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A look inside Lucigen and what it's like to work
in a biotechnology lab.
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A career in biotechnology requires scientific knowledge,
hands on lab experience and strong communication skills.
Employers are seeking candidates who are detail oriented
and who have organizational and problem solving abilities.
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>> Lucigen is a company that is developing innovative new
products for next gen sequencing, DNA cloning
and for protein expression.
I look at real laboratory hands on experience.
That to me is an indication of somebody who is really ready
to do high quality laboratory work.
>> I graduated last May.
I got hired on here full time.
My favorite course was molecular biology 1, working with DNA,
plasmids, just the hands on aspect of it really excited me
and that's what I do here everyday at Lucigen.
Scientists doing research have a piece of DNA
that they're trying to study and they'll insert it
into the cells that I make.
I am part of a production team that works together to plan,
scheduling and make sure we can use each other's resources,
but for the most part, I am working individually.
Majority of my day is spent in the lab.
I dilute the cells into our covered media
and then I plate them, incubate them overnight at 37 degrees
and it results in colonies spread out over the plate
which I will count and then I can get a transformation
efficiency on the cells that I made.
I inoculate cultures to grow cells
and then I harvest those cells and use them to make a product.
I do have some desk work, getting documentation up to par,
creating documents to track what I do throughout the day,
lot numbers and just making sure we're doing everything
to the highest quality that would possibly can.
>> Technician coming in to a company like Lucigen,
they're very well trained
and have a very good professional attitude
about doing laboratory work.
>> Right now, I have a plate of growing cells here
and it's been about a week or so.
So to maintain the health and the viability,
I'm re-streaking these out onto fresh media
and it will be placed in an incubator,
37 degrees and allowed to grow.
This is actually for research and development.
A greener fuel is the very end product.
>> We're a very hands on organization.
The students that will fit our need,
they're ready to go day one.
We don't really have to teach them how to use the balance.
We don't have to teach them how to use a pH meter
and they have recognition of the importance
to do those, the right way.
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