Sacred Ayahuasca Shamanic Healing in Peru (Deaf-friendly program! video closed captioned)

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(shaman whistling)
Our family would like to welcome you to our home in Genero Herrera, Peru.
320 kilometers upriver outside of Iquitos,
this tranquil village in the Amazon is home to a natural community of beautiful
sacred medicinal plants,
and the shamans who ritually administer them,
including native-born Don Eloy Navarro-Java.
With over twenty five years of experience,
and a direct lineage to several generations of respected shamans,
Eloy brings powerful healing,
and love to every ceremony,
allowing friends and community members
to experience direct teaching from the Divine plant spirits themselves--
a true gift from God.
Shaman Eloy and I welcome you to our home
where we live happily with his children
and Jheffri,
as well as various other apprentices and guests.
Besides being a loving partner in the medicine,
my role is to serve as a bridge
between the Peruvian shamanic culture
and the hearing and Deaf Western worlds,
interpreting Spanish,
and American Sign Language,
as well as apprenticing
to one day become a shamaness myself.
My background is in psychology
at Gallaudet University as a Hearing Undergraduate,
spiritual development at Iyanla Vanzant's
Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development,
and Andean Shamanism
at Shamanic Healing Institute
in Savage, Maryland.
Various other apprentices and friends
share in the medicine throughout the year,
including Eloy's oldest son, Jolker,
Ashley Weller,
Yasmin Vilchez,
and many, many more.
Together, we share in the gathering,
and celebration
of the sacred Master Teacher plant,
Being one of the world's sacred power centers,
the Amazon births the combination
of various potent,
sacred medicinal teaching plants,
to create one of the most lovingly intense,
life changing spiritual paths available--
Ayahuasca Shamanism.
The plants are gathered with love and consciousness,
carefully cooked into a tea,
which is taken in physically
to commence the ancient ceremony.
(shaman chanting)
As the plants of pure, Divine light
make physical contact with the body,
they search to purge out anything unlike themselves,
including crossed or dark energies,
entities and spirits,
negative belief systems and emotions,
as well as various physical ailments.
These God-centered spirits
then instill light and love,
strength and protection,
and profound, Divine wisdom into the person,
who is then forever changed.
The Third Eye is naturally open the entire time,
so that the person can see in clear,
physical-spiritual vision,
exactly what is happening throughout the process.
By the opening of the Third Eye,
the person can improve psychic abilities,
increase healing skills,
and tap into wisdom that is rarely attainable
from the physical plane.
The energetic body is rebalanced,
the chakras are realigned,
and the aura comes out very strong.
There are infinite levels to this spiritual training.
To further strengthen the body, mind, and spirit,
apprentices and shamans alike practice shamanic dieting,
where 8-40 day periods are taken with limited food types,
abstaining from salt, sugar, alcohol, and sexual activity
in order to absorb and integrate various plant medicines
into the body, strengthening and protecting it
physically and spiritually,
in order to prepare for new levels on one's path.
Optional shamanic diets are available to
all who feel called to participate.
In addition to the plant medicines,
Don Eloy is a military trained jungle survival expert,
and a master of plant identification,
and both of these courses are offered optionally as well.
Weight release programs,
spiritual life coaching,
and basic Spanish and Sign Language tutoring
are also available.
We offer various programs here at Infinite Light,
ranging from the Basic 9-Day Program,
to monthly discounted apprenticeships,
to 3-12 month Total Life Renewal programs.
All who feel called to apprentice are welcome to do so.
Eloy also offers Distance Healing
for those outside of Peru at minimal cost.
The Basic Program starts in Iquitos,
where we will pick you up at the airport,
assist you with hotel or hostel accommodations,
and on the first official day,
gather for either the overnight freighter
or two hour speedboat ride to the village.
All guests share our home,
which is located just two minutes from the tranquil,
cascading river.
There's a beautiful nature preserve to explore,
plants to gather,
kids to play with,
and plenty of time to relax
and process the entire experience.
Creative people are encouraged
to bring art supplies and musical instruments,
as Divine inspiration occurs daily.
Here at Infinite Light,
we also offer community development options
for the village of Genero Herrera.
If anyone would like to donate English lessons,
materials, clothing, toiletries,
or financial gifts to the community,
please contact us.
Please visit our website
for more information, including Distance Healing options.
(sounds of nature)
(sounds of nature)
(shaman chanting)