Alvin in Neverland-in German/w English subtitles

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one, two - it's over
the boredom - it ended
three, four, here we come
postpone the worries until tomorrow
we are the chipmunks!
We are the chipmunks
get ready, we are back!
if you like to laugh,
just call us, we bring the fun
and if you like to sing too,
here is the rhythm, get going!
We are the chipmunks
and even better than ever!
We are the chipmunks
Alvin, Simon, Theodore!
du du dudududu - du du dududu
Simon... i'd love to have an autograph card!
This is my last one, promise me to cherish it for the rest of your life, okay?
*laughs* Oh, it isn't for me.
It's for my little sis!
You know, you are really cute for being that small
I'll get my driver's licence in less than 83 month!
The insolence of it! I'm not a child anymore.
Enough with the silly cuddly blanket!
You don't need videogames anymore.
Hey! foam at the mouth!
I'm shaving.
From now on, we act like adults.
Here, read this boring news magazine.
I have no intention of boring myself,
give me my videogame!
What's happening here, boys?
I'm just trying to teach those two, that it's time to grow up.
For their age, they just behave too... childish.
You'll grow up soon enough, Alvin,
and there are plenty of great things to experience as a child.
Name one.
Well, as a child life seems to leave all doors open for every possibilitiy
You come upon miracles and surprises everywhere,
just as in the story of Peter Pan, for example.
How can one believe in a boy in green tights,
who flies around all day with a dusty fairy named Tinkerbell, Wendy?
It's simple,
I've got imagination!
Nonsense, imagination!
Those two live in NEVERland.
Don't you get that?
That means, that they NEVER existed!
Of..course..they...exist! Peter Pan exists, Neverland exists!
No, they don't!
Yes, they do!
Kids, it.... bedtime.
And what about the bedtime story?
Yeah, daddy, tell us the one with Peter Pan!
No, not again!
You chose the story yesterday, John,
and i want to hear something about Neverland.
I have to keep up with the news, after all.
As you will.
Hook sneaked behind him,
while Peter Pan fought against the other pirates.
As Peter noticed the captain's cunning,
he jumped aside with a huge leap.
Hook missed the attack, lost his balance
and started to stagger.
He managed to steady himself,
and with a quick .. ouch!
Ow, my back, that hurts!
I...I'm getting too old for this stuff...
..and you too!
It's time to grow up, Wendy.
There is no Easter bunny, no Santa Claus, and no Peter Pan!
Wendy and John Darling!
You two are the winners
of our main prize of our Neverland imagination contest!
....It's really you!
The original, Peter Pan!
Always at your service!
Alright, either this is a nightmare,
or I have become insane.
Tell them what they won, Tink!
First of all,
they will dive with the mermaids of the lost lagoon
afterwards, they will take part in a real amerindian palaver,
followed up with a dinner as the princess Tiger Lily's special guests.
And last but not least,
they will, under the direction of our wonderful Peter Pan,
have the honour to see an aerial view of Neverland!
Well, what do you think of that?
I'm sorry, but i still have to sort my socks today.
Oh well, if the prize isn't accepted by both of them,
I have to transfer it.
Who is next on the list, Tink?
Gary and Jackie Rubenstein, Montecito in California.
California, here we come!
Just a second, er... i'll be right back
Listen, you will accept the prize immediately,
or do you want me to tell our father,
who REALLY destroyed the window in his room?
You're bluffing!
Desperate girls are capable of anything...
Alright... when do we start?
beautiful things should be done as soon as possible.
However, one little something is missing
You can't fly without Tinkerbell's pixie dust
Next stop: Neverland!
If you wanna take a look,
you can see...
the singing oak forest!
And over there you can see...
What's that??
Listen, no matter what happens,
never go to that place.
That is the pirate's bay!
...the anchorage of the hideous Captain Hook.
C-Captain Ho-H-Hoo-H-
But John, there is nothing to be afraid about...
all those things just exist in the imagination of the children,
Come now! We have to hurry!
The others are waiting
Good morning, captain.
pardon me, master...
Don't tell me, that the sun is shining outside again!
I'm afraid so, sir.
It's a lovely day...
But, i found a tiny cloud in the sky
and it seems like one of your men has caught a cold.
Yes, and another man got a horrible splinter in his finger.
and did the wound already cause inflammation?
Well, probably...
I like what i hear, Smee.
I think i feel bad enough now to get up.
I'm glad, sir.
Rain for weeks and dirt on the planks
laths and fever, the ship filled with sick people
pest and damnation, a child, which never laughs,
those are the things, that I enjoy!
Spiders and worms and smelly frogs,
dirty nails and stinky clothes,
flashing and thundering till everything crashes,
those are the things, that I enjoy!
If the sun in shining,
if the sky is laughing,
my heart sinks...
in that case i think about the things i enjoy,
and that gives me new strength again.
To hell with Peter Pan!
I can still remember the time,
when this place was a home for rats, snakes and slimy creatures;
in other words: a paradise!
And then, Pan came
and ruined the beautiful idyll with his happiness-nonsense and ridiculous rainbows.
I will tear this guy to shreds
I will eat him for breakfest, yes,
I will pulpify him!
If i would only know where i can find him...
now, now, captain, take a deep breath!
What's the point of that? Is this another useless invention of yours?
This is a Peter-Pan-finder.
Actually, this should have been your birthday present, but...
