuse us...
Uh... excuse us...
Huh? Wait, wait, wait! That's dangerous! Wait, wait!
Call an ambulance!
-Hey, Kawamoto, I said call an ambulance! Hurry up! -Oh... Yes!
After that, Nishimura and the others called the police.