Announcing Texthelp's Web Apps!

Uploaded by TEXTHELP1 on 02.09.2011

Texthelp is moving the functionality of our award-winning Read&Write software
to the Cloud
Texthelp’s suite of web apps will work on mobile learning devices including
iPod touch, iPhone, smart phones as well as on PCs and Macs.
As multi-browsers are supported, users will benefit from instant accessibility to
these powerful web support tools
perfect for today's on the go lifestyle.
The Read&Write Web App is a toolbar that can be opened inside a
browser on your favourite mobile device or computer.
The toolbar interacts with the webpage content providing you with
TEXT TO SPEECH functionality to read html web content aloud with
dual colour highlighting
dictionary to look up unfamiliar words to get text and picture definitions,
a translator to translate selected words into multiple languages
and study skills
to highlight and extract important pieces of information from the webpage.
Users can also control the voice speed as desired.
This mobile web app will bring web pages to life at the touch of a button, wherever
you are.
The innovative eBook Reader App allows users to search for,
Save and access Bookshare eBooks.
Support tools include read aloud with highlighting

dictionary and picture dictionary
translator and study skills.
Users can even save highlights in their eBooks
As with all of Texthelp’s web apps – this accessibility is provided on
PCs, Macs and mobile devices.
The Texthelp suite also includes Apps designed especially for smaller
such as the ipod touch or phones.
The speech app provides text-to-speech functionality
allowing users to read aloud with highlighting any typed or pasted text
This App provides great support
for email or texting.
The Dictionary App allows users to look up a word and get both a text and image
Definition. This app not only helps improve comprehension and understanding
But ensures correct use of words when sending messages or emails.
Read&Write Web
eBook Reader, Speech and Dictionary are just the first apps in the Texthelp
Watch for more to come as we continue to bring even more accessibility and
usability to your mobile device.
Visit for further updates on what's coming.
For more information on any of the Texthelp web apps, please call
or email: