Fallout 1 story (Part 2/2)

Uploaded by recover89 on 08.08.2008

You managed to destroy the Vats, then you killed the Master before he could realize his twisted plans.
With the Master gone, his armies flee to the east in fear of retribution from the remaining normals.
The ghouls of Necropolis learn how to maintain the repaired water pump,
and eventually rediscover many lost secrets of engineering.
They form a business selling this technology to other towns.
The Followers of the Apocalypse rise to become a major influence in New California.
With your help, they gain control of the LA Boneyard.
In Shady Sands, Tandi helps her father Aradesh bring a new community and new life out of the broken remains of the world.
They are responsible for the New California Republic, whose ideals spread across the land.
Killian Darkwater takes firm control of Junktown, drives out the last of Gizmo's kind,
and then enforces his own brand of frontier justice.
Life is fair and safe under his law.
The Brotherhood of Steel helps the other human outposts drive the mutant armies away with minimal loss of life, on both sides of the conflict.
The advanced technology of the Brotherhood is slowly reintroduced into New California, with little disruption or chaos.
The Brotherhood wisely remains out of the power structure, and becomes a major research and development house.
With your assistance, Old Harold brings the ghoul population of the Hub into equality with the humans.
The two sides work together, and the Hub prospers.
Old Harold is still alive, as far as anyone knows.
Thanks to your persistence, the Raiders are destroyed as an effective fighting force, and disband.
None of the Raider survivors are ever heard from again.
Your involvement with the various places and people of the Wasteland is well documented by future historians.
Only a single question remained unanswered: What happened to you?
You march into the desert sands, leaving the shattered corpse of the Overseer behind you,
never to return to the Vault.
Fallout, an increasingly important word in the atomic and hydrogen age.
The facts, from Federal Civil Defense, tell us, that fallout could hurt you, it might even kill you.
Well, what about it Mister? What is this fallout stuff?
Fallout is nothing more than particles of matter in the air,
made radioactive by nuclear explosions.
Sooner or later, however, they settle to earth.
This, is fallout.
And it can be very dangerous,
if you don't know what to do about it.
Well, do you know what to do about it grandpa?
Not yet young man, but I will.
There are four major characteristics of an A-bomb or H-bomb explosion.
They are: blast
initial radiation
and residual radiation.
All this clear so far, sister?
Sure, but you've talked about fallout from enemy bombings.
Our goverment very carefully tests only small nuclear devices in the United States.
So these are the facts that should reassure and encourage you.
Be ready to assist in defense preparations in your community, if your help is needed.
For fallout is only one ...