Johnny (2003) Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai w/ English Subtitles

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-Can you please call Johnny? -Ok.
Your mother is calling you. Go inside.
-How is your health? -Fine.
lt has been 2 weeks since l saw you.
After l came from Germany..
..l had to stay in Bombay because of dock yard work
You know that l won't have a long life.
l didn't mind..
..even if you didn't take care of me these days.
-At least now.. -What should l do?
l gave a good treatment for you.
l am spending a lot to cure your illness.
What should l do more than this?
At this time, instead of doctor's treatment.. should be with me at least today.
l want to talk to you a lot.
Especially about our Johnny.
What is there to talk about him new today?
l feel that l won't live till tomorrow.
You always tell this.
Don't neglect the person who loves you.
Do you like it?
Mom! All are saying that you will die.
Won't you come to our home after you die?
Dear! Get up.
l should give medicine to mom.
Will they win?
lt's enough.
You said that you'll tell.
You won't leave me.
First give me that. l'll tell you.
6 months ago l met a lady in Bombay.
Her name is Sumitha. We decided to marry in this year end.
Let's see. Let's talk to them..
Dad! l feel scared to sleep alone.
Why are you scared?
She died and left him with me
He disturbs me mentally.
l have to scold my parents because they conducted my marriage l hated.
lt was my mistake that l obeyed them.
Now l am enduring it.
Jojo! Take care of you when you cut it.
Else you won't do the work properly.
lt's my fate.
Do like this.
lt's true that you will fall down some day.
Write down 2 cups in Pandu's account.
What happened you?
l have been feeling giddy since last night.
Then why did you come?
Where is Lingam?
Tell me.
Damn it, he and his liquor!
He isn't feeling well.
Take him to the hospital and show him and..
..take him in the auto and drop him at his home
For hospital and auto..
Then where is the money for my return?
lf there is any money left, come in the bus or else come by walk.
-Appalraju and l came to this town for livelihood. -We came.
-We both worked for the British. -We worked
What an atrocity! They dismissed us for a small mistake.
Oh God! We both came to the road again.
We came to the road again.
-Meanwhile Anthony sir appeared before us. -Wow.
-When we reached him hearing the sound, his eyes were popped out. -Finish.
-He sent me inside to bring the water. -You..
Appalraju got the bunch of keys.
My life became like this since then..
..became like this.
What is going there?
Come, l'll take you.
Hold my hand. Come.
-Come soon. -Ok man.
lt's difficult to maintain them.
Greetings! Anthony sir!
Who is Johnny here?
How dare you hit my man?
How do you have guts to come into our area?
-ln Johnny's area? -l'll smash you to pieces.
l'll break your limbs
Hey Johnny! Come out.
l'll make you a mince meat
How dare you hit our area guy?
Hey Johnny! Come out.
You rascal, come out, will you?
Face me if you've guts
You have knocked Kasim down!
Go off! Or else he will enter your house and hit you.
Hey Johnny! Come to the station.
Cl sir is calling you.
ls it? lt is high time since l met sir!
You go l'll come.
Are you kidding?
Come and get into the jeep.
Won't l come when you call me with respect?
-Move. -Don't push me.
-Go. -l am going, right?
-Tell to Cl that Johnny has come. -Go.
Hey man! Will you come.. go to Srikakulam forest. Will you come?
-What? -Brother..!
ls it your aunt's house?
-Didn't l tell you? -Then what is this?
Why did you hit that guy?
Why don't you speak?
Bash him
Why did you hit?
Go and ask that idiot, why l hit him? He'll tell.
What is he saying?
He is stubborn
How dare you hit him knowing that he is my man?
Are you such a big person?
He thinks of him as a fighter!
Are you a fighter? Will you fight?
Do you know who am l and my level?
l am in the party. You talk to my P.A
-Remember about us also. -Ok, will do it.
l am thinking where to keep you
ln which station?
Lay the breakfast and let it be warm and not cold
Put your legs down from the table..
..and stop the music.
Where were you last night, my dear?
You may come with me and stay in Mumbai.
l thank you for releasing me from the station.
You left home at the age of 4.
Suddenly l got a call in the business meeting..
Get out.
You shouldn't appear before me again.
Get out.
She died and left him with me. He disturbs me mentally.
l have to scold my parents for performing my marriage l hated.
lt was my mistake that l obeyed them. Now l am enduring.
