iPod touch 5th Generation Unboxing (2012 iPod touch 5G)

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 12.10.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with an unboxing of the iPod touch
5th generation. With an all new design, better cameras and more the new
iPod touch looks solid so let’s take a look. If you guys are interested in a
giveaway of one of these be sure to hit up that Like button and I’ll make it
happen! With a quick peel we can make quick work of the seal and get to the
good stuff. As always the iPod touch is held in by a bit of plastic but easily
enough it’s free. I have here the 32GB model but if you guys are interested in
checking out the other colors and sizes I’ll have a link in the description.
Setting aside the iPod for just one second let’s see what else we get in the
box. Here you’ll find a little quick start guide to get you up and running and
the all important Apple stickers. That is the reason you buy Apple products
right? Inside is also the new Lighting cable which replaces the 30-pin cable
used in older models. It’s quite a bit smaller and thinner and it’s reversible so
you can be a rebel and plug it in any way you want. Below this we have the
Loop. It’s a little lanyard that attaches to the iPod touch to keep you from
dropping it and I’m torn between considering this a useful feature or it’s
Apple insulting my intelligence. At least it matches the color of your iPod?
Lastly we have the new Apple EarPods which are a big improvement over the
last Apple earbuds. They might not blow your mind but they are quite a bit
more comfortable and sound reasonably decent. Finally we have the iPod
touch itself. The first thing you’ll notice is just how insanely thin it is. To give
you an idea, here it is next to an iPhone 5 which is already seriously thin.
Probably my favorite feature is that they’ve ditched the terrible old polished
aluminum for a new colored backing. You’ll see the color wraps around to the
sides of the iPod too while the front is white unless you opt for the black
model. Fire the iPod touch up and you’ll see the same 4” Retina Display from
the iPhone 5. At first glance it looks really impressive and with that new
wider aspect ratio videos look awesome. Overall the new iPod touch looks
solid but be sure to stay tuned to the channel as I’ll be doing a full review in
the next few days. If you enjoyed this video and want me to giveaway one of
these bad boys hit up that like button and be sure to subscribe! Until next
time I’ll catch you later.