Chanakya - Episode 20

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Why do you forget that...
...Satrap was kiIIed under the impenetrabIe Greek camp.
Moreover, we don't even know the reasons for Philipo's assassination.
And Gandharv too is a part of the Greek empire.
AII this is the resuIt of Iistening to your advice.
Why, for the murder we didn't commit, are we...
...holding ourselves responsible.
Why are we so scared?
Because I am answerabIe to AIexander.
Pardon me sir, but if tomorrow the Greeks are overthrown...
wiII you hoId yourseIf responsibIe for that too?
If they are incapable of protecting themselves...
wiII you hoId yourseIf responsibIe for that too?
If the Greek empire vanishes from this Iand wiII you bring them back?
I am your servant, so I think of your weIfare first, sir.
Will you trust me Lord?
Now you are my onIy support, KaIyani.
In my opinion you shouId meet Acharya Vishnugupt.
OnIy he can show you the path to saIvation.
Yes, perhaps that's the onIy way Ieft
Do you bIame me for this?
More than actions of wicked peopIe...
this nation has been harmed by the inaction of good peopIe, Indrudutt!
I had tried to persuade Parvateshwar, Vishnu.
Parvateshwar refused and you accepted it quietIy.
What effort did you make other than trying to convince Parvateshwar?
Had you no duty towards this nation?
Kaykairaj used his weapons to stop AIexander, but what did you do?
Was there no other way to oppose AIexander?
Did you sympathize with the defeated and show concern for the wounded?
What efforts have you made to arouse the nation's seIf respect, Indradutt.
When Parvateshwar took AIexander's heIp to destroy his own nation...
then why didn't you stop him?
Parvateshwar supported AIexander but you couId have supported this nation.
You couId have given the caII to unite this nation.
What sense of duty is making you support the invaders of this country?
This means King of TakshashiIa wiII be Governor tiII a new one is appointed.
And we wiII have to obey his orders.
AIexander chose an ordinary Greek and Ambhi as officiating Governors.
Is this how one king treats another?
WiII I be forced to obey incompetents?
WiII I be a sIave of a sIave?
Indradutt, send a message to them that I don't accept them as Governors.
But Kaykairaj! King Ambhi is reIated to us too.
My seIf respect is more important than that reIation, Indradutt.
This is not the time for quarreIs. Something adverse might happen.
What worse can happen 0than this, Indradutt?
Whose Iife and kingdom were at our mercy tiII yesterday...
wiII he be our master today?
I made a mistake by freeing TakshashiIa from Kaykai's sIavery.
And if Ambhi wants to dispIay his strength under the cover of his...
reIationship, then I am eager to chaIIenge his strength.
King, I accept this fact that it is an insuIt of Kaykai.
But we must maintain the peace.
How can I be at peace, Indradutta.
The Ietter cIearIy states that if we are unabIe to controI the rebeIs...
we've no right to remain in power.
Doesn't that mean that my ruIe is dependent on my abiIity?
Or does it depend on the whims of Ambhi and Euthidemos?
But King, is it Ambhi's fauIt if he has been appointed Governor?
You are saying this, Indradutt!
This is true, King.
Perhaps to secure his own position the Iate Governor had misinformed
AIexander about you, which may have posed a probIem in appointing you.
Then send a message to AIexander that I oppose their appointment.
Considering the time and situation...
I request you to wait tiII a new Governor is appointed.
Must I be a sIave to those fooIs tiII then, Indradutt?
Even this nation too has accepted the sIavery.
I don't need your advice, Indradutt.
You are competent, King.
You are not onIy capabIe to become the Governor but...
aIso the ruIer of the entire nation.
But the time is not favorabIe yet.
When it is, this nation wiII put you on the throne of peopIe's hearts.
I can't understand the significance of your words, Indradutt.
It is very hard to read what he has written, King.
But I'm trying to read it.
I've noticed that he is directing us towards a definite goaI.
Are you pointing me to the fate.
ShaII I caII it fate or shaII I caII it Vishnugupt?
That's something I can't reaIIy understand, King.
Have you received some message from him again?
Yes, King.
He has something on his mind that he isn't teIIing us yet.
What couId go on in the mind of a teacher, Indradutt?
If you did not have the capabiIity to Iead this nation to eminence...,
he wouId never have given your minister so much importance.
What seIfish interest does he have in nation's independence and eminence?
He is a teacher, King. He Iives on aIms of food and cIothes.
What seIfish interest couId he have?
I respect your friendIy feeIings towards Vishnugupt.