Didn't it enough of drinking last night? Come.
He feels as the boss.
You beggar! He sent me to bring the water and got the bunch of keys.
Wait!l am coming.
Where did he keep the old account book?
After seeing your condition at police station yesterday..
..l had to call your father.
lt's ok, who will do other than you?
Greetings Johnny!
-lt's enough to greet him. -l'll go to the ring.
-Greeting. -lt is your way.
Go to the market and get goods.
Johnny brother!
l heard that you beat everyone in the station.
Mind your business
What is this brother?
l thought to do like that but you have done it.
-Take care him.
Tea and coffee are free, as Johnny beat everyone at police station
-Your boss is seeing this. -You come here.
Take this and keep there safely.
We've come to buy, not to eat.
Stop eating.
Pack 50 kg of these.
Why lady's fingers are very hard?
You've prepared too much bill this month.
These also are not good.
Anthony!You are looking so smart today!
Why are you looking so ugly?
Buy lady's finger. lt is good for brain.
lt'll need to you.
Anyhow l've to steal this keys.
Why carrots are looking so green?
Buy tomatoes..
Give 10 kg of carrots.
Give me duplicate keys of it soon.
What do you stare? Do it.
Why are you staring at me?
Have you thought that l've stolen this?
Do it.
Do it soon.
Do it.
Do it.
l'll kill you.
Don't kill me. l'll die soon.
Give the keys.
Peter! Mind your business.
Greetings Johnny brother!
-Why are you eating it alone? -Go away.
-Greetings brother! You told that you'll teach me the punch game.
-Come. -Brother..
Oh gosh!
Madm! Don't stamp it.
Madam! My vegetables are here.
Sir! My vegetables will crush. Don't stamp it.
Be prosperous!
Hey Appalraju! Your keys are..
How did you get this?
-ls it yours? -Yes.
You idiot Appalraju!
l got your bunch of keys
Henceforth that hotel will be mine.
Hey Johnny! What are you looking for?
ls it the one?
Where did you get it?
A girl gave me.
A pretty girl!
The hotel will become mine, Appalraju!
Make it fast.
Take money for 2 breads.
You idiot! lf you eat like this, you will have to face it.
Take it.
Johnny brother..!
Sumuth gang is coming.
Let them come. Why do you get excited?
Wait and see.
-Are you also feeling happy? -No.
Has Sumuth come?
Welcome Sumuth brother!
Don't call me as brother.
Call me as sir.
Why do you feel uneasy? Come and sit here.
Come and sit sir!
What a muscle!
-Tell me what is the matter. -Karate Sathi has sent us
ls it for a feast?
Why do you feel again?
Tell me what the matter is.
Karate sathi has sent Shakeel gupta to make a settlement with you.
That Shakeel gupta..
Don't you know what will happen if you don't listen to Karate Sathi?
Tomorrow you should come to Golkonda fort at 3 o'clock.
Leave it, brother!
What is this sir?
That Johnny is going too much these days
Even after telling your name..
Why? Didn't he come for a compromise?
He came.
We gave him a solid threat
After hearing your name he became timid like a mouse
Go! l forgive you.
So, what did he say?
Barking dogs seldom bite
-Then what did you do? -l warned him.
You're doing a mistake again. Sathi won't leave you
-Then? -Don't wait, finish everyone
Were you all quiet?
How could we be quiet?
We were running in the front. He was behind us.
We were in the front.
He was behind us.
We were running like this
-Who was in the front? -But we were behind
-Who was at the back? -But we were in the front.
Then what happened?
We kept on running
We surrounded him in the end
He tackled one by one
He lifted them and thrashed him
ln the end he asked us to tell you something
What did he say?
lf you play like these dramas, l'll cut your head and put in your hand.
-Just one more chance -Enough.
Be quiet
l'll take care of his matter.
Pandu! You go upstairs.
Sir, this month fees.
-Greetings Johnny brother! -Hai Lottu.
Basheer dada has come.
-Greetings -Greetings.
He wants a favor from you.
Sit down.
-Sit! -No, thanks!
Tell him.
Johnny dear! She is my daughter Hasina.
You know that... whole family depends on both of our wages.
No problem. Tell me.
Dear! The manager where she works..
Tell him dear.
-Wait here. l'll go and bring the police. -Go away.
