The American President (3/9) Movie CLIP - First Date (1995) HD

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Dad, it's totally ok.
If there's anything you want to talk about--
Dad, it's cool.
Just go for it.
You know, I'm a little nervous.
You'll be fine. Just be yourself.
Be myself.
Yeah, and compliment her shoes.
Her shoes?
Yeah. Girls like that.
Ok. Thanks.
Thank you.
Ms. Wade? Good evening.
The president would like you to join him in the residence.
May I show you the way?
Of course.
A.J.: Sydney, come on in. You look beautiful.
Thanks, but I have no idea what I'm doing here.
I promise you, there's no hidden agenda.
This is my wife esther.
Nice to see you.
Andrew shepherd. We spoke on the phone.
Yes, sir. I remember.
Excuse me one minute.
The president told me how you two met, sydney.
I think it's priceless.
I don't know what happened. One minute I was calling him
A mockery of an environmental leader,
The next, I had a date.
Men like being insulted by women.
It makes them feel loved. Don't ask me why.
Mr. President, would you allow me to introduce
Sydney ellen wade of the commonwealth of virginia?
Sydney, this is president rene jean d'astier
And his wife monique danielle d'astier of France.
A great pleasure to meet you.
It's an honor to meet you both.
I'm so pleased to meet you.
Mr. President, I'm sorry to interrupt.
The receiving line is in place.
Sydney, I think our table's ready.
When we get to the bottom of the stairs,
I've got to do a thing, but you'll be escorted--
They took me through it.
Oh, good.
Do you do this often, sir?
This is actually only our second state dinner.
The first was for the emperor of japan
Who died shortly after,
So we stopped having them for a while just in case.
No, I--I meant do you go out on--
Do I date a lot?
No. How about you?
Me? Well, lately I seem to be
Going out on a lot of first dates.
Then you're experienced at this?
Yeah. You could ask me anything.
How are we doing so for?
It's hard to say at this point.
So far it's just typical first date stuff.
Damn, and I wanted to be different from the others.
Ladies and gentleman, the president of the United States.
Oh, by the way, nice shoes.