156 VL Christian & Oliver - (2011-12-05)

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Christian. Stay here. Please.
Cardiac arrest! Please hurry!
The ambulance is on the way.
Oh man, with the weakness of his heart muscle, he wasn't allowed to ever box again! He knew that!
What? His heart muscle? Man, I...I had no idea!
We've got a signal. His heart fibrillates.
Defibrillator. Give it to me.
Everybody, step back! Step back from the patient!
We have to keep trying to resuscitate him. - Again.
Step back. 1...2...
Come on, Christian.
Defibrillator is ready.
We've got something.
And I can feel something, too.
We've got him back.
Hey. - Well done.
Daniel, was that Christian?
Yes. He's had a cardiac arrest.
What?! Yeah, and now? How's he doing?
I was able to revive him, but he isn't stable yet. I gotta go.
What happened?
His blood pressure is too low. Give him dopamine.
It's nothing short of a miracle that you were able to bring him back at all.
That's why he won't give up now.
The blood pressure is increasing.
Come on.
Christian? It's me, Daniel.
Yeah, come on. Open your eyes.
Hey, champ. You walked all over them. Now you just have to stay with us.
Blood pressure and oxygen content are dropping again.
More dopamine. And oxygen. Hurry.
Andi, Christian has just been hospitalized.
Yeah, I know. I followed the ambulance.
What happened?
He collapsed in the boxing ring. He's had a cardiac arrest.
What? He was boxing?! He knows that he isn't allowed to.
Yeah, but that didn't keep him from doing it. How's he doing?
He isn't out of the woods yet. Daniel will let us know when there's news.
But he's not...?
Oh God.
We've got him back.
Now stay with us, champ. It's way too early to make your last exit.
He's stable now.
Man, you gave me a real scare.
And? How did it go?
He's stable.
That means he'll make it?
Yes. - Thank God.
Now all we can do is hope that there won't be any permanent damage.
We'll keep him under observation for now.
And you didn't know that he has a heart disease?
Do you seriously think I would've sent him into the ring if I did?
Yeah. Sorry. That he wanted to box at all...
The important thing is that Christian will recover again. Does Olli know?
What about him?
He was there. We went to the boxing gym together. He saw Christian collapse.
Yeah, and where is he now?
No idea. It all happened so fast.
Voice mail.
I hope he doesn't think that Christian...
Shit. We have to find him. - Oh, no. - What?
Mrs. Rieth. She was here a minute ago. I'll find her. You guys look for Olli.
Come on.
I should never have let him go. Never.
I gave up on him even though I loved him. And now he's...
That's not your fault, Olli.
Yes, it is.
I would've watched out for him.
He would never have gone boxing if we were still together.
Hey, Andi's calling for the third time.
You have friends who are there for you, Olli.
And you've got me.
I...love you.
But I don't love you.
I love Christian.
And if I had admitted that to myself earlier, he'd probably still be alive.
You know that's not true.
Rafael, the...
The thing with us was an affair. Nothing more.
Is Olli here? - No.
When did he leave?
I have no idea. 15 or so minutes ago. He broke up with me because of Christian.
Yeah, and? Where was he intending to go? - No idea.
Did he check his voice mail?!
He didn't want to talk to anybody. He was totally rattled.
He thinks Christian is dead?
What? He's not? - No! He's alive!
Oh shit.
I mean, it's good for Christian, but Olli...
That won't help.
Oh, man. Damn.
I hope Olli won't do anything stupid.
Let's go. Come on.
Hello?! Are you blind or what?! Get over there, granny!
Is everything alright with you?
Yes, of course.
But what's wrong with you?
You're looking so sad.
Something awful must've happened to you.
My husband has been dead for 15 years now.
But whenever I'm here, I can still feel him very clearly.
You can feel your dead husband?
Yes, of course I can feel Richard. And my love for him.
You must be cold.
Richard used to do that, too.
But back then, I wasn't wearing a bathrobe.
But now you're wearing a bathrobe. - I know.
I mean, I have only now realized it.
Do you live close by?
I'm not sure.
But the hospital must be nearby.
Which hospital?
The one where my daughter and my son-in-law are working.
I'm being treated there.
What's wrong with you?
I have a weak heart. But at the moment, I feel pretty good.
Christian had a weak heart as well.
Hey. And?
No sign of Olli anywhere.
Yeah, we've searched half of the town for him and called all his friends.
And how's Christian doing? - I've just talked to the hospital. No change.
The two of them have split up, but it was always clear that they love each other.
Oh, man. Just thinking about something happening to Helena...
It's probably best if I call the police before Olli gets any silly ideas.
And we'll keep on searching. - Yeah. - Okay. I'll call some more friends. - Yeah. Bye.
You're too young to bury your head in the sand.
Do you think Christian would've wanted that?
Mr. Mann, everything's alright. Go back to sleep.
Go to the places where you liked being with him the most.
You'll see; you'll feel better soon.
But first, accompany me to my room.
Or to the hospital. - Of course.
To my daughter.
Thank you very much, young man.
I have to thank you.
Mrs. Rieth, there you are! I've searched for you everywhere. How are you?
I had very nice company.
Olli, there you are.
Is he here? - Yes.
Have you already seen him? - Yes, of course.
I don't know if I can do it... see him... ...laid out in an ice-cold room.
Olli, Christian's here in intensive care.
He's alive!
Good. All right. Thank you. We'll get in touch as soon as we hear anything. Bye.
No idea where else we're supposed to look.
At least we were able to talk the police into starting a search, even though 24 hours haven't passed yet.
That's at least something. - Nobody has seen him. That's impossible.
Okay, think, everyone. Where could he have gone to?
And? Is it Olli? - Helena.
Yes? Helena?
Yeah, sure. We'll be right there. Bye.
Let's go. Come with me, everyone. Let's go! - See you later!
Am I in heaven?
Even better. You're alive.
And from now on, I'll make sure that you won't do anything stupid anymore.
Olli, I... - Christian.
I love you.
And I want to spend my life with you. A hopefully very, very, very long life.
What did you want to say?
The same.