-l'll bring the police. -Go and bring them.
Hey! Go away
Don't go anywhere leaving me.
-Thanks sir -lt's ok.
-You are working in Srikaar-Upakaar institute, isn't it? -Yes.
My office is also in that area.
What wrong they did and why God punished them?
Truly the God is not so kind.
lf you want money..
l mean if your institute needs donations,.. me in my office.
l'll do the help whatever l can.
Bye sir.
Why are you late? Come.
Have it!
What did you think about my proposal?
Look!Your family is depending on your salary.
Think for a while.
Tell me what you think about my proposal?
There has been a marriage fixed for me.
l don't say that l want to marry you.
Just 2 days... There is my guest house.
Let's go on Saturday morning and return on Sunday evening.
lt'll be remained as a great experience.
Not like before, now l give you 10 seconds.
Think and tell me.
lt is finished.
-What have you decided? -l've decided to hit you.
Can't you hear?
l've decided to hit you.
Hey, Get up!
How dare you hit me!
Remove his tie!
-At least you tell him. -Go away.
Move man.
-Why did you dismiss her? -She didn't do work. That's why.
Will you dismiss her if she doesn't accept your proposal?
Call them. l'll tell them your stupid acts also.
Who is a gentleman?
What can they do for your stupid acts?
Who will help you?
Help madam.
Go! Make them to get into the van. Go!
Damn! How dare you?
-Go! -Sir!
Sir! Somebody is hitting a guy.
-Where? -There.
Come soon there.
ldiot! He got caught.
Why do you make fuss again?
-What is your problem? -Nothing sir.
How dare you warn him in front of me?
Go away.
lf l put you into the jail, you can't come outside.
Tell him.
What about you?
What do you want?
A doll!
Take it.
-Did they all have the breakfast? -Yes madam.
Do you want this?
Use this.
This colour looks nice.
Use orange colour. Paint here.
You take this.
Take this.
Pallavi! Do you want it?
Want to paint it.
Don't you want?
Take it!
What do you want to eat?
Do you eat poori and idly?
ls it?
The lunch bell is ringing.
Shall we go?
Has Ashok's physiotherapy sessions completed?
No, one session is left.
-Haven't you start to eat?
Basheer dada is talking to her daughter. So l am waiting here
ls she his daughter? lsn't it?
Didn't we see her in the park when there was a quarrel?
She is..
What dada? You are looking very happy.
Nothing dear! My daughter got the job again.
What? Already she is doing that job, isn't it?
Dear! She has been dismissed from it.
Has been dismissed? Why?
You know that dear.
Mostly in the offices, they won't give importance for girls
Her office manager called her to his guest house.
He dismissed her from the job when she refused his proposal.
l told this to Johnny.
When he went and taught him a lesson, then he behaved politely.
Who is this Johnny?
He is in my neighbourhood. He is a good person.
lf anyone seeks him anything, he'll help them without saying no.
Today my daughter is happy because of him.
God should take care him.
Hey buddy! Play the game and sing the song merrily.
Tell dear!
My name is Geethanjali.
l am working as a teacher.. the school where Basheer dada works.
l was the reason..
..for you getting hurt by the police that day.
But you didn't know that.
l knew the reason..
..yesterday why you hit that guy that day.
lf anyone gets hurt because of me..
..l won't be quiet until l say sorry to them.
l came to say sorry to you.
Johnny brother!
Listen Johnny brother, walk slowly
Careful when you're in love
What is this sir?
Lingam went to get the goods morning. Till now he is not seen.
Have you seen Lingam?
Hey Lingam!
Muscles are not needed Guts are needed
See! l have the guts.
You stupid
You are saved.
Go away.
Why do you torture us? Go away.
You go to bed.
Lingam, you're dancing here in stupor..
..Anthony sir is calling you there, go
Damn! What can he do to me?
What? Are you looking for me?
You went to the market in the morning.
Have you got the goods?
l didn't buy the gods but l had liquor.
You idiot! You won't prosper.
Give me the bunch of keys. l'll prosper
What about you?
ldiot! Do you need the gym to increase and decrease your body?
What happened to all of them? What is this?
Who is he?
Why do you stare at me seriously?
Why do you see there when l am talking to you?
You might have hit rowdy and police..
You may be Johnny..
Because l am Mahalingam
Get up.
