Alejandro & Diego - 040 (English Subs)

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Okay, Ana, this is a control guide for the intoxicated patients from the department of toxicology in the university where I'm attending.
And what does this has to do with- -I want you to read page eight, please.
The effects of an element called cephaelis ipecuanha are described, more popularly known as syrup of Ipec.
It's an element used for intoxicated patients, as well as in some patients who are anorexic,
That use that as a laxitive to- -Patricia, Patricia, your conclusion...
Is that the syrup of ipeca was put in the sauce Joaco made. -That must be it.
I only put in tomatoes, cilantro, and I chopped up some chilies, man, to give it some flavor.
Okay, Ana, this was an attack. Someone wanted to play a mean joke.
The one who did this wanted you to lose your job.
Do you have any enemies in Cervantes?
Okay. I need to study this. Thank you both. -Okay.
Please tell Yesenia I want to talk to her after her drama class.
Let's go.
Mauricio is a liar. -Why do you talk like that about my brother, huh?
Don't you know about Miranda? Do you know? Well that woman is going to go to jail.
Ale, Diego couldn't have kissed you. He's not gay. -Nora, there are heterosexuals that when drunk, lose their mind.
Their personalities change. -Ale, please.
Ever since you came out of the closet you think everyone is gay. Maybe he was just drunk and it was a playful kiss.
Oh yeah? Does this look playful?
What's wrong with you? -Hey, Diego! What's going on?
What's wrong with both of you!? -Calm down.
Blood is going to run here. Where is Mr. JP? -Shut up!
Calm down, calm down, calm down!
"It Gets Better" Alejandro put his video in this webpage. He felt comfortable there to let it off his chest.
But what does that webpage have that we don't have? -Mario, we're from a different time. We don't even know how to use these devices.
Well, you were able to get in. What does it say? -Okay.
It's a help line. It's called "The Trevor Project". "If you feel like committing suicide, or need an urgent answer to any of your questions, call us."
It's a 24/7 hotline. Dial that number, hurry.
You got it?
What do I tell them? -To advise us. To help us face up what Alejandro is going through.
Stop fighting! It's always the same thing, dammit! -You know what? I'm as much man as you are!
We're the same and you know that! -I will never be like you, never because you disgust me.
Stop insulting him, Diego! This is over! Did you understand? It's over! Enough! Enough!
You kissed my girlfriend. -Oh, my kisses. Is that what bothers you?
Alright, alright, alright... I calmed down.
Alejandro! No, Diego!
Ale, come here, come here! -Why did you get in the middle, Gonzalo?
Alejandro, enough! Alejandro, enough! -Let me go!
Enough! Enough! Enough!
Ale, Alejandro, enough! -Guys, guys, what wrong with you?
Is he bleeding?
Take him to the nurse's office Take him to the nurse's office!
Hey, what happened? What happened here?
Ale-, Alejandro, you?
I was with many guys last night, but what custume did the one have you're talking about?
I mean, to know who you're talking about. -Forget it. Never mind, Yesenia.
Come in!
Ana, uh, Diego and Alejandro are already in the teacher's lounge.
Thank you, Santiago. And about JP? Do you know something? -No nothing.
And when I saw the fight starting between them, well I went in to separate them. Alejandro hit me, he has a heavy hand.
Thank you for interceding, Gonzalo. Go back to class.
Fights are suspension. There are no excuses. -Yes, but we were not fighting.
It was all a misunderstanding, right Alejandro? -Yes, it was all fake.
Let's see. Mr. JP suddenly leaves the classroom. You go arguing into the halls. You confronted each other. A group with you, another with you.
Until you started to get in fight, and then Gonzalo came in like a hero to separate you two, and he received a blow.
Was it like that or am I wrong?
Thing is, I am not Teresa.
Both of you are suspended.
But, but, -Two days.
Ms. Ana -Two days of suspension.
Hey, I don't want the same thing to happen to us as with Sebas. I hope we don't end up fighting over another boyfriend.
I swear it sounded like "crack", dude,
He broke my nose. -Oh come on. Oh yeah.
Alejandrita hits hard. She's a woman in full now!
Don't make fun of him. Seriously, how mean.
Hey, Max, and SofĂ­a? -No idea. She left early. She didn't even say bye to me.