(Eng Sub) Shinhwa 9th- Making and Recording of 'RUN'

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[Composition of Shinhwa's 9th Album Title Track, 'Run' ]
[Whose hand is moving so rapidly on this object?]
[It's Minwoo!]
[Zeal Zeal Zeal]
[Curious how 'Run' was born?]
[STEP 1: Melody Making]
[The melody is already completed nicely?]
[But Minwoo is not satisfied.]
[Really don't know what he's singing here....]
[Oh Eh Oh! Oh Eh Oh! %$Aw@!!~&]
[Minwoo is in the middle of making a vocal guide/demo tape...]
Bye~ It's Shinhwa!
Let's hurry.
[Scared Me~]
[Minwoo is recalling the melody and recording it into the camera.]
[STEP 2: Vocal Line Making]
[The sense to capture the camera completely even while composing!]
Play that last part I just did.
[Improvised dance choreography!]
Okay, okay, okay. Let's do that last part like that.
I'm off.
What's with this awesomeness all of a sudden? Shocked me. You kidding me?
"Heuk~ Let's shock them."
Don't leave...today! I'm making the title track right now.
[Q. What kind of song are you working on right now?]
This song is a powerful song we're thinking of using for Shinhwa's title song.
It's not up to standard right now...
What am I talking about?
It's an impromtu!
The melody and now the vocal...
Aish~ What's with this smell?
Have a sniff.
[STEP 3. A vocal guide for the members when they start recording]
Now the dubbing.
[Minwoo listening to the vocal guide again.]
Shall we just leave it like that?
Time to go.
"It's morning. Morning..."
[Minwoo stayed up all night working and is now heading home.]
Good work.
Minwoo, take care.
I'm feeling a lot better.
[STEP 4. Writing Lyrics]
Give a starter for the sabi (Sabishigaru/chorus).
The sabi? The sabi is...oh eh oh...that part...
The first thought that came was:
We are born again in these burning times...
[Thinking up and writing down the lyrics eagerly...]
Every moment...
[Eric is helping out with the writing of the lyrics.]
I made the main them, 'run'...so let's have 'run' at the beginning.
In English...
Like that.
Let's put the concept in the chorus here.
Let's try some English here. And here, let's put in some rap to fill it up.
Then let's take just take out 'one' there and continue with 'just run' for the rest of it.
Is that okay?
"Run. Just run. Just run hoo~ Just run..."
Are we putting rap here...or a sabi?
Minwoo ah, over here...
[Minwoo and Eric continue to discuss the song.]
That part feels a bit weak and doesn't feel like rap.
This part's a little awkward...just a bit...
The feel is wrong?
It's not that it feels wrong.
[Hyesung is listening to Minwoo instruct on a certain segment.]
Over here, "Don't lose sight of it~"
After that and when the rap is done...
"Hey, time and story goes~"
- Over here? - Yeah.
I'm just saying, so you can decide what to do.
I don't really have any thoughts about it.
As for over here...
"Run, run, run~"
The words are really short. And these...are my lines.
[STEP 5. Dividing up each members' parts]
Do these lyrics...sound too self-serving?
No, these are your lines. These are mine.
"The cool us~"
Oh eh oh! Let's party! Oh eh oh! Let's do it!
[Hyesung is officially starts recording.]
A little weak?
Let's do it one more time.
This is impossible for me. This is not like singing.
[Hyesung finds the chorus portion difficult.]
It's getting better.
Hyesung ah! Try listening to these.
Here's the first one.
"O..oh~ Nothing can stop me."
[Minwoo guiding Hyesung's vocals.]
"Oh~ Nothing can stop me!~" It's not like that.
"Oh!!~ Nothing can stop me." It's connected that way.
Give it a try.
[STEP 6. Rap Recording]
[Eric is in-charge of guiding Junjin's rapping!]
Just do this part like that.
-Okay! -Just a little.
Yah, listen to this~
[Junjin is confident about listening to the recording of his own part.]
Jin ah! Got this dance prepared.
Burn this on to a CD for me!
[Junjin starts dancing as soon as the music plays.]
[Eric dying of laughter]
One more time! One more time!
I want to eat chicken~
[Who does this voice belong to?]
Let's go.
[Visitor Andy wants to go eat chicken.]
Not going?
Will there be any at this time?
Jinnie hyung knows where.
Hyung, you're eating, right?
I'm not eating~
[Like before, Junjin is dancing by himself.]
[Andy's head is only filled with chicken-eating thoughts.]
Ah~ I'm dying~
Shinhwa's 9th Album Title Track, 'RUN' Music & Arrangement: Lee Minwoo Lyrics: Eric Mun & Lee Minwoo
Shinhwa's 9th Album Title Track, 'RUN' Translations & subtitles: crystalis [www.shinhwaglish.blogspot.com]
Shinhwa's 9th Album Title Track, 'RUN' Raw: 我是水楼飞兔子