Basic Goodness: We are at a crossroads for humanity -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Shambhala

Uploaded by officialsakyong on 25.10.2012

My father used to say, he said, "In the Shambhala tradition we believe that everybody is gifted".
And one of the basic notions of this notion of goodness is that we are complete;
so when we’re using this term of "Basic Goodness",
it is talking about the inherent completeness
and the non-faultiness.
And when... again the term in Tibetan that we use for basic goodness is "Döma-ne Sangpo";
"Döma-ne" is the word that means primordial, basic, innate;
and the word "Sangpo" is good, pure, clean.
And my experience of this process of looking at this
is that it is beyond word and it’s beyond expression;
it is something that we have to be willing to feel and touch;
but what is most important is that that moment when our mind
has that moment of self reflection;
and when you have that moment of self reflection
and if you feel like you are not worthy it's a very [snap] momentary experience;
the power of that moment is astronomical.
And we’re living in a culture where that very issue, I feel like,
is at the basis of our social fabric;
it’s the basis of our economy;
it’s the basis of most of why we go to work and get up;
so I feel like right now we are at a crossroads
and what we decide at a global level, how we feel as humanity
will have incredible implications.
It effects how we raise our children, the education process, everything.
And I am not going to sit here and say I have all the answers, by any means;
but I invite everyone and I completely understand if you are doubting
what I am saying, and also doubting this notion of goodness;
it is something I can not convince you;
we have to go through this process of what we feel.