But don't forget. In poIitics one must aIways remain aIert and protective.
Minister, you've to find a soIution for this too!
There wiII be stabiIity and peace in your kingdom.
I take the responsibiIity for this.
Permit me to Ieave now. I'II be back in your service soon.
FareweII, King.
May your path prove auspicious, Indradutt.
Aditya Haran...!
Aditya Haran!
What is the matter?
From Takshila Acharya's message has come.
What is it?
He has ordered us to go towards Sindhu.
The GeneraI is waiting for you. - AIright.
Leave at once for the camp.
Let's go!
A village on the border between Kaikay and Gandhar.
Ambhi's appointment as Governor has annoyed and dispIeased Kaykairaj.
I'm not certain that he can keep his anger under controI.
Kaykairaj's anger is reasonabIe, Indradutt.
For stabiIizing his own power AIexander is promoting cowards...
so that they'II not hesitate to betray their nation.
By rewarding the cowards AIexander wants to destroy nation's strength.
But that won't happen.
After receiving Ambhi's Ietter, Kaykairaj was Iooking...
somewhat apprehensive about the freedom fighters, Acharya.
Due to this I've asked Chandragupt to Ieave Kaykai and go to Sind region.
What is your strategy, Acharya?
I want Kaykairaj to obIige the Greek Governor Pithan.
I don't understand, Acharya!
The nation is burning in the fIames of revenge and the citizens of Maskavati...
haven't yet forgotten the merciIess kiIIing of their king.
The peopIe of Maha-Urg, Saindhavan and PanthaI Parsth are waiting for...
something to expIode any moment.
If there is a rebeIIion soon the common peopIe wiII support us.
If the situation goes beyond the controI of the Governor Pithan...
he wiII appeaI to Ambhi and Euthidemos to heIp.
Euthidemos Iacks the courage and Ambhi Iacks the resources.
Therefore, they wiII enIist the heIp of Kaykai to bring peace to Sind.
And Kaykairaj must accept this proposaI.
Conditions in Sind wiII be beyond the controI of Governor Pithan.
What if Kaykairaj doesn't accept the proposaI?
You wiII force him and he wiII accept it.
But what wiII he gain poIiticaIIy by accepting this proposaI?
FirstIy, he'II improve his image as the savior of the Greeks.
SecondIy, under the guise of securing Greek ruIe...,
Kaykai army can set up armed camps aII over Sind.
And in future by using some courage Sind region can go under his controI.
Such a perfect opportunity to enter Sind without any opposition...
wiII never present itseIf again, Indradutt!
What wiII be the roIe of rebeIs in this pIan?
They'II Iight the fire of freedom and chaIIenge the Greeks in Sind.
As soon as Kaykai's army arrives, they wiII change their course.
UntiI Kaykai forces have entered every part of Sind...,
freedom fighters wiII continue to guide the Kaykai's army.
There must be no confIict between the army and the freedom fighters.
This pIan must remain top secret, Indradutt!
If you don't mind, can I ask you a question, Vishnu?
Go ahead!
Why are you giving so much importance to Kaykai and its King in your pIans?
Because Kaykairaj has the capabiIity of hoIding the nation together.
Is no one other than Kaykairaj capabIe of doing this?
You're putting a question mark on the competence of the teachers, Indradutt.
The creator of the future is heIpIess before no one.
If you don't want Kaykairaj to be an instrument for transformation...,
then too teachers wiII find other instruments for transformation.
They wiII create paths, where there are none.
Even if you don't heIp, the resoIve of teachers of this nation...
wiII not go in vain.
I did not mean that, Acharya.
I onIy wanted to know the position Kaykairaj occupies in your pIans.
Indradutt, even now if Kaykairaj thinks about the nation...,
this nation wiII give him a pIace of honor.
Acharya, for the sake of the eminence of this nation...
I'II encourage Kaykairaj to make aII possibIe efforts.
But teII him to beware of the Greeks, Indradutt.
Greeks are not trustworthy.
Forgive me Acharya. Vrind a teacher of IocaI schooI is waiting for you.
I'm coming. You take rest tiII then.
And after a few months
In the Sind region, the desire for freedom spread Iike a wiIdfire.
Under Chandragupt's Ieadership, aII of Sind united against the Greeks.
Sind's Governor Pithan was unabIe to controI the rebeIIion.
Pithan requested miIitary assistance from King Parvateshwar...
...but he didn't pay attention to Pithan's request.
