How to Reduce Traffic in Egypt ?

Uploaded by MrYOUSSEF1997 on 06.06.2012

the solution for too many people in egypt and the traffic, first thing to do is for us to get out of the tight places, we all live on only 3% of land in Egypt
and we have a desert, in the east and the west and we have all of Sinai, which represent 97% of land in Egypt
so if we are able to get out of the tight spaces and go out to the desert, in the west and the east, and sinai like i said before
we could change them into a good enviroment, that would be modern,building factories, and making it look like our world today, with new ideas
which will make the people go there, instead of living in a crowded place, this will also give them more chances to find new jobs
they will also go to live there, in which this will also reduce traffic,around the Wadi and the Delta, also more jobs, and a better income will be provided
and in that way egypt's economy will get better, by using the desert offcourse
Youssef ramzy: so basically what you said earlier is the solution to reduce traffic in Egypt, and are you sure ?
yes i am sure, that is the only solution, like i said before to reduce traffic in Egyppt we have to use the desert, in the west and the east
in all that empty wide desert that god had gave egypt, the desert is full of minerals such as phosphate, magnesium, coal, and petroleum
therefore we just need to get them out from the ground and work hard
thank you mr saeed, your words are very wise, and you have lots of ideas that could change Egypt, and we all hope for Egypt to become a better place
yes we hope so, we hope so !