Stop consuming liquor, else you'll die.
Stop consuming beer, else you'll lose the life
Brandy, whisky and rum whichever brand you consume.. would get diseased and would stink.
Stop consuming liquor, else you'll die.
Hey Adhi! Are you listening to him?
lf you get stupor after having the liquor..'ll forget relationships
After you get intoxicated, you would resort to violence
lf the Satan enters your brain..
What then?
lf the Satan enters your brain..
You'll commit murders.
What Lingam? Can you understand it?
Stop consuming liquor, else you'll die.
Go away!
After liquor enters your belly..
..all your blood will enters the eyes.
The skin under your eye will swell..
..and you'll get epilepsy and die.
Epilepsy? What is it?
You'll know by yourself
Stop consuming liquor, else you'll die.
Stop. Tell me what will happen then?
Your liver will leak out..
Your heart will get hijacked..
Your kidneys will get kidnapped..
Your bladder will expand..
After losing everything, if you take any medicine..
What Lingam?
After losing everything, if you take any medicine..
..your life will get stuck.
lt is waste whatever we tell him.
He won't change.
Brother! Today is Sadhar festival. Have you all forgotten it?
Yes brother!
-Let's go brother! -What a great surprise news!
Let's go brother!
Hey Laddu! You start. You come.
-Hey Paandu! -l am coming Johnny brother.
Adhi! Apply dot to it.
You too come.
-Come -Stop it.
Hindhu's only have the right to apply the dot to animal
You are a Muslim.
You shouldn't do it. Go away.
What do you make fuss here?
lf you make me to apply dot to it, a big quarrel will start here.
Don't bring disgrace to our Muslim community.
Go away from here.
Don't spoil our religion. Go.
The religion was born after the human birth..
Later it surpassed the humans
Similarly a baby comes out from the womb..
Don't do wrong things.
Don't worry Najeer brother! Oh my dear buddy!
We have our day, buddy.
Don't boast in wrong places.
lt is a golden word from Veman, haven't you heard?
When Akkana and Madhanna were ministers in Tanisha's court..
..Ramadasu built a temple for Lord Rama.
Kulikuthbshah built Bhagya Nagaram(Hyderabad)..
..for his lover Bhagyamathi's remembrance.
When there are monuments built by Navab's(Muslim)..
..why do we need the communal clash?
Hey buddy! A symbol of humanity that happened, have you heard?
A Muslim gave life to a Hindu by donating his kidneys
lt is the norm that all humans are equal..
But it won't like to Satan in human beings
When Peerla festival comes in our place..
..people dance joyfully with drum beats.
When Satharu festival comes, everyone in city..
..will enjoy playing with animals.
We don't bother about others!
You are that Jashuva, ever and forever.
Don't believe the leader.
He cheats the guy who believes him.
He throws our lives into dark and makes his life bright.
He says that his God is great..
He says that his religion is the best..
He asks to pray in his temple..
He asks to worship his God..
He cheats mercilessly by God's name..
He makes communal clash to get post and position..
He makes communal clash..
l thought that you'll pass the ball to me..
But you passed it to someone.
Johnny brother! You are..
What are you doing here by coming in the middle of the game?
You go away from here.
-Go. -Johnny brother! What is the matter?
-Go. -You should tell it.
-ls your house nearby? -No.
Then why are you going this side?
l am going to the station for local train.
-Where do you stay? -Working women's hostel at Thimmapur.
What about your parents?
l don't have my parents.
They died when l was young.
ls it ok for you, if l accompany you to the station?
The train has come.
ls it ok for you, if l accompany you to the next station?
ls it ok for you, if l accompany you to your station?
Geetha madam!
ls it ok for you, if l accompany you to your hostel?
-We have reached the hostel. -So fast?
You are not permitted to come inside the hostel.
-What Geetha? -When did you come from your place? -Yesterday.
Wherever you are, l am following you..
How can l stop my mind when it doesn't obey me?
Whichever air blows, l hear your voice..
How can l express this feeling?
l never felt your absence all these days.
My loneliness has gone away after l met you.
Smile adorned my lips because of you.
Desires bloom in me because of you
Don't know what has happened!
Has the world changed newly?
Your affection escorts me in the darkness
Our love plant won't wither as my breath gives life to it.
Let me live with you till the end of life..
Let the heaven come and join us..
