How to Make a Duck Tape Poinsettia

Uploaded by theduckbrand on 09.12.2011

Hi I’m Kristy with duck brand duct tape
today I'm going to show you how to make a duct tape poinsettia
this advance craft could take anywhere from four to five hours
for this project you'll use
friday of color of duct tape including red green, and yellow
non stick scissors
a hobby knife
floral wire
a dial rode, foam
and a flower pot
so the first is I just took a piece of paper
and I drew out four sizes of a poinsettia leaf
and we’re going to use this then to cut out to use as a template
I’m taking a piece of duct tape sheet it’s really easy to work with you can but this at a craft store
or if you don’t use this you can just take your roll of duct tape and create the sheet
so on the back of the sheet
we have
a place so you can draw so just take the template
and outline with a pen or pencil
the different sizes of a pointsettia leaves, I’ve cut out one of the leaves from
my duct tape sheet
and if you use the sheet now you need to remove
the backing from it
otherwise if you have duct tape
you just want to exposed the duct side up and sit it on your cutting board
the next step is the cut out of the leaf with
veins that we've created using the floral wire
I'm going to measure out about the length
of the leaf and cut it
you'll also want to put
maybe two or three other smaller pieces along the side just like this again
to imitate the veins of the leaf
take another piece
Of duct tape sheet, peel off the backing
Lay it sticky side up
and take all of your leaves and plcae them sticky side to sticky side and
feel the entire sheet
so now you have a double sided leaf with duct tape
once you have your sheet covered with leaves that are sticky side to sticky side together
we’re just going to cut the leaves out
and we have a completed poinsettia leaf
next step
take one of your smallest petals that you have
and just add a strip of duck taped to the bottom like this
and then you’ll take your dial rode
and attach it to the very top
and I’m just going to roll this on here
and then just continue to attach leaves to the dial rode and work
your way down
but as you can see here you don’t want to move too much down the rode because all
the leaves are pretty close together up top
and I ended up using three to four of each size to fill
the top of the dial rode with the red petals
so the next step is to do the exact same thing just use green duct tape
to make the leaves
and we are going to place it right underneath
the red pedals
and then just continue to add and build the green
and next
I’m going to cover up the dial rode portion on the bottom
and you could either cut a then strip out of your duct tape sheet
or just take the piece of duct tape
lay it over and wrap it around to cover up the wood portion
to cover up the top of the poinsettia plant and also the
and part of the dial rode that’s still showing
I just took a very small piece of yellow duct tape
Cut it in a circle and I'm going to place it right on top of the plant
you can take a simple plastic flower plot
and actually decorate the outside of it using duct tape
here’s an example of what I created using gold and zebra
but you can use your favorite colors of course and then the final step
is to take your foam disk
and put it inside your decorative flower plot
I've taken the dial rode and actually trimmed it so it fits the size of this
flower plot and stick it to the foam
and you can also repeat this step a couple more times to fill in the
rest of the top of the pot with more flowers that you’ve made
and that's how you make a duct tape poinsettia plant