An old factory with new technology is creating jobs; Norwood, OH

Uploaded by Siemens on 14.04.2010

Hard times right now around here.
>>It's tough. In manufacturing every day there's thousands of jobs lost.
>>I see so many people
that are hurting right now, that don't have a job.
You just wonder how they make it.
>>There have been some tough times over the years and you can't take anything
for granted. General Motors' Camaros and Firebirds were made across the street.
They're not here anymore. U.S. Playing cards is well-known. They're not here anymore.
>>We were always told that they would outlast us and they didn't.
>>So here we are, a motor manufacturer
in the middle of Cincinnati, Norwood, Ohio,
still making motors and number one in the industry.
>>Six years ago I saw a gem, this plant in Norwood, Ohio
was really waiting to shine.
And we decided at that time
that we're going to invest a pretty significant amount of money
and rebuild the Norwood Ohio factory to be what it is today.
It is a world-class manufacturing operation.
>>Motors don't build themselves.
You need a team of experts and you need a team of people, which are good with their hands.
>>I like to see what
make things tick.
>>We used to have fans.
Always wanted to see what made that fan run.
But I was scared to take it apart, because I might get a spanking. [laughs]
>>Safety glasses required.
[laughs] Come on!
It takes a very special woman to be married to an engineer,
because we are very hard to put up with.
>>And everything has to fit properly and everything has to be clean and organized
that's just the way an engineer has to operate.
>>This is not only a craft, it's a gifted craft.
Not just anybody can do this.
>>When you are building a motor and when you connect a motor,
it's almost like a painter with his canvas.
>>It takes a lot of skill.
A machine couldn't do what we do.
I started in April of '53
and I worked at the plant for 43 years and 5 months.
I worked myself up,
always worked, always there, always on time.
Both my grandparents worked there.
Dad's brothers worked there.
Big family history there.
My mother and father both worked at the plant.
That was in the early 40s when they met.
They got married.
My father worked there 42 years.
>>My Dad started out
as a security guard. He would come through the shops,
since he was plant protection
and pat me on the back
and say he heard that I was doing a good job.
>>This is like a family.
That's why I worked here so long. It's a family.
You talk about how we made a product for a hundred years there.
[laughs] You need to talk. I am doing all the talking.
>>This is a very important facility.
>>Been building electric motors for over a 100 years.
This floor is a 112 years old.
This is one of our original buildings that was constructed in 1898.
>>I think if these walls could talk,
they would tell us, that the same drive and the same pride
continues on that it did a hundred years ago.
>>You just can't get
a motor like ours off the shelf.
Our motors are special.
We're unique in the fact that we produce our own coils
and stators here,
which is the guts of the electric motor.
Customers come in,
they praise us for having
the quietest motor on the market.
>>With the investment here we believe we can keep a good
manufacturing business here in the United States –
building products – and we're the only ones
in North America that builds some 500 to 18000 horsepower here in this plant.
>>That's a medium sized motor.
>>These aren't nearly as big as they come.
>>We are in paper mills,
on big shovels that move earth, we are in petroleum companies that move petroleum.
>>The materials that build things in the United States are made
with the motors that we produce
here in this facility.
>>The market these days is very competitive,
so it's important to always stay
ahead of the game
and actually be innovative.
>>Well, if you don't innovate,
then you lose everything.
>>We fight this battle every day.
The competition increases every day.
>>Siemens invested 30 million dollars in this facility in 2007.
>>We invested in state of the art equipment.
We upgraded the equipment that we did have.
>>Over 44 years I have seen all kind of changes.
>>The product used to flow
about 6 miles, if you tracked all the products through the plant.
>>And now we do it in less than 2 miles.
>>It is nice to see the company invest into this plant.
And winning the 'Top Plant' award on top of that makes you feel like
good things are ahead,even though things are lean right now. That the future is still bright.
>>'Plant Engineering' has awarded us 'Top Plant'.
We're proud of that.
>>One of the things that impresses us is,
that in the middle of the rust belt, in the middle of a recession,
this facility is not only producing tremendous product efficiently
and effectively and safely, but they're growing their business at a time
when a lot of other manufacturers in this region have had a difficult time.
>>Well done. Congratulations for being 'Top Plant 2009'.
>>You find out, that if you really
do a good job, create a good product, take care of your customers,
you take care of your people, who work here, that in the end you'll succeed.
>>I have been able to buy a house,
I've been able to get my kids through college.
We used to call it the American Dream.
Well, the American Dream is right here in Norwood.
I see the life that he is having.
That definitely tells me that I can definitely stay there and have a good life.
>>Your grandpa would have been so proud to see that you worked there. That is for sure.
He really would have.