She is Geetha
What would you like to have, tea or coffee?
-What? -You go.
You know that l know Johnny since his childhood..
How do you know?
-Who is he? -He is Lingam.
He and Anthony were doing a job here 20 years ago.
ln that trading company.
You know what happened one day..
Johnny brother!
l am staying here only. So..
Johnny brother! Please open it.
You don't have the value thing other than this in this world, isn't it?
-No. -Have you ever lost it?
-No. -At least once?
Once l have lost it. But l got it back.
-How? -When Lingam got it, he gave me
Who gave it to Lingam in the market?
A beautiful girl.
That beautiful girl..
Why didn't you tell me these days?
l don't know.
l am keeping it safely for my mom's remembrance..
But l lost it that day.
By listening your words that l got it by you..
lt already has been written that we both want to meet.
lt is true Johnny.
The fate is a wonder
We are born somewhere and brought up somewhere..
We didn't know each other since last month.
But now we are going to live till the end of life.
Walk fast. lt's getting late.
-l am coming. -l forgot to buy the nuptial thread..
lt is time to close the shop.
- l am going. -Ok.
-Catch him. -Get in.
Move forward.
l thought you would be a fat guy, when my guys told about you.
But you are looking slim!
ls he Johnny?
-These days you didn't care for me and my guys.-Now see!
We'll prick you like needles.
-Hey Soori! Why do you stare? -Play with him.
Hey Sathi!
They are like grass but not like sticks.
lf l wanted to, l would have hit them there
But l've come to clear off your rust.
What? Will you prick me like needles?
l'll tear your skin.
Go away.
Johnny brother! What happened to you?
Geetha sister worried and came to the hotel.
So just now Anthony sir has gone to look for you
Here you are.. Have you seen me?
When l am an orphan, the God gave me you as a boon.
Seeing that they took you in front of my eyes..
You don't know how much l worried what would they do to you.
lf anything happens to you l can't live without you.
Nothing has happened to me.
No Johnny.
As a relative, l don't have anyone other than you in this world.
Johnny! ln your life, you won't do a thing..
..which might cause you to leave me alone.
Please swear me.
ln the norms of life..
..l would never leave you.
l swear you that...
..l'll escort you till the life ends
l'll escort you.
Come Geetha.
lt is a sweet night.
And it is a pleasant wind.
There is no end for this joy.
What is there other than this?
Unknown desires are blooming in the heart.
Naughty thoughts are coming out.
Got your company as a boon.
Ambrosia drizzles in my heart
Joy flows in me as tides
Let me dedicate it to you
This minute stopped in the desired shore.
Let your breath touch me warmly.
Let it appear as dot in my forehead
Let my vision touch you gently..
Let it appear as smile in your lips
Your friendship gave live to desires.
-Greetings Johnny brother! -Have you finished the practice?
Greetings Johnny brother!
Announce tea for everyone in the name of Narsing
A special tea for Johnny brother!
All of you pay attention here!
Tomorrow, our Narsing is contesting as councilor in the elections
Cast your vote for brother.
After he wins, he'll change our country's shape
He makes it as foreign.
Damn councilor!
-Not making it as foreign. l'll bring whole foreign here.-Yes.
So we should cast our vote for Narsing brother.
Yes. Our vote is for Narsing.
After he wins, he'll come and have tea in this hotel..
Then, do you know what would he say?
Johnny brother! Make a speech.
Come to my place..
There is amusement. A great amusement.
To eat, brown sugar is available..
To drink, government liquor is available..
lf you are a womaniser, there are lot of whorehouses here
You may do many dealings here, on pretext of religions.
You may do many dealings..
Hey Paandu!
Even if you want to rob anything..
..Harshad Mehtha won't cross your way.
lf you want to hide your loot abroad..
..our big shots will help you.
Whatever you want to buy..'ll be sold to you
lt'll be sold totally.
You go and do your work.
-lt's superb brother. -Tell tea for me.
Get a cold tea for him.
Naseer! What do you want to say?
-Naseer! What is the matter? -Tell.
-Did you forget it? -What you forgot.
Tomorrow, Nazeer is going to marry.
-You should come. -Marriage wishes.
You should bring sister-in-law.
l'll bring her. We both will come.
Don't booze if you don't want, if she comes.
Shall we go?
-Go Johnny! -Go.
