Creative chemistry - The chemistry of almost everything (20/31)

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So where's all this got us?
Chemistry is creative.
It's about transformation and synthesis.
And there's the paradox.
While creativity, synthesising something
is admired in art and in film,
the chemically synthetic today is disparaged.
But the irony is, everything's synthetic.
Is this natural, is this unnatural?
Well, it's both and it started out somewhere with clay.
But then it was taken by a human being,
it was made into a sculpture,
a patently human, artifactual, unnatural act at some level
and then it was baked and there underwent a chemical transformation
and I most certainly want to get the chemistry in
by which the molecules, the very large molecules in this clay
changed so that this became solid and not soft.
And there is a glaze, not much of a glaze on this
but that is another chemical which gives it this colour.
This has been transformed to make an object
that curiously represents something that's both lifelike,
natural and yet is not.
These are not human size.
The natural and the unnatural, the synthetic and the natural
get inextricably mixed up in any aspect of human creation.