Young Pakistani genius awarded for purifying toxic water

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This is 15-year-old student of Grade 10 - Shahdab Rasool
who belongs to Faizabad area of district Khairpur
His school-related experiment took him to the US
where he won a Genius Olympiad award for his water-purification theory
Around 1200 members from 51 countries participated in the competition
SHAHDAB RASOOL: There were around 500 participants
I competed against them and explained my experiment and theory to the judges,
who awarded me with a silver medal for securing second position in the competition
As per his experiment, Shahdab used tea to purify toxic water released from factories
Shahdab proved with his theory that the toxic water can be purified enough to be used for agricultural and drinking purposes
The US government awarded Shahdab with a scholarship worth $250,000 for his successful experiment
and the young student is enthusiastic about his future
SHAHDAB: I used tea and extracted toxic elements from water and made it usable
the treated water is not causing harm to agriculture land
Belonging to a poor family, Shahdab has proven that knowledge is not reserved just for the few
With his great achievement, Shahdab has made his father proud
GHULAM RASOOL: He has bowed seeds for a plant; he has won a medal while just being 15 years old
I pray for his future
By awarding him with a scholarship and a medal,
the American government has appreciated the abilities of this brilliant student
But unfortunately, not even a single representative of the national government has celebrated his genius
Pakistan is full of talented people,
if students like Shahdab are provided with opportunities and resources, they can present a better image of Pakistan to the world