Seems this idiot is coming to a hotel but not to the marriage.
He is eating too much.
Don't know whether it is digested or undigested!
Hey Appalraju! Are you serious?
Hey Anthony! l have a small doubt.
Remove your hand.
-What is his name? -Nazeer.
Why is he performing marriage instead of Nikah?
He loved a Punjab girl, so he is marrying her
Though she is a Punjabi girl, why doesn't he perform Nikah?
He is marring her in her style.
Then he'll perform Nikah in his style.
Will he marry a girl twice?
Already they have done register marriage.
You idiot!
When they are marrying happily.
Why do you make fuss here with your drink?
Then what? l am worrying that l am not married.
-Does he want marriage 3 times? -Do you want a marriage?
He is mentioning you.
But this idiot laughs when he mentioned me.
He doesn't know anything than eating.
ldiot! He eats too much..
He knows only this one.
He is a waste candidate. Want you a marriage?
-Johnny brother! -He also got married.
Are you fine dear?
Why are you leaving so early?
This idiot could change the marriage hall a arrack shop.
Have the band people come? Are you taking care of everything?
-Greetings madam! -Greetings -Johnny brother!
We have arranged everything.
Shall we start it?
Both of us would become as one in me
Would live for each other till the life ends..
..and harmony of minds is marriage. lt's a sweet marriage.
One word and one way, this journey leads to marriage.
My vision goes towards you.. My footsteps follow you.
l share my jokes with you.. l wish to live with you in every birth..
My life becomes yours..
Ready to enter pyre with you..
With affection the hymns will be said in the marriage..
Sacred rice will be sprinkled as witness to the marriage..
You are my friend and the God l trust..
You are my support and the desired shore..
You are my world..
Your joys and sorrows are mine..
This marriage has proved against the ill fate..
My life has become yours. This marriage will light the lamp.
ln emergency case, we admitted a patient called Geetha.. her and her husband inside.
Send those blood samples and reports to oncology department.
You sit here madam.
How do you feel now?
Now l feel better than last night.
Has it happened before like this?
No doctor.
Sometimes l feel giddy as l am weak.
That's all.
What is the problem doctor?
l have sent some blood samples to make some more testes.
l can't say anything till l get that final report.
There is nothing to worry.
You can take her home.
You once come and meet me after reports come.
Get up and drink milk.
How do you feel now?
l feel weak!
l am not able to go to school today.
-Will you inform them? -l will.
Some abnormalities appeared in your wife's blood testes.
To clear my doubts l sent her blood samples and reports to Chowdary.
My doubt became true.
lt has been found that your wife suffers with acute leukemia.
lt means..
ln general terms it is called blood cancer.
lt is in an advanced stage.
The person who is in this stage is difficult to live more days
What you are saying is about my wife doctor?
lf it was in early stages, l would have treated her here.
There are some specialist doctors who can treat cases like this successfully.. Mumbai J.P.Memorial hospital.
So it is good to get treatment for her by taking her there.
lf you arrange the money, l'll get appointment for you.
How much money does it need doctor?
About 4 or 5 lakhs.
lt is good to take her soon.
ls it possible to hide it without knowing to her?
-Have tea. -How do you feel now?
What are doing here without going to bed since night?
l couldn't go to bed.
Yesterday you went to the hospital. What did the doctor say?
He said it is general weakness.
That's all. He prescribed medicines.
lf you don't eat night, you will have to lie like this.
l read the reports.
What did the doctor say?
Did he say that l'll die?
Geetha! Don't..
How long can you hide it?
When we are in our daily work we don't think that we'll die someday.
l know the life is not immortal.
But l feel worried that l am going to leave you..
..before our marriage complete one year.
How much should we give for that?
-20 lakhs sir. -Just 20 lakhs?
-Settle it soon. -Ok sir!
What is reason?
-What? -l want some money.
-How much? -2 or 3 lakhs. -2 or 3?
-Why? -Geetha is not feeling well.
Who is Geetha?
For her hospital expenses..
Why? You told you don't need any money.
lf you couldn't spend for your wife's needs..
..why did you marry her?
When you went out of this house.. said that you hate us..
..and our wealth
When you are in need of money..'ve come to us.. seek help
Go inside and do the work.
You drunkard fellow!
Johnny! How is she now?
Johnny brother! Please open it.
Greetings brother!
Greetings brother!
