CES 2012. Microsoft. Part 4. Windows 8 Store

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Well, I'm ready to show you something new. So, let me head out to the Windows Store,
which is the one-stop location for all my Metro-style applications. Let me actually
show you a little bit more about the store. So, apps are what power the new experience
in Windows 8 and it does all start here at the Windows Store. The Windows Store will
be the source for free apps, trial apps, and apps you can purchase. There will be as many
types of apps as there are people's interests. We want to do the best job of connecting people
to as many great apps as possible. And you can see it's very easy to navigate in the
store. Let me click on “Cut The Rope,” this very
fun and popular game from ZeptoLab. Recently we partnered with ZeptoLab to develop a new
Web version of the game that's built entirely in HTML5, and it really unleashes the power
of IE9 and brings the game to everyone. So, ZeptoLab saw how easy it would be to leverage
this work, this HTML5 work for Windows 8 and so they did. Well, I have “Cut The Rope”
on my system, so I am going to have us play a little game of “Cut The Rope,” how about
that. All right. So, here we go. It's safe to say
I've mastered the first level. So, there we go. So, let me try the next level, in front
of the crowd, and see how I do. Timing is everything. Yes, awesome. So, it's a very,
very fun game. I encourage you to check it out if you haven't.
All right. So, it's very easy to launch apps, and it's very easy to switch between the apps,
as well. So, very seamlessly I'm able to switch between all these apps. And of course, with
the Windows Store, I can add new ones whenever I want. The Windows Store will initially open
in late February. And it will be the first opportunity for all of you to test out a range
of free apps. The Windows Store will be global, available
in every language that is offered for Windows, and that's more than 100 languages. Free and
paid apps will be available in more than 200 markets around the world, and that's just
an incredible reach. And the store it not just for consumers, if they want businesses
can actually use the Windows Store to deliver their business apps and updates to employees.
The Windows Store is designed to offer something for everyone. Well, everybody loves apps and
we know that they're going to be adding a lot of them, both for fun and for work, and
with Windows 8, the more apps, the richer the experience. And one of the cool things
about Windows 8 is that you can take these apps and your other favorites and roam across
your Windows PCs and tablets. And Windows 8 makes it easy to stay organized
with all these apps, with a feature called semantic zoom. So, I can zoom out on this
collection of apps, and the tiles become small thumbnails. This is also incredibly helpful
for large collections of photos, or large collections of files. And with one easy pinch
gesture, I'm back. So, Windows 8 works great with touch and with
mouse and keyboard. I can pan the start screen with my keyboard, or in this case scrolling
with my mouse, just as easily as using my finger with touch. Finding an app is as easy
as starting to type the name of what I want for instant search results.
In this case here I'll start to type “Cut The Rope” to find the game that I was looking
at earlier. And it's that easy. And I can rename a group, so let me actually show you
semantic zoom using my mouse. And just like that I've brought up semantic zoom with my
mouse. And I can rename a group. So, let's say this group of applications are the apps
that my kids play. And so to make it really simple, I can simply name this group “Kids”
so that they can quickly know where to go to find the game that they play most often.
So one of the other things I also wanted to show is how apps can work together to create
powerful experiences in Windows 8. We built technology into Windows 8 called app contracts,
that lets your app opt in to access information from other apps. So, let me show you an example
of this. I'll open up a news reader app and you can see I've got a recipe feed in this
case, and so I will select this mac and cheese recipe, that I think my kids will like, and
so I want to share it with my husband so he can make that for them at home.
So, I'll swipe my finger from the right to bring forward a charm, and I'll use the share
charm, which lets me share files and other information with apps on my PC. So, I'll take
this recipe, and using a friend send app that we created, send a message to my husband with
the recipe. There's veggies in here. So, I don't think they'll notice those, and off
it goes. And the best part is I was able to share this recipe without leaving the apps.
And it's great for developers, because now they can write apps that work closely with
Windows features, like sharing, and with other apps to make the experience better and even
richer for consumers.
So, let me show you how I can work with two apps at once. So, let me bring up the familiar
desktop, which is just one click away in Windows 8, and I'll open up this Word document. So,
one of my New Year's resolutions is to do my part to help the family be even healthier
this year. So, I've been compiling a list of recipes. I can't cook, but I can compile,
so that's what I'm doing. So, if I want to refer back to the mac and cheese recipe from
earlier, I can bring that in and use Snap, and actually view this side-by-side. And this
saves me time and it lets me see these two apps at once. And apps, they know how to best
display their information in this vertical format, as well as with the full screen.
