Chinese Susan Boyle

Uploaded by andy123andy234 on 25.05.2011

What's your age?
50 something
What do you do for living?
Selling vegetables at markets
How's the business going?
Well, quite good
What will you perform for us?
Pavarotti's Nessun Dorma, but it's my own version, as I have modified the lyrics
Great! Here is your show time.
Chicken drumstick, chicken wiiiings
Duck drumstick, duck wiiiings
Carrot, tomato and leek
Shepherd's purse, coriander, celery, Chinese cabbage, chili
Broccollllli, cucumcumcumberrrrr
Green beannnnnn, jack-beannnnn, Chinese White Olive
Come and buy them
Gift you leek
Gift you leeeeeeek
Gift youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
You are incredible
Very incredible
Could you hear what she sang?
I have just got the lyrics.
Chicken drumstick, chicken wings Duck drumstick, duck wings Carrot, tomato and leek
Gift you leek.....
That's because we usually gift our customers some leeks after buying
So this is your own version, Is it adapted from your daily life?
I love Pavarotti's pieces, Especially Nessun Dorma
But still, I don't know its original lyrics
No worries, I don't know either.
I don't know how to sing that in Chinese translation
But I am sure my frds love it
So I substitute the vege's name into the lyrics
It would be better as others can understand them