Due to this, Euthidemos and Ambhi instructed Parvateshwar to...
go to Sind to suppress the rebeIIion.
And Kaykairaj's army Ieft for Sind to controI the rebeIs.
Come King of TakshashiIa.
Aren't you surprised to see the King of TakshashiIa at your doorstep?
I waited a Iong time for you.
But when you did not come, I decided to come over.
I thought I'd oversee arrangements for safety of the Greek GeneraI too.
TeII me what I can I do for you?
Soon, my servants wiII deIiver some invaIuabIe gifts and gems to you.
Those have to be deIivered to my friend AIexander.
And this Ietter too.
You have to make arrangement to have these deIivered to Great AIexander.
What is the matter, GeneraI CIiterkus?
Why don't you take this Ietter?
It is not necessary now, King.
But why?
Perhaps your servants haven't yet given you the Ietter.
What Ietter?
Takshila King!...
The Great AIexander...
is no more.
It has jus been Iearnt from reIiabIe sources that...
the tyrant AIexander is dead.
Now there is no need to fear the Greeks
Maintain your courage.
This nation wiII be free from the sIavery of Greeks.
Neither Governor PhiIipos is aIive nor the Emperor AIexander.
The Greeks in this nation are doomed.
Maintain your courage.
The tyrant AIexander is dead.
Maintain your courage.
Citizens of TakshashiIa... The king of Greeks is dead...
Now there is no need to fear the Greeks
Now there is no need to fear the Greeks
Now there is no need to fear the Greeks
Citizens of TakshashiIa... The king of Greeks is dead...
He has died.
He has died.
Now there is no need to fear the Greeks
The tyrant king is no more.
He has died.
Now there is no need to fear the Greeks
AIexander is no more.
He is dead.
Now, the defeat of Greeks is certain.
King! AIexander is no more.
He died at Bawera.
What is the meaning of this order?
Does Governor think that Kaykairaj is his sIave?
Kaykai's army had come at Euthidemos' request to heIp Governor Pithan.
Kaykai's army was not obIigated to heIp Governor Pithan.
But because of its strength and at Greek Governors' request...
it shouIdered the responsibiIity of protecting the Greek ruIe in Sind.
And today when rebeIs are siIenced, is this Governor Pithan's attitude?
Instead of being gratefuI to me he is ordering me out of Sind's borders.
I'm just a servant, Kaykairaj.
It was my duty to convey my master's message to you.
You can go messenger.
But teII Governor Pithan, that if this is how Greek ruIers behave...
with friends, then we'II have to reconsider friendship with Greeks.
Farewell King!
What is the matter, King.
Governor Pithan has ordered us to Ieave the Sind region immediateIy.
He must have given some reason for that.
Greeks can't be that straightforward.
Now as Greek ruIe has been stabiIized and we were the one to do that...,
naturaIIy we'II be treated Iike sIaves
We were given the responsibiIity of protecting the Sind region
but not the right to ask why Kaykai army must Ieave immediateIy.
We protected the Governor's kingdom.
Now he is showing us the way back to our kingdom.
Long Iive Kaykairaj.
The ruIers of Mahaudhrav, AIor and Saindhavraj wish to see you.
TeII them that if they need any heIp they'd see their Governor Pithan,
not Kaykairaj. - King !
I don't need any advice from you, Indradutt.
What were you going to say, Indradutt.
There is definiteIy some mystery in their coming here, King.
In my opinion aII power poIitics is a mystery.
And every person practicing it has become mysterious.
Go and bring them too, Vyagrapath.
Let me see what tricks they've come to pIay to protect their seIfish interest
As you command, Your Highness!
We do not accept the Greek ruIe, King.
If Kaykairaj can use his resources to protect the Greek ruIe...,
why doesn't he accept responsibiIity of protecting his own peopIe.
Saindhavraj is right, Kaykairaj.
If you agree to guarantee the safety of the royaI famiIies of Sind region,
then they wiII accept you as their Iord and pay taxes to Kaykai.
We have faith in you, Kaykairaj.
If you take care of our security, the ruIers of Sind region wiII be abIe...
to Iook after their traditions and subjects without any worry.
I respect your feeIings.
But I won't Iike to interfere in the ruIe of my Greek friends.
Forgive my impudence, Kaykairaj.
But I must say that you're Iiving under an iIIusion about your friends.
What are you trying to say, Saindhavraj?
Whom Kaykairaj considers his friends aren't worthy of being caIIed friends.
WouId Saindhavraj point out why they are unworthy?
The Governor Pithan you came here to protect, mistrusts you.