Why are you so dull?
What Johnny?
Catch the ball.
Give me the ball.
While seeing her playing with children..
..l couldn't believe what you said me yesterday.
Are you feeling cold?
l'll be back now.
When will you leave for Mumbai?
On 4th
l think more money will have to spend for this treatment.
How do you arrange that money?
Have you taken anything from your dad?
Then how do you arrange?
l have fifty thousand rupees.
-With that.. -lt won't be sufficient.
l can't stay calm without starting the treatment and l've not enough money.
Let's see.
Are you fine?
Anthony! Shall we go? Come.
-lt's getting late. -Come.
l don't know when l will come back.
Pay the rent to house owner.
Keep the keys with you.
Brother! l've put the luggage in the taxi.
ls there anything else?
Nothing else. Lock the room.
Keep this with you.
-Why you give me this money? -lt will be used to you there.
Keep this now.
There is no gain for you in the hotel. Then why do you give me much money?
No Anthony.
l am giving this money for her.
Take this for my satisfaction.
Later l'll arrange some more money.
Shall we go?
We have spent many evenings seeing this sunset
Don't know whether l am luckily or not to see this with you.
Shall we stay for 2 minutes here?
Whose house is this?
lt is friend of doctor Joshi who did check up for you in Hyderabad.
By knowing our situation..
..he arranged it to us because the hospital is nearby from here
Come in sir!
Doctor sir had called me
l've arranged all the things here
l am staying nearby. Tell me if you want anything
Take rest for sometime. Come.
-Are you Telugu guys? -Yes sir.
l also was born and brought up in Hyderabad.
l verified all the tests which has been done by Dr.Joshi.
But we have to do the tests again to know her present condition.
l'll start chemotherapy after l get the latest reports
Because of this, cell destruction will reduce.
You will have to pay the money in a week before start the treatment
lf you show this admission slip going to out patient cash counter..
..they will tell how much you should pay.
-What? -l am poor, sir.
lf you have money, you'll get treatment..
..else,you won't get it. Go away.
Why are they so rigid?
How much?
Where are you going?
-To chemotherapy center. -Why? -To take my wife.
-Why would she be there? -Why?
You didn't pay the cash this week.
So she won't be there.
Then where would she be?
-What Johnny? -Nothing.
What happened?
-What? Ok sir.-Yes sir.
No. Yes, of course.
Hey Jojo! Send that parcel to school soon.
Keep it in the fridge
Ok, it is good
Yes, it is hard. But l'll manage. l owe you a lot already.
l don't wish to trouble you more. Yes, l met. Ok.
Yes, of course.
A cup of tea please.
Hey Usman! Don't show off.
You've not paid me commission for a month
You don't seem to know about this Pattan Babulal
lf l tell Thathiya once..
..that's it. You won't be in the trade
-What? -You stupid. Are you threatening me?
Will you tell him?
Let's see if you can go out alive
l'll slap you. Where are you going?
You move aside
You move aside
Usman sir!
Have you seen?
Don't mess with me
Stop there.
You came at the right time and saved me. Or else he would've killed me.
-My name is Pattan Babulal. What is your name? -Johnny sir!
You seem a bit unique. Where you're from?
He seems a mad fellow.
He is going when l am talking. Look!
Excuse me! l have some work.
Are you a Telugu guy? Where are you coming from?
-From Hyderabad. -l am too from Hyderabad.
Shake hands, buddy.
For what have you come to Mumbai?
Why don't you tell me the purpose?
Your looks show that, you are in trouble.
Come, let's go there and talk.
You are in big trouble.
Although you look slim, you have the stuff.
Come. l'll get a job for your level.
Why do you stare like that?
Don't you believe me?
lf you believe me, l'll give my life to you.
What? Come.
Come buddy!
Take him away.
Take that idiot. What are you looking at?
-Who is it? -He is my guy -Come.
Look there!
Bravo man!
You've made me proud
He is Thathiya.
You stay here. l'll be back soon.
How are you? Hey body builder!
Greetings Thatiya sir!
Have you lost your way again?
l didn't get lost but on the right path
ls it? Tell me about that Usman
Tell him that l am impressed
He has to win for sure tomorrow
Have bet a lot of money over him
He has a great body and great fighter.
He was a great fighter but not now
Hey you, don't talk in riddles to me
Will hang you upside down
This tiger gave him a blow and that's it
He fell flat right way l saw with my eyes.
