Collector? Introduction to Colnect Collectors Club Community

Uploaded by colnect on 20.08.2010

Welcome to Colnect
Colnect is VERY special
Colnect is available in 50 languages to collectors from all around the world
Collectors can manage and display their own collection and automatically match what they need from other members of Colnect
Yes, AUTOMATICALLY match your list with those of other collectors
This can save hours of your time
View a member's profile with a click and see what they offer and what they want
See the number of items each collector has for every category they are active in
What they already have
What they offer for trade
What they want
For example, click to view stamps this collector offers for trade on her swap list
Here you can view the collector's swap list organized by country
Colnect's unique matching feature can automatically match your wish list with her swap list
Click to see the stamps this collector offers from a particular country
Click to view stamps from this series
We now see stamps from the collector's swap list
If I want one of these stamps
I simply click to add it to my wish list
It's now on my wish list
I can also add public notes. Here, I indicate I want this stamp in mint condition
Now, when I view the Automatic match of the other collector's swap list with my wish list...
I see only the stamp I have marked
Click to see more details
In addition to catalog information, ONLY on Colnect can you instantly find out...
Collectors with this item in their collection
Collectors willing to swap this item
Collectors who wish to obtain this item
Even my latest addition to my own wish list
Colnect supports different collectible categories and our extensive catalogs are created by collectors
If the category you collect is not a part of Colnect, you can add it to Colnect.
There is a lot more Colnect has to offer
You are welcomed to sign up and learn more :)