MELLOBLOCCO - The Passion - 1/2 (official video 2010)

Uploaded by ArsenikoTube on 28.07.2010

It's the event of the year, it's great,
it's already a cult!
The right hold hurts a little
Despite the weather,
people keep on coming,
grasping holds,
bruising their fingers, it is great.
Every year lots of people show up,
they come to Melloblocco to enjoy the company,
it is great to get together to climb boulders.
If I send this one
will really be happy as it is so wet.
It's climbers everywhere,
everyone sharing the same passion.
You either have Adam Ondra's pinchers
or you're screwed!
You dyno up to it and if you hold it you're up.
It's sometimes hard to find new problems
but you can take an existing one,
it's still a challenge!
It's always great fun, except for the weather,
the place is awesome, bye dudes.