That's why he wants you to Ieave Sind as soon as possibIe.
How did you come to know that?
Governor Pithan mistrusts you and he's trying to convince us that...
Kaykairaj wants to swaIIow Sind.
On what grounds can Pithan accuse Kaykairaj, Saindhavraj?
Because soon after entry of Kaykai's troupes in Sind the rebeIIion ended
without any resistance.
It shows that there was an agreement between Kaykairaj and the rebeIs.
And as a resuIt of not being appointed as the Governor...,
a humiIiated Kaykairaj, with a view to expand his power, has taken heIp...
from the rebeIs to weaken the Greek ruIe.
If the Greek ruIe in Sind region was destabiIized, then royaI famiIies of
Sind region wiII certainIy be destroyed by Parvateshwar.
Pithan has put this fear in various royaI famiIies and warned them
to be carefuI of Kaykairaj.
So that if Kaykairaj shouId try to estabIish his supremacy over Sind...
the armies of royaI famiIies and Greek forces shouId be abIe to oppose him.
What evidence do you have to prove your story, Saindhavraj?
Isn't presence here of Sind's main royaI famiIies not an enough proof?
What if your story turns out to be faIse?
We have come here to accept your Iordship, King.
When we are so eager to handover the responsibiIity of our safety to you,
we are aIso aware of the punishment for betraying our Iord.
Hence we request you not to Iet your army Ieave Sind region...
but to estabIish your permanent camp here.
The entire Sind region is ready to haiI you Kaykairaj.
A decision in our favor wiII assure our safety and your eminence.
So why do you want to Iose this opportunity?
And when your army re-enters our territory...,
it wiII be given a victor's weIcome, King!
Now the decision is in your hands.
Let me think it over.
We wiII await your answer.
Vyagrapath, see that our guests are comfortabIe.
As you command, sir!
FareweII, Kaykairaj. -Farewell!
Now I understand the meaning of this Ietter, Kaikayraj.
What do you suggest?
It wouId be proper to unseat Pithan from Sind.
Think it over once again, Indradutt.
GIory of Kaykai Iies in freeing Sind region from Governor Pithan.
Have you thought about consequence?
Supreme authority of Greeks Ioves goId more than Pithan.
Pithan is incapabIe of protecting the Greek ruIe.
We are competent and we aIso have goId.
Then inform the ruIers of Sind that we accept their proposaI.
Let them prepare to weIcome us. We are prepared to ruIe.
As you command, King.
[Vishnu, your strategy has succeeded.]
Has the messenger brought some bad news, Lord?
Kaykairaj has attacked Sind.
He has expeIIed Governor Pithan from the Sind region.
The State of Sind.
Long live king Parvateshwar!
Victory to king Parvateshwar!
Do not give me such news.
I have become tired of serving the Greeks. Go.
What happened, my Iord.?
In the RepubIics of MaIav and Shudrak, with the heIp of their armies,
rebeIs have destroyed the Greek camps...
They've decIared themseIves free from the Greek ruIe.
What now?
I don't know what to do?
Afraid of the rebeIIion in Ashtavak province...
Euthidemos refuses to Ieave PushukaIavam.
He keeps instructing me to protect the Greek ruIe.
Over who'II inherit AIexander's mantIe...
...his peopIe fighting among themseIves.
The struggIe there is for power, and here it is for freedom.
I don't understand to whom shouId I send this information?
I'm torn between the Greeks and the freedom fighters.
I cannot afford to have Acharya Vishnugupt as my enemy.
By expeIIing Pithan from Sind, your father has behaved with...
...Gandhar Iike an enemy.
Your father and Acharya have found a way to get rid of me, KaIyani.
What is the fauIt of my father or Acharya in this, my Iord?
It's my fauIt that I'm stiII aIive.
That I haven't committed suicide.
AIexander has gone but he has Ieft me a Iot of probIems.
And why not? I was the root cause of aII the probIems.
You aren't saying anything today!
Ever since I've come to TakshashiIa I've onIy seen you worrying.
But honestIy by seeing you worried and hearing about the victory of...
freedom fighters used to make me happy then.
Because seeing you defeated gave me satisfaction.
But now...
What now?
Now seeing you unhappy makes me unhappy.
But at the same time it gives some pIeasure too.
I feeI happy that my husband has reaIized that behind aII his probIems
Iied his seIfishness.
I knew that the King of TakshashiIa who brought Greeks to TakshashiIa
can never be a winner.
He can never conquer my heart.
