Miss Deaf America Preliminary I

Uploaded by NADvlogs on 03.07.2012

LITTLE: Minority means: differences such as being female, male, black, white, hispanic, baptist, or Jewish. The differences don't matter - we're all part of the same minority: we're Deaf.
JACKERSON: Do we currently have a strong Deaf education system? I want to comment on the Hause bill.
NEWBERRY: I have three points I will share with you. First, Idaho is one of the bottom 10 states for students that go on to graduate from college.
CHAN: The first cuts that are taken? Art programs. Research by the University of Michigan showed that schools with no art programs have lower morale.
SANFORD: JFK, John F. Kennedy, inspired me to the possibility of volunteering in Guatamala.
COOK: My work life has been diverse. I've worked in the non-profit sector, in health education, and in the corporate world.
I'm Sandra Mae Frank, and I'm Miss Deaf KENTUCKY!
Hi, I'm Mary Rios and I'm Miss Deaf Oklahoma!
Hi, I'm Kayla Head, Miss Deaf Tennessee!