-Whom are you talking about? -About this tiger.
This one This small boy!
This fake bodybuilder!
lf l blow he'll break into pieces
Don't you get someone else to fool today?
Don't say like that. Watch him once.
-l come. Go. -Come
-Give me. -Me also.
My assumptions never go wrong
He is a solid body builder
He is praising you so much but l couldn't digest
Get into the ring
We'll know who is original and who is fake
Hey Johnny!
Why do you go?
You are a lucky guy. Thathiya has agreed.
Didn't you see? 2 blows and 4 hits..
lf you win you will get 25 thousand rupees..
lf you lose you will get 10 thousand rupees..
Whether you win or not, you will get the money.
Look! Give me 30 percent. You can take the balance money.
Did l tell you that l'll do this?
This is the help l can do to you
l am telling that l don't like it.
-Don't you like! -Then reduce 10 percent from it.
l am telling that l don't like it.
Don't you like! Why you don't like?
What sorry?
Come Geetha!
Eat Johnny!
lf you have money, you'll get treatment..
..else there is no treatment for you. Go away.
lf you have money, you'll get treatment..
..else there is no treatment for you. Go away.
What are you thinking Johnny? Eat.
Hey you. Strike him down.
Pardon me Geetha!
To save you, l couldn't find another way than this.
l feel that my life too will diminish like the candle.
l am fighting with the death.
l don't have faith that l'll win.
That God will save you like this.
lt is not seen. Since long l am looking for it.
-For what? -For this.
-For what? -lt is for this.
Light it.
l feel so happy.
-Will you take me to the temple? -Let's go.
Taxi has come. Shall we go?
Her condition is critical.
She has lost too much of blood.
We can't say anything until she is observed for 48 hours..
Don't know how many troubles you're facing to get this money!
You won't tell if l ask.
You'll make me not to talk by telling something.
l feel worried to see you like this.
Take me back to our place.
l want to die there peacefully.
Don't say like that.
Don't think that you are going to leave me.
Nothing will happen to you. You will be alright.
Day by day her condition is getting worse.
ln her present condition..
We tried hard and got a donor that matched her blood group.
2 lakh rupees is needed for this treatment.
lf you can't arrange this money by 3 days..
..even you arrange the money later,..
..we don't know when will we get another donor?
Otherwise you may take her to your place.
ln her condition.. should feel lucky if she lives for 3 months.
You fix the donor doctor.
Somehow l'll get the money.
lt's a question of his wife's life.
They need 2 lakh rupees.
You only can do something
Do l look like his dad?
l want money somehow.
Tell him that l am ready to anything.
He is ready to do anything.
Ok. l'll give.
But make him understand
He should keep his word
Or else l'll go crazy
Why are you laughing?
Tell me Geetha.
l dreamt so many..
How many crazy desires about our life..
A baby will born resembling you..
How l will bring him up.. we both would take care of him..
You will kiss him affectionately..
He'll cry when your beard pricks him..
Don't know! There are more crazy thoughts..
He shouldn't suffer with lack of love like us..
We would love him very much and take care of him carefully
l used to think like this..
But see now!
l am going to leave you alone.
Why should it happen?
Don't say like that.
My dreams ever won't come true, isn't it?
Definitely it'll come true. Believe me.
l'll come back.
Long time since you bought me jasmine flowers
Why are there two people?
Doesn't he want 2 lakh rupees?
He can't expect a piece of cake
ln the norms of life..
..l would never leave you.
l swear on you that...
..l'll escort you till the life ends
Thatiya sir! Stop it. Else he'll die. Let him die..
There are many
l'll get another one Look there!
Time given to you will get over today.
lf you don't pay the money within night..
..they will send your wife out from the hospital.
lf anything happens to her later.. will have to be responsible
My calculations went wrong for the first time
l accept that you've proved me wrong
-lqbal -Yes sir.
You go to the hospital.
l tell it out of my experience
None can stay alive after so much of beatings
What do you say?
lt has been told already..
lt never changes..
lt's Lord Krishna's advice about the truth of life..
lf you question yourself before start the war..
..your answer will be the defeat.
Whoever is written our fate..
..can stop the running desires in our life?
lf we have strong belief in our hearts..
Even Yama(God of death) won't stand against that fire.