Real Proactiv Customers Surprised by Justin Bieber at a Proactiv Commercial Shoot (Part 3)

Uploaded by Proactiv on 01.02.2012

What's up guys. This is Justin Bieber. And this is where I get to direct my first Proactiv Commercial. And the best part is, the talent doesn't know it's me. Check it out.
[Man]: Guys, good morning, hi, how are you? [Girls]: Hi, good morning.
[Man]: Now what we are doing is we are shooting some product shots with the Proactiv. [Girl]:Ok.
[Man]: So all you have to do is be you. [Girl]: Ok. [Man]: And pretty smile.
[Man]: Here we go guys lets roll camera. Nice and quiet please.
Quiet on the set. Alright, ok, smile at the camera. Hello. Big Smile. Alright, flip your hair. Flip your hair ma'am. Flip your hair, hello?
Yes, great. Now let's grab the white bottle on the left. On the left side. Yes. Ok, great. Now put the other one down.
Ok, now, smile as if you just won the lottery.
Nice, now hold the bottle 20 degrees to the right. The other 20. 20 degrees. Right there.
Ok, now put some on your hands.
Ok, now put a little bit on your face. Big smiles, lots of energy. Good stuff.
Ok, now grab the other bottle. Above your head. Right above your head. Great, a little higher. Yes. Now jump. Jump in the air. Keep jumping. Yes. Wonderful, wonderful.
Ok cut, I'm coming out. Great, great, cut, great.
[Justin]: Hi! [Girl]: Oh my god. Oh my god.
[Justin]:You didn't know it was me back there did you. [Girl]: No way.
[Justin]: How are you? [Girl]: Good how are you? [Justin]: Sorry for messing with you. I had to. [Girl]:It's ok. Oh my god!
[Justin]: You didn't know I was here did you? [Girl]: No, oh my god.
[Man]: So what do you think of your director, is he any good? [Girl]: He is amazing. [Justin]: I was just messing with you. You were a great sport.
Oh my god. Oh my god!