Peter Pan, brace yourself!
You live here?
I hope you don't expect me to tidy up, Peter!
Who are you?
Where are we,
how do we get back home?
The lost chipmunks!!
Listen up, my friend.
I came here to learn how to fly,
and to experience some adventures.
If you want, we can go shopping as well,
but i will not be the babysitter!
Leave me alone, i don't want to...
Oh, you're a dork Smee.
Your gadget doesn't work!
But captain, the arrow clearly leads us in this direction..
And I'm telling you, this thing is garbage!
Isn't there anyone, who can tell me, where Peter Pan lives...
Well, i can't think of anyone as well, except... Princess Tiger Lily
Smee! You're right.
But i doubt she will tell you anything, captain.
Well, if she refuses to provide the information, i will help making it happen!
Captain Hook is after Tiger Lily?
What are we waiting for, we have to be ahead of him!
Come, Wendy, i thought you want to experience a real adventure!
Err...Well, I..I would love to come with you,
but someone has to look after these adorable children.
They are missing maternal care; i can feel it!
You probably need my help for that...
Oh, not at all, John.
You are in good hands with Peter!
I... er...
It's "Howgh"
and not "Hi"
Well, fine by me.
Go and get firewood.
Tell me where the shed is...
You shall get it out of the forest, not the shed!
That way.
Okey-doke, chieftain.
These outdated conditions...
Hey, what's going on here?
Oh, you poor thing...
You will do a nice little journey now, princess.
Looks like Tiger Lily disappeared off the face of the earth...
Over there!
Captain Hook's credit card!
He kidnapped her, let's go!
I will ask you one last time...
Hey, do you really think i betray a cool guy like Peter Pan for a grandpa like you?
I'm sure she doesn't mean it that way, sir,
not everyone has a refined language like you.
Listen up then, maybe we understand each other.
In precisely...7 minutes,
the most terrifying typhoon you have ever seen,
will take place in this very cave,
so think about it...
Come, Smee.
But captain, we can't simply leave her here,
she.. she will drown!
Oh, really?
This is exactly my intention, you idiot!
And tighten up the ropes!
Got that?!
Honestly, i really feel sorry for you.
He doesn't seem to be himself today...
Er... yes, captain?
I changed my mind.
Let her go, okay?
Oh, of course, captain.
You will sleep much better now too!
It works!
I look after Tiger Lily
And Smee,
go and tell the other pirates, that we will leave Neverland!
We will go on vacation for a while.
Aye, aye, sir.
Peter, look out!
Now, you will....
You're looking for me, Hook?
You miserable kobold!
You will pay for this, Pan!!
The typhoon!
Row, Smee, row!
Behave, you.. little monsters.
What's for dinner, mother?
Fish! And stop calling me "mother".
Wendy, you never guess what happened to us!
As Captain Hook wanted to take vengeance on Peter,
because he saved Tiger Lily,
John interfered in the last second
and destracted Hook from Peter
Yeah, and after that, the amerindians threw a big party for us.
Furthermore, they appointed me as the chieftain of honour!
A..And what did you do here?
Ooh, it wasn't boring!
I changed diapers 14 times,
done the dish washing,
and scoured the floor.
I could enumerate plenty of things, John,
but i don't want to make you jealous!
Take your little gang of rowdies and...
I'm out of here!
Just look at this, Smee!
Stop it, captain,
it could be worse.
Just you wait Peter Pan! If i ever get hold of you...
I came here to have a great weekend,
not to change diapers, wash the dishes, or scour the floor.
Follow me, Smee.
And everyone is acting as if the Neverland is something special..
Pardon me, young lady,
but i couldn't help but listen to your dirge.
First of all, let me introduce myself.
Don't interrupt me now, okay?
Er..Where was I? Oh, yeah..
I'm the mayor or Neverland,
and im aghast to see,
that your stay on our beautiful island
hasn't been very satisfying.
May i take the liberty of changing that
by throwing a party in your honour,
and you will be appointed as a honorary citizen!
Oh, really??
A...a party? And only for me?
Yeah, but first of all,
we have to complete the phone book of Neverland;
it looks like the only one that's missing, is
..what's his name again..
P. Pan.
I know where he lives!
Yes! across from that glade,
at the third oak on the right side.
Now we can celebrate, now we can celebrate!
Indeed, that's what we are going to do...
Well, what do you chose?
A life as a pirate,
or as shark feed!
Before we serve you, we'd rather die!
Ah, well, i think we should think about that again...
Peter Pan is the only captain we accept.
Har har! In a few seconds,
this moanbag Peter Pan will only exist in your memory!
Ladies first, my darling...
I got you, Wendy!
Ooh, Peter!
Little rogue!
Now im going to fix you,
once and for all!
Don't say you really want to...
I do!
Listen up, i will change tune now!
And the loser has to leave Neverland forever,
How do you like that, do you agree?
Oh, we sure will miss you, captain!
Peter, we should hurry!
our two winners have to be at home before midnight!
Hoist the sails!
Aye, aye, captain!
Next stop: the house of John and Wendy Darling.
I hate you Pan!
I hate you!
Good story,
but what are you trying to say?
Its simple,
John didn't want to go to Neverland, because he thought its childish.
But in the end it was a great andventure, just as you like it.
...that he nearly missed, because he thought he is too old already.
*yawn* Good night, Alvin.
Good night, Dave!
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