There's more information here that I want to see. So, I'll go to this story in the newsreader
app and launch the new Metro-style Internet Explorer. With Metro-style IE websites are
immersive, you can see, and they use the whole screen. This site has my full attention. When
I want to see my open tabs, or the address bar, I just swipe in from the bottom of the
screen, just as I do with other Metro-style apps. And when I touch a Web page it is immediately
responsive, it literally sticks to my finger. Panning is smooth. Zooming is easy. So, let
me zoom in on this story. It's immediate, very smooth and now in this case I'll follow
a link and actually finish this story. And again, the site uses the full screen and
has my full attention. And to go back I can just swipe and I'm back to where I was, browsing
here is natural, with touch-first browsing. The Metro-style Internet Explorer delivers
plug-in free browsing, relying on the power of HTML5, but it's possible to experience
the safest and most reliable browsing available. So, for example, people spend a lot of time
watching videos on the Web. Here's that same video that we were looking at earlier on the
big screen, running here in HTML5. This is the power of an HTML5 video. The new Metro-style
browser takes advantage of hardware acceleration to offer a great playback experience.
So, what you just saw is a small slice of Windows 8 with so much more to come. Windows
8 will offer a no-compromise experience, the best of consumption and creation, of portability
and power, of new and familiar. We're excited to show you more as our Windows 8 work continues.
As we talked about in December, our next big Windows 8 milestone on the path to availability
will come in late February. We hope you'll download it and check it out.
So, what we have coming in the future with Windows 8 is exciting, and we also have a
lot of very cool things going on today. And nowhere is this more illustrated than through
the range of stunning PCs that are available right now. So, I wanted to take just a very
brief moment and give you a closer look at two of these ultra-portable new PCs that Steve
was talking about that were announced earlier today.
So, here is this new HP NV14 Vectra Ultra-book. And it's very attractive, with a glass design
that's incredibly durable. And the sound, awesome, Beats audio. This is a great PC for
music lovers. And then we've got this next generation Samsung
Series 9. It's stunning. It's less than 13 millimeters thick, and weighs just over 2-1/2
pounds. One great thing I'll also add is, it's now available in 15-inch. And this is
really the first 15-inch ultra-portable that I've gotten to play with, and it is incredible.
So, check that one out as well. And then, in addition to the PCs we have on
display here, Dell is planning an announcement tomorrow about another amazing new ultra-book.
So, please watch for that and check it out. This is the perfect time to get a new Windows
PC. Windows 7 today, Windows 8 tomorrow. Thank you all so much.
Thank you, Steve, and Ryan. (Applause.) RYAN SEACREST: Thank you very much, Tami.
Thank you, thank you. Good luck with the New Year's resolution. The mac and cheese looks
good right about now, too, doesn't it? STEVE BALLMER: It does.
RYAN SEACREST: Amazing demos, amazing machines. STEVE BALLMER: You know, Windows 7 is the
best-selling operating system of all time. Five hundred million users on the planet for
Windows 7. We're licensing about seven new copies a second. And by my calculation, I
think that means by the time we wrap up today, there are probably 25,000 new Windows 7 users
on this planet. That's pretty good, dude. RYAN SEACREST: I'm getting it.
STEVE BALLMER: That's pretty good, dude. RYAN SEACREST: He's right. That is pretty
impressive. STEVE BALLMER: That's pretty good.
RYAN SEACREST: And all those PCs up there will run Windows 8?
STEVE BALLMER: Every Windows 7 PC will be ready for Windows 8 on day one. So, the 3
million people who have already come to our website and downloaded the Windows 8 preview,
boom, they can do it from any Windows PC ever made.
RYAN SEACREST: Good news. Good news. Pretty exciting. And, we've covered a lot so far.
So, what we should do is, time to check in with the thousands and thousands of people
in the room and watching online, many of you are tweeting away, and we're curious to know
what you might be saying. So, to interpret all of this for us, please
welcome the Tweet Choir. (Applause.) Come on, let's hear it for the Tweet Choir.
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