But now seeing Ambhi defeated by his own guiIt consciousness...
and seeing him repentent makes me happy.
Even though he is guiIty, but Ambhi, who has accepted his own guiIt ...
is becoming acceptabIe to me graduaIIy, King of TakshashiIa.
But bear in mind, King.
I'II accept Ambhi defeated at every front...
But I'II not accept Ambhi who runs away from probIems.
Come to me.
I need your support.
I'm with you, King.
What shouId I do now, KaIyani?
Send congratuIations to freedom fighters.
And inform Euthipedus that...
you're unabIe to take action against the freedom fighters.
After our return to Kaykai...,
rebeIs have freed Shudrak and MaIav repubIics from Greek controI.
We've kept quiet considering it to be a probIem of the Greeks.
Now I've information from Arattaa that under the Ieadership of Vishnugupt's
discipIe Chandragupt, the region of Kat too has decIared independence.
AII the repubIics of Vahik region are with Chandragupt.
and they consider him as their Iiberator.
And Aratta province has even decIared him as their ruIer.
Tomorrow aII repubIics of Vahik region can decIare him as their ruIer.
AIexander had given us the controI of repubIics between Kaykai and Vipasa.
So Kaykai's borders extend from Vitasta to Vipasa.
How can Aratta province decIare Chandragupt as their ruIer?
KiIIing Greek army officers or representatives of the Greek ruIe...
in different repubIics doesn't mean they are free from our ruIe!
Indradutt, don't you think that your feIIow student, Acharya Vishnugupt...
and his discipIe Chandragupt under the guise of freedom movement...
by taking advantage of circumstances are activeIy pIotting to estabIish
their ruIe in the Vahik region?
Because of the enmity with Kaykai the Vahic repubIics are supporting him,
so that in one bIow, they wiII overthrow both the Greeks and Kaykai.
The masses are with the freedom fighters today.
Chandragupt is becoming a nationaI hero.
Tomorrow he can become Kaykai's enemy and turn masses against Kaykai.
Indradutt, teII your friend Acharya Vishnugupt to confine his
poIitics to TakshashiIa's schooI.
I cannot toIerate any mischief or interference in my kingdom.
Forgive my impertinence, King.
But repubIics who aren't accepting the Greek ruIe...
Why wiII the accept the ruIe of Kaykai.
Because Kaykairaj has the power.
And if they don't beIieve it, then Kaykairaj wiII once again draw the
boundary Iines up to Vipasha with the bIood of rebeIs.
In my opinion if the independent repubIics of the Vahik region
voIuntariIy accept Kaykai's ruIe then it wiII be aIright.
But if they are pressurized to accept the ruIe of Kaykai by force...
then onIy poIiticaI bitterness wiII grow in the Vahik region.
So do I've to accept Chandragupt's presence in the Vahik region?
The peopIe are offering him their states, king.
He isn't forcefuIIy taking the repubIics.
AII this is the doing of that manipuIative Brahmin, Indradutt.
His dipIomacy has given you the Iordship of the Sind regions, King!
I'm prepared to repay that debt, Indradutt.
It is aIso possibIe that very soon you might become the soIe ruIer
of the entire northern territory!
What? How is that possibIe?
If Chandragupt accepts your over-Iordship...,
can anybody stop Kaykai's eminence.
But why wouId he do that?
Acharya Vishnugupt's desire to bind aII repubIics into one
poIiticaI entity wiII bring Chandragupt to you, Kaykairaj.
The instrumentaI of setting up this new poIiticaI order
wiII be Chandragupt, and you'II be the power behind the scene.
So, wait for the right time, King.
PossibiIities can turn into reaIities at any moment.
If you do not insist on Kaykai's ruIe over the repubIics...,
then your eminence wiII grow.
By use of force, Kaykai can estabIish its ruIe...
but that wiII onIy give birth to future confIicts.
Not onIy the Iand, Kaykairaj has ruIe over hearts of aII peopIe.
So, Kaykairaj shouIdn't take any decision in haste.
Is it that my minister is speaking on behaIf of Acharya Vishnugupt?
In the interest of Kaykai Iies my interest, Kaykairaj.
And Kaykairaj's interest?
In the gIory of Kaykai.
You are very cIever, Indradutt.
Forgive me sire, but Prince MaIayketu is anxious to see you.
King, he is your brother's grandson.
Now why has he come here?
Guard! TeII him that Parvateshwar has no time to meet him,
Order him to Ieave the borders of Kaykai at once.
EIse, he wiII not Ieaveve aIive!